Blackvue Dash Cam Installation – Is It Really The Best?

Blackvue Dash Cam Installation – Is It Really The Best?

Looking for the Bentley of Dash Cams?

If you have been shopping around for the top dash cam, chances are, you would have seen the name BlackVue pop up numerous times across your research. This is not a coincidence, matter of fact, we love the line and are big advocates of the BlackVue dash cam installation. Do we have an affiliation with them? Of course not, we are admirers not affiliates. If you are looking for arguably the best dash camera in Australia, welcome BlackVue.

BlackVue Dash Cams Options

BlackVue have a wide range of different dash cameras to suit many cars.
1) 1 – Channel
2) 2 – Channel
3) 3 – Channel
4) External Battery Connection Accessory

Mobile Dash Cam Installation

Why We Rate BackVue Highly

Among many features, we find that they have:

1) Excellent Resolution 4K Ultra High Definition
2) Seamless Pairing – App Connection
3) Modern Design & Controls
4) Great Wi-Fi Connectivity
5) Strong History of Development and Reliability
6) Has a Well-Built App 

BlackVue Dash Cam Installation: Accessories

External Battery Pack

For those of you who wish to have additional power for their car, can consider installing an external battery, of which they offer. This means that the dash cam is connected to the external battery with a dedicated battery supply with Bluetooth enabled to view important metrics like usage time, input, voltage and so on. Furthermore, this helps to prevent your car battery from discharging and going fully depleted.

External Battery for Car

BlackVue Dash Cam Installation: Parking Mode

Parking Mode Enabled

Activate your Parking Mode function with your BlackVue dash cam installation. With the assistance of hardwiring the connection, you are able to keep your dash cam in operation even when the car is a turned off.  This is a tremendous feature that not many dash cams offer and is great for boosting security, capture hit and run incidents and car break-ins, where possessions are stolen.

professional dash cam intallation

Our Verdict

Overall, we find that a BlackVue dash cam installation checks many boxes for what your everyday Australian driver would demand for when it comes to car surveillance. One of the encouraging aspects to note is that, BlackVue heavily invests in research and development, if you have ever seen their chronological timeline/roadmap over the last decade, you can understand that they have come a long way. There is without a doubt a strong conviction to remain leaders of the professional dash cam industry through sheer innovation.

Are we against every other model and brand out there for dash cameras? Of course not, with choice and competition, comes better advancing technology, it brings the best out of each and every dash camera company out there. After all, it is inspiring to see ‘safety’ take huge leaps within the car care industry and you just can never be too safe these days.

But if you had to ask us to pinpoint one particular brand of choice, we have nothing but high praise for the BlackVue dash cam installation. Should you wish to have your car secured professionally with one of our dash camera installers, feel free to get in touch.