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Boat Detailing Sydney: Our Work

We are the first that comes to mind when it comes to premium boat detailing. We treat your boat with the utmost care, ensuring your boat looks as good as new. We offer a range of services, from interior to exterior detailing, so you can be sure you are getting the best care your boat truly deserves.

We are experts at restoring your boat's exterior and interior to pristine condition. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our range of services and affordable pricing.


Gel coat oxidised, faded and contaminated throughout the year and in need of a restoration

Exterior Boat Detailing


Clears and exterior washed and detailed to rejuvenate the gel-coat for an enhanced gloss & shine.

Exterior Boat Detailing 2


The bow of the boat showed significant signs of discolouration, contamination build up and wear/tear.

Boat Bow Before


Heavy staining and discolouration greatly minimised during the shampoo, agitation & rinse phase.

Boat Bow AFter


Cockpit had endured heavy staining and quite the build up of contamination across most areas.

Cockpit Before


Cockpit was foam washed, pressure rinsed and decontaminated by hand to reveal a sparkling clean finish.

Cockpit After

Other Projects

Premium teak deck rejuvenated for a refreshing gloss, adding extra colour depth for a showroom look.

Gel Coat Restoration

Other Projects

Another angle of this fantastic finish, absolute stunner from all angles.

Gel Coat Teak Deck

Other Projects

Regular maintenance wash to keep it looking presentable and ready all year round

Boat Wash Maintenance

Other Projects

Another regular maintenance wash for a happy customer preparing for the season ahead.

Boat Wash Maintenance 2
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Benefits of Regular Boat Maintenance Washes

  • Slows down the build up of contamination eg. saltwater
  • Helps reduce against rusting
  • Slows ageing effects and damaging sun rays
  • Keeps your boat looking newer for longer
  • Lowers your chances of unexpected costly repairs in future.

Boat detailing is important because it can protect your boat’s exterior paint and prevent further damage.

A regular boat detailing program will alleviate it from dirt, salt, and other residue on the exterior of your boat from building up. It will also remove any contaminants that may have made their way onto the surface of your vessel. Boat detailing is often suggested to be done at least once a year to ensure that your boat is in top quality shape for when you take it out for the summer.

There are many benefits to doing this regularly; it will help prevent corrosion, which can happen when salt or other corrosive substances get on your boat’s exterior. This can lead to costly repairs down the line if not dealt with quickly enough. Regular upkeep also helps maintain an attractive vessel so you look good while cruising around lakes or coastlines!

Get your boat looking tip-top

Schmicko would be honoured to take care of your boat as it is our pride and passion, day in and day out. Yes, not all boats come in the same condition, but we will definitely give it our best shot. To help us understand how we can help you better, always capture a few images of your boat’s current condition and send them through. Once ready, pick a day and time  so that we can organise your boat detailer to the convenience of your preferred location, whether it is at home, warehouse or at the marine. If you are serious about keeping your boat in a pristine condition with minimal requirements when it comes to year round maintenance, then we highly recommend our gel-coat protection add-on. Ceramic coatings are widely used across the military and marine industries for its robust and strong properties. What does it do? In a nutshell, it adds a nice sheen and gloss unmatched by any marine wax or sealant on market and the  best part about it? This ceramic coating has fantastic durability considering it hardens over time to create a solid shell for your boat to combat the harsh environmental conditions (especially during the scorching Summer).

We operate 7 days of the week, but are of course, subjected to availability as we can be booked out quite far in advance, early notice is always best. We simply need access to an external powerpoint and tap to power our tools and cleaning equipment. Keen to have your boat ready for the season? Get calling today and we will handle the rest.

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