Car Alarms With Mobile Notification

Car Alarms With Mobile Notification

Alarms with direct notification to the mobile are one of the great technological advances in terms of security. We tell you what they are and how they work.

The safety of a car could become a real headache unless the protection measures that are applied provide calm and tranquility. Among other measures, currently, the one that is probably the star is an alarm with direct notification to the mobile since in the event of any theft attempt or direct attack on the integrity of the car it is detected practically at the moment thanks to this sophisticated and highly advanced alarm system.

Reasons to install an alarm in the car with notification to the mobile phone

Undoubtedly, a car alarm is the best option to always provide its owner with peace of mind, being able to install a basic alarm or opt for a modern alarm system that will guarantee to know at all times if the vehicle is at risk in real-time. It may sound old-fashioned, but the truth is, it is simple and it works very well. A great deterrent for attempted car burglary, theft and stolen vehicles

The new car alarms with mobile alerts provide all these guarantees and also thanks to their GPS tracking system and the sensors for each part of the car, they prove this system as a practically perfect combination to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

It must also be taken into account that these systems are highly accurate and efficient, to the point that some installable systems can even turn off the car’s engine through a simple SMS thanks to its GPS locator.

Furthermore, of course, this type of alarm notifies its owner if someone is starting the vehicle without their prior consent, and even some systems installed with mobile notification can establish a gasoline supply cut-off schedule after a small number of kilometers to that in case of theft the vehicle cannot move to a distant place.

Most systems also include an automatic connection with an “Alarm Reception Center” in the event of any urgency of theft or accident.

Putting all these functionalities in the balance, it is more than possible that installing an alarm in the car with direct notification to the mobile phone may be worth it because although sometimes the theft cannot be prevented, the opportunity to recover it is very high thanks to this tracker that incorporate

There is no doubt that technology today already offers many very strong reasons for having this type of car alarm.

How do you connect the car alarm to the mobile phone?

car alarm smart phone

Smartphones are connected through an application to a locator and anti-theft device and it is also possible to manually configure the car alarm with mobile notification.

Of course, you need a good internet network and an automatic response option, as well as a high-quality microphone and good reception even in times of poor signal.

As a suggestion, it is advisable to choose a card to insert into the anti-theft phone from an operator with good coverage in the area and the connection must also work in “roaming” (“data roaming”) if the stolen car is abroad. Of course, the phone number must be secret and the SIM can even be prepaid (looking for the best rates).

It is necessary to know and keep in a safe place the IME code of the mobile (15-digit code that identifies the phone and that allows the SIM to be blocked in case of theft or loss of the terminal). This IMEI code is normally printed on a label inside the mobile and can also be retrieved through the device’s operating system using its settings menu.

Once the card has been inserted into the device and its operability has been checked, connecting the car alarm to the phone is done by following some very simple steps of the application that are sufficiently automated so that the user does not have problems carrying out this activity. Just be wary that the car alarm can be tampered when making adjustments to your car battery or when your car has been jump-started..

The operation of the alarm is verified with a test phone call from outside the car, with the sending of a text message waiting for an automatic response.

In the event of theft of the vehicle, the alarm system automatically goes into action, immediately notifying its owner of the fact in question so that the police can be called to explain what is happening and the position tracking that is being carried out on the vehicle. vehicle with the functionality installed, and thus be able to proceed with its location and recovery.

On the market, there are multiple car alarm systems with connection to the mobile, although the mounting possibilities and accessories are immense also depending on the car in question that you want to protect, and we believe that to decide the type to install in each case. It is best to go to a specialised installation provider for this type of device and understand which system should be installed to ensure both your car exterior and interior are well secured.. There are no better systems to detail since this will always depend on the model of the car and the needs and desires of the user.

Theft-proof your car

Installing a dashcam unit is a great way to theft-proof your car as it can also be installed in the car if an anti-theft alarm is desired that is equipped with a dash camera, which is the perfect solution to be able to see images with the user’s mobile device.

Of course, this will further enhance the concept of security since it offers visual information that is also perfectly recordable, and that completes all the previous concepts that are received through all the alarm sensors.

Of course, the reversing cameras that the vehicle has can be integrated into the alarm camera to adapt them to the anti-theft system, complementing the cameras that record the person driving and/or the outside itinerary.

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