Your 6 Point Checklist After Buying A New Car

Your 6 Point Checklist After Buying A New Car

Buying a new car is not a small expense and is often either the most expensive or second most expensive asset most Australians own. After all, you are investing in a lifelong mobility partner. In many countries, it’s looked upon as a symbol of social status and style factor apart from offering convenience. Assuming all the transactions have been made and keys exchanged, there are several crucial steps to take care of when you buying a new car.

After purchasing a new car, you will need to register and insure your vehicle followed by other critical steps. Of all, you will find shopping for car insurance to be the most overwhelming. You must have spent a long time researching which car will be most suitable for your needs. Now you have to compare car insurance by its rates and convenience so that it keeps on serving your vehicle in the long run.

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1. Register the car

It’s illegal to drive a vehicle that’s unregistered and is a big must do right when you purchase the car as to avoid any penalty or fees/fines. If you have got your car from a renowned dealership, your dealers might help you with the paperwork for registration and permanent license plates. In some cases, the dealership also signs over the title to the new owner. If you are purchasing privately, make sure you register the transfer of ownership online, which is probably the most convenient way to do so. Please refer to your local state for instructions on how to register your car as this may vary from state to state.

2. Hunt an excellent car loan rate

For those of you are not purchasing outright and looking to source a car loan, it pays to spend a little extra time researching to save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It’s never a good idea to agree to the first car loan that comes your way. You must shop around and try to secure the best car loan rate when you want to buy a new car. The credit history is the greatest determining factor and the higher your credit score, the lower your car loan rate will be.

Research online and decide which car loan is best for you. Many sites come with a car financing calculator that helps in finding the type of financing best suited for you. Make sure you are mindful of the interest rates, terms of repayment, required down payment, and chances of penalties that are part of your car loan.

Another important tip to remember is that you must shop for the total amount of the loan rather than the monthly payments. Compare the loan quotes and read the fine prints to settle for the best car loan rate.

3. Get Car Insurance

Looking for car insurance is a smart move that we recommend every driver to do once they have purchased a car. Look around from online sources to gather estimates from insurance companies. You have to make sure that the insurance you are going for is well within your budget apart from comparing companies, pricing, and coverage. Be sure to find an insurance policy that fits well to your driving lifestyle eg. Where you park your car, how frequently you drive, average kms per year, how easy it is to process a claim, customer service rating and reviews and so on.

4. Protection: Paint protection and window tinting or getting it detailed if necessary

For those who have purchased a brand new car, the best way to keep it looking this way longer is to consider new car paint protection solutions. This includes ceramic coatings or better yet, graphene coatings. In short, they provide years of hardness and gloss to the paintwork, which makes simple work of car care maintenance, meaning your regular car wash is super quick and easy. These are much better solutions compared to your traditional waxes or sealants that last weeks to a month, with no level of hardness to withstand physical abrasion and chemical resistance like these coatings. The car paint protection is a layer of protection above the car paint to protect the clear pint from dirt, grime, dust, and ultraviolet rays – keeps your car looking newer, for longer.

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Those who have purchased a secondhand car, must consider having your car detailed by a professional. Achieving that new car feeling is not only reserved for brand new cars! Using an assigned car detailer will help rejuvenate the condition of your car so that it can look its best in years. A car detail will often entail both the car interior and exterior tackling stains, paint blemishes, contamination and much more to reveal a nice neck-snapping finish.

Tinting your car is also a fantastic way to protect your car interior and of course, the passengers inside your vehicle. Australia is notorious for hot scorching Summer seasons, the least you could do is install window tints to keep your car cool and your passengers safe.

5. Getting a dash cam installation

Keeping your car in top notch condition and your passengers safe should be priority number 1 for every Australian. What ticks many boxes, including the above, is the installation of a dash camera to your vehicle. It is a fantastic way to offer you an extra set of eyes on the road and offer surveillance both whilst driving or parked (given that it is hardwired). You can never be too certain on the road these days, you will be alarmed to see how many drivers are falsely accused for accidents that did not occur. A dash camera is the extra layer of security and reassurance that every driver must consider.

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6. Regularly service your car with a Mechanic

As you buy a new car, it’s natural to consider that you won’t be needing any tuning for the coming months. But it is wise to check with your car dealer for a maintenance schedule and stick to it. Some new car owners are tempted to skip the maintenance and servicing a few times. But getting your car washed regularly along with scheduled maintenance will allow your car to run smoothly in the long run and save money in return. If you have used a mechanic to perform a pre purchase car inspection prior to buying the car, then it may be worth using that mechanic to regularly service your car since trust is an important factor when it comes to finding a reliable mechanic.

Hopefully by now, you have understood 6 key areas that you should really focus on once you have achieved that milestone of purchasing a new car. Follow these steps and you will most likely be able to achieve many years head problem-free.

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