5 Cool Car Gadgets You Must Have

5 Cool Car Gadgets You Must Have


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5. Tile Mate​


One of the most commonly misplaced items are our car keys. With Tile-Mate, you can use Bluetooth to call your car keys. That’s right, you can call your keys and find them simply by locating the ring. It also works 2-ways, meaning you can get your phone to ring if it’s been misplaced. Easily slide the tile on to your key ring and never lose your keys again!​

4. Magnetic Vent Mount​


You really can’t go wrong with a Magnetic Vent Phone Mount. With a cluster of mounts available on-market, this small device makes docking on/off easy thanks to it’s magnetic backing. Unlike window-mounted holders, these connect to your air vent, meaning no more stained windows caused by suction. You can also find some with wireless charging too at a higher price.

3. Portable Powerbank Jump Starter​​


A portable powerbank on steroids! It is a complete powerhouse that can charge anything from your phone, laptop, GPS to even jumpstarting your car. With built-in LED lights, starting up the car has never been so easy, all in the palm of your hands. You never know when you may be stranded out on the road. Keep on with you and drive with peace of mind in knowing that you are well prepared for any mishaps.

2. Hudway Cast​


A portable unit that conveniently sits on your dashboard to project your phone’s display directly in front of you. Never take your eyes off the road again. With street regulations tightening around phone use whilst driving, the Hudway Cast helps you manage phone calls, GPS, messages and so on, on-the-go.

Modern sleek design that is both aesthetically pleasing and super handy.

1. Handpresso​


Starting the day without a cup of coffee can signal quite the emergency for many. Whether it’s a lack of time or forgetfulness, the Handpresso has your pick-me-up all sorted. A portable coffeemaker designed specifically to fit snug in your own car. Grounds or pods, it can work with either – just plug and brew.

But of course, don’t drink and drive as your safety always comes first. And, do not forget to remove your cuppa from the car to avoid any potential spills and smells – otherwise you may need Schmicko for an Interior Detail.