3 Channel Dash Cam Installations

3 Channel Dash Cam Installations

Looking for the best surveillance setup for your car?

Then the 3 channel dash cam installation is right down your alley. If you have purchased a 3-channel set up with a hardwiring kit, that is definitely an excellent build right there. Achieve all round surveillance of your front, rear and interior. These days, with so much happening on the road and inside your car, you just can never be too safe.

Car Theft In Australia

“Over 39,400 passenger/light commercial vehicles were stolen in 2020 across Australia alone and this does not even factor in break-ins for stealing possessions, noted by Budget Direct.

3 Channel Dash Camera Brands

Popular brands that offer these 3 channel dash cameras include the below and more (dual channel check here):
1) BlackVue
2) Viofo
3) Vantrue
4) Gnet

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Who Is It Best Suited For?

The 3 way channel dash camera is an excellent option for:

1) Taxi drivers & rideshare/carpoolers
2) Parents with children and/or pets
3) Anyone with valuables in the car
4) Company Fleet Vehicles

It is not hard to come across the many horror stories heard all over the news about passengers or drivers getting assaulted and vice versa across ride sharing platforms and so on. It really becomes a tough battle when there is little to no evidence from either side to support their claims, and you would not want to be in the position of being falsely accused. For many drivers, their career depends on it and is on the line everyday they drive.

When you are driving, your eyes are peeled to the road, who is keeping an eye out for the passengers (kids/pets) in your backseat? This is why we have child lock on doors, baby seats professionally installed and dash cams for the interior. It provides extra surveillance to minimise potential mishaps from occurring.

Sadly but true, cars still get broken into at an alarming rate on the daily basis. Whether you are at work, parked at the train station or simply ducked out for some last minute shopping, your car is still prone to getting broken into. Especially those who work in the trade, carry expensive tools inside their vehicles are even more at risk. Fortunately, for those with dash cams with parking mode enabled, you are able to capture footage whilst your car is off and triggered upon collision. Also, the use of a 3rd camera inside really helps capture close up shots of any burglars entering your car.

External Battery Pack Installation

External Battery Pack

For those of you who wish to have additional power for their car, can consider installing an external battery (BlackVue also have this). This means that the dash cam is connected to the external battery instead to free up your car battery. If you are looking to take this option, the external battery can also be hardwired to certain areas of the car depending on your car make and model, of which our technician can advise of on the day.

External Battery for Car

What Is Our Recommendation?

At Schmicko, we consider it as the bare minimum to have 2 dash cameras at the very least. Whether you opt for 2 or 3 channel dash cameras, either option is a fantastic setup and most often depends on your lifestyle, career and driving habits. Just be sure to understand that only selected brands offer 3-channel dash cams, they can be quite limited in terms of options and supply.

Should you wish to have your 3 channel dash camera professionally installed, Schmicko would love to help hardwire to either your fuse box or external battery for those who have purchased the extra accessory. 

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