Car Care & Maintenance

Ceramic Coating For Headlights and Windows

When you first hear about protecting your car with a ceramic coating, many would directly correspond this to paint protection and that is all. More frequently, do we find that our customers were not aware that you could ceramic coat your car’s windows and headlights, let alone why one would do this. Whether you have purchased a new car or simply have had it rejuvenated with a mobile car headlight restoration service, applying a ceramic coating is always highly recommended across your headlights and windows.


5 Tips for Transporting Your Car to or from Australia

Whether you are considering a vacation abroad, across the seas, relocating or whichever it may be, you may find yourself considering transporting your car abroad. Driving your own car abroad saves you from the hassle of searching for a new car and learning how to drive it. It also allows you to be comfortable with the vehicle you are driving. Shipping a vehicle can be a hassle, but if you approach it with the right knowledge in mind, you won’t run into any problems.

Car Care & Maintenance

Why a Clean Car Reflects a Clean Home: The Psychology Behind Tidiness

In terms of cleanliness, most of us focus primarily on our homes, often overlooking our cars. However, a clean car is more than just a point of pride; it reflects your overall lifestyle, similar to how your living space does. Understanding the psychology behind tidiness can help explain why keeping both your home and car clean is beneficial. In this article, we’ll delve into the mental and emotional effects of cleanliness and how a well-kept vehicle can positively impact your life and mirror a clean home.

Roof Lining

Ford Territory Roof Lining | Ford Falcon Roof Lining Replacement

The drooping headliner, a frequent issue seen in many Ford vehicles throughout Australia, isn’t unique to your situation. However, at Schmicko, we can quickly restore the aesthetic appeal of your car with our Ford Roof Lining Repair service.

This unpleasant sight, despite being a common issue for many Ford owners, doesn’t have to be a lifelong eye sore. Even though it’s widespread across Australia, there are methods to tackle and correct this problem, returning the interior of your Ford Territory, Ford Falcon, you name it, to its original splendour.

Roof Lining

Holden Commodore Roof Lining Repair

The sagging headliner, an all too common sight that plagues many Holden Commodore vehicles across all over Australia, you are not the only one. But here at Schmicko, with our Holden Commodore Roof Lining Repair service, that unsightly appearance, can be fixed in a jiffy.

It can be a frustrating sight for any car lover. This defect, while seemingly ubiquitous, does not have to be a permanent fixture in your vehicle. Despite its prevalence, there are ways to address and rectify this problem, restoring the interior of your Holden Commodore to its former glory. This persistent issue need not be a lifetime sentence for your beloved car; there are solutions available to bring back the sleek aesthetic appeal of your car’s interior.

Dash Cam

Can a Dash Cam Drain Your Car Battery? Unravelling the Truth

Can a dash cam drain your car battery? Many drivers have pondered this query.

The answer, in short, is yes… However, the answer is not as simple as it seems.

Dash cams are handy devices for capturing unexpected incidents on the road. Dash cams, like other electrical devices in your car, such as charging your smartphone, listening to music, or turning on the lights, need access to your car’s battery.

If left unchecked, continuous use of these cameras could potentially cause some degree of battery drain. But don’t fret just yet!

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