Stop Overpaying: All You Need To Know About Car Detailing

Stop Overpaying: All You Need To Know About Car Detailing


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These days, everyone is running on a tight schedule and chances are, there is a probability you don’t have time for to do all the things on your to-do list. So, it’s understandable if you are one of the many Aussies putting off the regular clean or detailing of your car, but that doesn’t mean you should be driving in a garbage dump. For many Australians, car detailing is just another chore they just don’t have the time for. Postpone long enough and you will be exposing your car to a lot of harm, whether it’d be the infestation of filthy bacteria trapped in fabric underneath stains, unpleasant smells or costly permanent damage to your car exterior paintwork. All in all, cleaning your car is just as important as cleaning your home and crucial to maintaining its value and worth (read pre-sale car detailing for more information)

It’s important you take care of your car and if you are always too busy to clean and detail your car, find a professional to do it for you. However, you will not want to fall victim to substandard detailing. So, here is a guide to show you all you need to know about car detailing and how to choose the right detailer for the job. However, if what you want is a car wash or car detailing service right away, you can go straight to book a Sydney mobile car wash online, and save yourself the stress.

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Think You Know What Exactly Car Detailing Is?

When you are looking to improve the interior and exterior look of your car, what you need is a car detailing service. A quality car detailing service includes a thorough cleaning of your car from top to bottom, bumper to bonnet. The cleaning involves the use of specialised tools, techniques, and products that help revive the overall look and feel of your car.


Car detailing or auto detailing includes cleaning and reconditioning both the car interior and exterior of the car. It could also involve some light cosmetic work. Do you have small scratches on your car, probably from that low hanging branch you misjudged or underestimating a parking spot? Your car detailer will surely help you get rid of them through professional advice and techniques to minimize its severity. Have this performed by someone inexperienced can surely place your car at greater risk of further damage if not carried out in the right manner, so please proceed with caution.


Car detailing does not include body work or paintwork ie spray painting and dent repairs, there are specialised services for these tasks. But you will surely be getting almost every other thing that will improve the look and smell of your car.  Car detailing can tackle tough water spots, food spills, dull paint, and strange smells inside the car like they’ve never been there. Let’s just say car detailing is a smart way to make your car look new again as though you just bought it.

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Some of the Things Car Detailing Can and Can’t Do

Even though many of our customers deem our work to be magical at times, we are not wizards and miracle makers, but we can definitely make your car look better!

Don’t get it all confused. There are some things detailing your car can do and there are some it can’t. Knowing this will go a long way to help you know what you should expect from the service. Below are some of them:


  • Can car detailing make my car look brand new?


Newer? Yes. Brand new? Well that depends, on the condition of your vehicle – a car that has been neglected vs one that has been well looked after. As you know, all good things take time and that too applies to car detailing. With enough time, better results can be achieved.

Can a car detail remove scratches?

A premium car detailing session will takes care of light scratches, particularly those that are within the layer of the clear coat (clear protective layer that protects your paint). But if your car has deeper scratches, you may need to repair the paintwork separately via a touch up or respray. If your fingernail can get caught underneath the scratch when brushing across, chances are it is too deep. Even if it does not, it is important to note that the clear coat is what protects your car so you don’t want to buff too much and too often.



Yes, car detailing will help to get rid of most car stains. This includes stains on upholstery and in the fabric. The vacuuming process will assist in removing contaminants on the surface level, but when we are talking about dried stains and markings, a shampoo will generally alleviate the severity by loosening up trapped contaminants. At the same time, if you include an ozone generator ( a machine for odour treatment) you can remove any unpleasant smells as well. Typically the machine that hotels use to remove cigarette smell from their rooms; a very powerful and effective unit for neutralising odours and purifying the air.


  • Is car detailing important at all?


Of course. Mobile car detailing will not only make your car look better, but will help reduce wear and tear and ultimately, its resale market value. It also helps take care of small problems before they become big which could affect the look or appearance of your car, very costly if left unattended, especially when something as small as bird droppings (acidic) cause permanent damage to your paint. A great investment for keeping your car in a pristine condition all year round and all seasons – Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.

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What is the Difference between Car Detailing and Car Wash?

mobile car wash is part of car detailing but not enough to give your car that brand new look as car detail will do it. While a car wash tends to be just a superficial cleaning, car detailing performs a more thorough and restorative cleanse.

Another way of seeing this is like comparing it to your teeth. A car wash is like brushing your teeth, but a car detail is like having your 3-6 month checkup and dental clean at the dentist. Where they would use professional equipment and dental care products for a thorough clean so that bad things such as plaque don’t become a long-term problem.

A wash may help remove dirt and mud from the car exterior. It can also run a vacuum to clean the inside and make it look nice. But it cannot be anywhere compared to what a car detailing will do.

Car wash satisfies a fraction of what a car detail will do. Car detailing achieves much more than just running a hose over the paint and drying it off. Although, car detailing is considerably more expensive than a car wash, it is a cost-effective investment for your car. There are many terminals around today where you can book a car wash to you.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Car Detailed?

A smart way to bring your car to its best condition is to have your car detailed. You and your car have a lot to gain from detailing your car. But car detailing can sometimes be heavy on the pockets if you don’t know what you are paying for, so you need to be sure it’s worth it before doing it.

Here are some benefits of car detailing that will make you consider it for your car once every few months.

#1: It improves the physical appearance of your car

The sparkle that comes with your car when you first buy it only remains for a while. Even if you regularly wash your car at the car wash, it is certain that it will soon start to lose its outer appeal. But when you detail your car, you are restoring the original appearance of the car. A car detailing will help remove every dust, scratches, and dirt. This thus leaves your car sparkling clean and looking great. The first benefit you enjoy from car detailing is having the curb appeal of your car.

#2: It increases the overall value of your car

If you use classic or older cars, you will understand this better. Keeping these type of cars in good condition can restore and maintain their value. This is not something you can get from a car wash. A quality detailer can help restore the original beauty of your lovely car. And so, increases the overall value of the car. If you are looking to sell your car soon, it’s recommended to first detail it then watch its value boost.

#3: It offers extra protection to your car

This is another important benefit of car detailing. It provides an extra layer of protection to your car against the elements. The wax coat applied to the exterior of your car during car detailing helps protect it from rust and contamination. Or better yet, an application of paint protection will apply years of superior protection and hardness unmatched by any wax or sealant on market. The best part about it, you don’t have to wax or polish your car for years and washing the car takes a fraction of the time.

#4: Makes you super happy

There is nothing as satisfying as driving a shiny car. They your car is a direct reflection of your personality. When it’s clean, you feel proud and highly satisfied driving it around. And if your car is used for business purpose, it will help you create a great impression with your customers. Save the embarrassing car rides for another day and have your car regularly washed or detailed once in a while.

#5: It makes your car serve you longer

By removing every form of contamination that may damage your car, detailing helps to extend the life span of your car. This makes the car depreciate at a much slower rate and hence serves you for a longer period – clever finance tip! For the price of having a coffee every day, you could afford to be on a recurring wash plan to keep your car well maintained and funky fresh.

#6: Effective engine function

Regular car detailing helps your engine run more smoothly and efficiently. Remember, the engine will be free of grease, leaks, dirt, and dust. This helps preserve the engine and makes it function optimally.

#7: It helps you save money

There are several ways in which regular detailing can help you save some cash. When your car is detailed, it increases lifespan and so reduce the chances of early replacement. You won’t have to spend money on repairs. You will also be spending less on gas since the engine will be running smoothly and efficiently.

#8: Reduces the chances of accidents

Nothing will be obscuring your views as all dirt and haze will be removed by detailing. Because of this, the chances of getting caught in an accident is reduced. Especially during rainy weather conditions and your windows are dirty, this can be very dangerous.

#9: Preserve your paint condition

Dirt and debris can affect the paint of your car. But regular detailing will help preserve the paint by adding a coat of wax over the paint. This helps to reduce cases of scratches and restore the car’s shine.

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How Do You Choose The Best Car Detailing Service?

Now, you know how important it is to detail your car and a rough idea of how much it will cost you. The next thing is to choose the right detailer to do the job. While there are lots of detailers out there – whether a mobile car detailing service or not, not all of them can do a quality job for you. Some of them don’t have the experience or technology to give you an awesome car detailing you need.

But you can’t know a good detailer by just seeing one or checking through their advertisement. That is why it’s required you carry out research before you choose one. You will need to check through the car wash packages offered. Know the price, and be sure he can do exactly what you want before you make a commitment. Remember, the quality and experience of the detailer you choose makes all the difference.

So to help you through this important decision making, here are some tips that will help you choose the best car detailer.


1. Be sure they offer the same services as the one you want


There is no point using a car detailer who doesn’t offer the same service you want. So be sure he offers such and knows what he is doing. If dog hair has been disturbing you in your car and you want it removed, you need to find a detailer that offers pet hair removal. That way, you can be sure of getting the best result. If he, however, doesn’t offer such a service, look for someone else.


2. Look out for a good reputation


Fortunately, the internet is there to help you through this aspect. You need to check online to see what people are saying about the detailer you are about to choose. A good place to start is Google or Yelp car detailing reviews. Nothing is secret anymore in this century of ours. Let people tell you about his skills, experience, and customer service. Any detailer that checks all your boxes is your ideal professional you’d want to have assigned.


3. Check for mobile car detailers


If you are the always-busy type, then chances are that you want to detail your car so you can save time. So why waste time driving down to a faraway garage or shop? Look for a detailer that offers mobile car detailing to do the job. Remember, this type of detailers can come to your location to get the job done. But be sure of the reputation of such detailer before you commit your car into his hands.

When you book mobile car detailing service, the detailer will help you save time and cause minimal disruption to your schedules.

How Much Does It Cost To Detail A Car?

interior detailing

1. Car detailing prices vary and depends on some factors.

2. Reputation of the detailer

3. Size and type of car: Hatchback, Coupe, Sedan, SUV, Wagon, 4WD

4. Sometimes the colour of the vehicle: some places may charge an additional charge for black vehicles as they are much harder to work with.

5. Additional services and extras

Prices will vary quite considerably between your budget/economical franchise-operated car detailers all the way to your high-end boutique detailing individual professionals. Don’t be tricked by eye-catchy logo wrapped vans, but instead put your attention towards the Car Detailer’s reputation and skill level, because at the end of the day, that is exactly what you are paying for. For example:

1. Check their reviews and testimonials, do they have a strong reputation? Check their Google Ratings and Reviews or True Local.

2. How many years of experience do they have?

3. Do they have images of past work?

4. Check their My Google Business Page or Website

5. Ask them for advice/pick their brain/test their knowledge

6. Do they have insurance? Especially for the individual car enthusiasts on platforms such as Gumtree, most often are not protected with any cover, which is very important in industry such as this.

The Bottom Line

Finding a professional car detailer you can trust for quality service is not easy. A professional detailer will help bring back that shiny state of your car as when you first bought it. A quality detailing will help you increase the overall curb appeal of the car. It will also help you save some extra cost on repairs and replacement. So, when you find a good detailer that provides excellent job consistently, it’s advisable you hold on to him.


Alternatively, Schmicko can be the provider of your car detailing and boat detailing needs and the best part about it? We come to you and you can simply book online in just 60 seconds. We are not a franchised business and we have a very rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we only take on the best car detailers, most who have operated within their own boutique car detailing business for many years. You’re in great hands with Schmicko, book today.

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