5 Useful Car Apps You Must Have

5 Useful Car Apps You Must Have

It is obvious that the smartphone has become a staple in our everyday lives. With the rise of apps to help you from booking air flights to reminding you when to drink water, it’s no surprise. Make smooth sailing of your next driving journey with these 5 convenient apps.

5 Cool Car Apps You Need To Have

1. Waze


Get the best route, every day, with real–time help from other drivers. Boasting over 100 million users worldwide, this free community based GPS Navigation App is one to keep an eye out for. Waze tells you about traffic, construction, police, crashes and even petrol price updates, all of which are submitted by other drivers as live data. Be the first to know and avoid the congestion, get to your destination faster with Waze.

Here are some features of the Waze app:

The directions shown are 100% focused on driving.

The software leverages real-time, community-driven, crowd-sourced data from drivers about the status of the freeways.

Waze tracks traffic conditions without obtaining data from nearby establishments.

Waze’s user interface is slick, simple, and offers lots of personalisation choices and 3D graphics.

Waze even offers voice navigation options, which include celebrity voices and the feature to record your own voice for commands!

The app keeps track of your pace and alerts you when you’re driving too fast.

Waze comes with Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android. It retains commuting times, frequently travelled routes, and most frequent destinations.

A map list of parking lots close to your destination is easily accessible via the app’s one button.

2. DriveSafe.ly

As the name suggests, this app is all about protecting you as a driver by ensuring safety comes first. With over 1 million downloads already, DriveSafe.ly should be the first app you download before hitting the road, prevent accidents and scratches from happening!

This text to speech app will read out text (SMS) messages and emails aloud and automatically responds so that you don’t have to touch your phone. It is no surprise that the Australian Government has enforced strict laws regarding phone use whilst driving. We experience such a high occurrence of accidents as a result of phone use and hands off the steering wheel. Thanks to this voice activated app, many can drive safely today whilst staying in touch.

Never miss a text message whilst driving ever again – all made possible with DriveSafe.ly

3. Fuel Map Australia

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Don’t pay extra and find the cheapest petrol station near you in seconds. Access a database of petrol stations and fuel prices across all of Australia. Fuel Map is an extensive crowd-sourced database that provides information on petrol stations and fuel prices throughout Australia. Users like yourself contribute by adding and updating station details. Additionally, you have the ability to input current fuel prices, which are then shared with other Fuel Map users. Moreover, Fuel Map offers real-time fuel prices for Western Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland, sourced directly from government resources.

Fuel Map, also features a handy fuel log so that you can keep a track of all your historical fuel purchases. 

GasBuddy is another alternative to Fuel Map that you could use.

4.Driver Reviver

You’ve heard it on radio and you’ve seen it on TV – Stop. Revive. Survive. Simply put, don’t drive while fatigued, it’s dangerous.

Well thanks to Driver Revive, taking regular breaks during long road trips has never been easier. Locate nearby rest stops on the go; easy. Always listen to your body, if there are signs of fatigue, do your part in ensuring that our Australian roads are safe and take that short break. Pack a few meals and snacks for regular breaks or even plan your trip days ahead so that you can orchestrate your stop-overs or switching of drivers.

Driver Reviver is a well-established community program that has been active in Australia for over 28 years. It relies on the dedication of volunteers from various service organizations and community groups who generously contribute their time to promote road safety and reduce the number of road accidents. Driver Reviver pit stops are strategically located across the country, providing a convenient place for drivers to take a break after 2-3 hours of continuous driving. At these pit stops, drivers can enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee, allowing them to refresh and rest before continuing their journey.

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5. Divvy

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Parking in the city is a headache and as if the traffic wasn’t enough, there just has to be a better way to travel around without the nuisance.

Furthermore, once you do find parking after numerous laps around the block, chances are, it is going to cost you more than a few bucks, let alone a lunch for 2.

Introducing to you, Divvy, where you can access thousands of secure car parking spaces in high-demand CBD locations. It is super convenient and easy to access as it is quick to sign up and before you know it you are locked-in for a convenient parking spot in no time.

Beat the ticket inspectors, parking hunters and traffic with Divvy, make parking a walk in the park.

5 Useful Car Apps You Must Have 1

Regardless of the app you want to use when driving, it is crucially important to have one installed on your mobile phone. It maybe also worth installing a dash cam whilst enabling parking mode for incidences that occur whilst your away, you just never know what could happen when you are away.. Car apps aren’t just about knowing how to get to your destination, because there’s so much more that this software can do. After all, these days there are new and better car gadgets getting released, from lifestyle car gadgets to safety dash cameras.


Navigation applications are actually a blessing in disguise because they are useful tools both for travelling and searching. These apps are, in a good way, changing how people travel and live today, from looking for a fantastic restaurant to locating the best route to your place. Moreover, they let users add important details and flag important locations, creating the most precise representation of an area and making it convenient for locals and travellers in any location.

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