8 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Car Maintenance

8 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Car Maintenance

Maintaining a vehicle is indeed expensive because you have to take care of oil & gas changes, check engines, and brake pads, or schedule maintenance. Buying a car is easy, but maintaining it is difficult. In Australia, the weekly cost of car maintenance and service is $29.55.

Going to the most expensive shops for every task means you spend a lot. But at the same time, we can’t ignore it at all. As we have to maintain other expenses also, we should look at some important ways to save money on car maintenance. If you’re smart about your car maintenance you can save on parts, labour, efficiency, and many more.

So, here, let’s start to save money!

1. Perform Some Basic Tasks By Yourself

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When it comes to maintaining a car, many Australians do some tasks on their own like changing out spark plugs, filters, & oil, and checking on fluids are all within the skill level of the average driver. By doing this, you can save money on dealership and mechanic fees. If your car has any issues, firstly try to solve them yourself. Many problems drivers and passengers solve on their own.  However of course, this must be addressed on a case by case basis. There are certain tasks that should be left up to the professionals, such as dash camera installations being hardwired, where electrical components are involved or paint correction/protection in the form of ceramic coatings and so on. This is because these are meticulous tasks that require great attention to care and detail as so much can go wrong if performed incorrectly, that could potentially lead to hefty repair bills. On the other side, a regular maintenance wash like a wash and vacuum, it is usually hard to get wrong as it is quite a standard procedure, this could be performed on your own. But of course, you will most often achieve better results with an automotive specialiast.

2. Choose the Best Car Insurance

Firstly, you should learn everything about car insurance. Multiple companies offer the best coverage and many benefits. You must search the whole market and get the best company that fulfils your requirements. Car insurance will help Aussies to save a lot of money if their car has any issues in an accident or other concerns. 81% of Australians have a car insurance policy. There are different types of policies available in Australia. It is a good thing to know about the value of insurance.

3. Use Online Coupons For Car Parts

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Whatever parts you need for car maintenance, make a list and order online together. Some stores offer coupon codes for car parts, you can get these coupon codes through different coupon sites like EMUCoupon. Take advantage of them as much as you can because coupons are the best money-saving option. You can get the same products with the same quality at a lower price.

Nowadays, people use coupons for every expense because it will help them to stay within the budget. With online coupons, you don’t need to go to the stores because everything you want gets at the homes at a low price.

4. Only Change Oil When It Is Needed

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Normal vehicles require new oil when they cover 3000 miles (4,828.03 km) or after three months. If you change the oil more frequently than needed, it means you waste your money. You should look at your manual to find out when it is the right time to change your car’s oil. You also have the option of digital oil change reminders built into your vehicle’s system.

5. Search Mechanics And Car Prices Online

In today’s world, everything is going on digitally. Australians use search engines to get rid of their problems. Online reviews help a lot to get an idea of which prices are best. As we all know, everyone relies on digital, and drivers also use online tools to book a mechanic. It will be helpful for consumers in time savings, avoiding scammers, and repair shops that overcharge.

You also have the option to ask friends and neighbours and shop around until you’ve found the right mechanic to take care of your car.

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6. Don’t Ignore Air Filter

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The air filter will help to save on fuel consumption. You can fix it easily, as it is inexpensive and usually doesn’t require tools. You should change your air filter about once every three months. A bit of saving will help you a lot in future circumstances.

7. Learning Basic Maintenance Techniques Is Mandatory

When you have free time, it’s a good idea to learn basic techniques for your regular car maintenance. Having a bit of knowledge of maintenance can help you save money, and also you don’t have to depend on the mechanic for every small task. For example, changing an air filter, switching new windscreen wiper blades, adding coolant to the car, topping up your wiper fluid and so on.

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8.Avail Discounts On Petrol/Fuel Expenses

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Saving on gas/fuel will be beneficial for you. Consider petrol stations that offer discounts and coupons on fuel. Many petrol stations give huge discounts to their regular customers. So, take advantage whenever you can. You also have other options like earning cashback rewards, using online payment systems and getting a discount on your next visit to the petrol station. This is quite common across your major Petrol stations such as Coles Express, 7-Eleven and so on.

Final Thoughts

We all know inflation is at its peak, and everyone tries to find out ways to save their money. For car owners, the above tips are useful, they can save tons of money if they follow them properly.

You should give time to your car maintenance regularly. Save your money by putting effort into searching for the parts at the best price. By applying these techniques, you will not only be able to save money, but you also take care of your valuable car as you know it is worth a lot of money.

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