Why You Need A Car Detail Instead Of A Car Wash

Why You Need A Car Detail Instead Of A Car Wash


Well, if you are someone who isn’t very enthusiastic about your car, then probably detailing wouldn’t make much of a difference to you. But overall it is essential that you do the detailing for your car from time to time as it will ensure the best appearance of your car. Besides, you don’t have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy the benefits of a car detail. As much as it is based on a stunning appearance, it also deals with deep cleaning to ensure that your car is safe, hygienic and germ-free for you and your passengers. Frankly speaking, how often you should be washing the car will vary on how frequent you drive, how far you drive, where you drive, where you park, whether you have kids, pets and so on. Obviously, the more you replied yes to the following, the more frequently you should be washing your car before the etch through the paintwork or create stubborn stains and smells inside the car. On average, you should be watching your car every 2-4 weeks to keep it in a reasonable condition to fight against wear and tear from environmental factors. How does your car wash routine compare with that? Are you washing enough or too often?

What exactly is car detailing?

Basically, car detailing mobile is the full top to bottom car cleaning which is done with the help of some specialised products and tools. This process also involves reconditioning and cleaning of both the exterior as well as the interior of the car. The ultimate aim of this is to get the paintwork restored by eliminating the scratches and make the car look just like how it looked when you made its first purchase. Now, you will want to know about the steps that are involved in auto detailing. Here are the two main phases: interior detailing and exterior detailing of the car. Let us get into the details of each so that you are aware as to what you should expect from the car detailing process.

  • The exterior car detailing: well, here all the exterior parts of your car will be taken care of. Apart from the car wash which makes sure that the entire car is well maintained – it includes cleaning each and every part of your car, especially the wheels which are the dirtiest part of the car. Then, if there are any scratches that need to be taken off that will also be taken proper care of depending on how deep the scratch is relative to the clear coat i.e the outer layer, which can also be layered with a ceramic coating, a great addition to car window tinting for extra protection inside and out.
  • The interior car detailing: the upholstery inside the car is shampooed and vacuumed in order to remove all the dirt that is accumulated inside. The car interior detailing sydney also involves the cleaning and wiping of the interior glass. Vinyl and plastics are also ensured to be cleaned and well dressed.
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How would you go about on deciding which is the car detailing service that you should opt for?

  • The services offered: so, do some research and check what are the services that this particular company offers to you? If it is something that you are searching for then, you can make this your option.
  • Reviews: always ensure to check what the previous customers have said about this company by reading car detailing reviews, then you know what you can expect from their services.

So, what are the benefits you will have after getting your car detailed?

Great protection: this car detailing process gives an added benefit of protection against all the elements. If you take good care of the exterior of your car it ensures great paint protection of the exterior from rust and other contamination.
Value of your car: when you keep your car in good condition this will help you in restoring the value of it. Also, this could come in handy for you if you intend to sell your car sometime in the future. Make sure you opt for a good detailer who will help you in bringing back the beauty of your car and also increasing the value of its resale.

Do yourself a favour and book a premium car wash & detailing service today!



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