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Best Way To Wash The Car By The Detailing Experts

Best Way To Wash The Car By The Detailing Experts

There’s a lot more science when it comes to washing the car than you think. But for starters, you should always be washing your car in the correct order. How to wash car in 60 seconds, not quite 60 seconds, but reading these tips will probably take that amount of time.

Always wash the vehicle from the Top – Down.

Why you ask?

Because nature will work against us, a thing called gravity will make cleaning a lot more repetitive than intended.

Guess what will happen if you decide to wash the bonnet before the roof, it will get dirty again once you wash the roof! When all the gunk that was baked on to the rooftop surface gets rinsed off, it will trickle its way back down across all sides of the vehicle. Guess what happens when you wash the bumper/number plate area before the side panels… you guessed it, the same thing.

Order is very important everywhere you go and when it comes to cleaning the car, a slight change of order can be quite the waste of time, effort and cleaning products ($).

So if you have been searching online ‘professional car wash near me‘, you would understand that order is very important, what is the ideal order you may ask – see below


Roof – Windows – Bonnet – Boot – Side Panels – Bumper -Tyres/Wheels


It may also be worth cleaning the Tyres/Wheels first, depending on how heavily soiled they are in the first place. By cleaning, we mean spraying/applying some degreaser on the rims to allow it some time for it to work it’s magic. Degreaser does take time to work and if the grime is heavy, time will assist later on when you decide to scrub them with a brush or etc.

Be sure to take your time the first few washes until you get the hang of it, this way you can develop a good cleaning habit while working in a timely manner. But wait it doesn’t stop here, we’ve just scraped the tip of the iceberg, if you want to read more into how you should be washing the car both inside and outside completely, have a look at our other articles.