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About Schmicko Image

It's Time to End the Era of Car Stains

Driving your car is a source of pride and convenience, but it can quickly turn into a source of frustration when stains and unpleasant odours take over. Nothing can dampen the joy of driving more than stubborn stains that refuse to budge, or persistent smells that linger no matter how many air fresheners you use. These issues not only mar the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior, but they also detract from the overall driving experience, turning every journey into a less than pleasant ordeal. Whether it’s a coffee spill on the upholstery, dirt tracked in on the carpet, or that mystery odour that just won’t quit, dealing with these nuisances can often feel like an uphill battle for car owners.

Meet Schmicko, The Experts in Car Interior Protection

Schmicko is your ultimate solution to the frustrations of car stains and unpleasant odours. Our car interior protection service is designed to help keep your car interior in a pristine condition, by helping you prevent future stains from occurring. We employ advanced techniques and a premium standard car interior coating for the ultimate protection, maintaining that nostalgic original glory and freshness for longer. Our team of seasoned professionals understands the intricacies of different materials and employs tailored approaches to ensure optimal results. With Schmicko, you can sit back and enjoy your journey, knowing that your car’s interior is shielded against stains and smells, enhancing your driving experience and preserving the value of your vehicle.

Trust the Process

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Clean Start

Clean Start

Please ensure that your car interior is clean and dry before our arrival. This ensures a lower chance of debris and contamination from other areas of the car during our service.

Preparation & Application

Preparation & Application

Our technician will pre-treat the applied surfaces such as carpet, seats and mats just before applying the car interior protection serum.

Air Dry for 24 Hours

Air Dry for 24 Hours

Please allow the car to air dry for at least a day for maximal results. Experience a protected interior that is odour free without any changes to the texture.

Protect Your Car Interior Starting from just $395

Protect Your Car Interior Starting from just $395

You can avail of our car interior protection service starting at just $395 for standard-sized vehicles. If you’re looking to combo this with an exterior ceramic coating, you can take advantage of this for just $300.

Car Interior Protection: Your Car's Best Defense Against Time

Spotless Car Interior

Spotless Car Interior

Our interior car paint protection is an excellent solution for achieving a spotless car interior. When applied to high contact areas such as carpets, seats, and mats, it creates a superior hydrophobic film that effectively repels spills, helping to keep your car looking new. This protective coating acts as a barrier against stains and liquid damage, ensuring that any spills can be easily wiped away without leaving a trace. Protect your car’s interior with our interior car paint protection. Say goodbye to stains and spills and keep your car looking clean and pristine.

Fresh & Pleasant Drives

Fresh & Pleasant Drives

The interior ceramic coating we offer provides a remarkable solution for protecting your car from odours and unwanted smells that are often caused by stains and spills penetrating the carpet, seats, and mats. This innovative ceramic coating forms a strong and durable barrier, preventing any liquid or substances from seeping into the interior surfaces of your car. By creating a protective layer, it effectively blocks the absorption of spills, ensuring that odours and smells do not linger or develop over time. With our interior ceramic coating, you can enjoy a fresh and pleasant driving experience, free from the worry of unwanted odours caused by stains and spills.

Newer, For Longer

Newer, For Longer

Interior car protection plays a crucial role in combating the ageing effects that often appear on your carpet, seats, and mats as a result of high exposure to contact and the damaging effects of UV rays and heat from the sun. With our interior car protection, a durable and resilient barrier is created, shielding these surfaces from the harmful elements that can cause fading, cracking, and deterioration over time. By effectively blocking UV rays and heat, our interior car protection helps to preserve the original appearance and integrity of your car’s interior. This ensures that your carpet, seats, and mats maintain their vibrant colours, softness, and overall quality, allowing your car to look newer for longer. With our interior car protection, you can confidently enjoy a well-maintained and age-resistant interior, even in the face of prolonged exposure to sunlight and contact.

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The Pinnacle of Interior Preservation: Our Ultimate Car Interior Protection Service


What do you need from me?

Please ensure that your car is in a clean condition prior to our arrival. Although our team will do a minor clean to the applied surfaces, it is intended to prepare the surface prior to application. Any deep cleaning as such will need to be done by you in advance, as this will help reduce the likelihood of cross contamination during the application on the day.

Will there be a smell to my car?

No, the formula by Duratek Labs is engineered to have no fragrant or smell attached to it.

What are the benefits of interior car protection?

There are numerous benefits to protecting the interior of your car. It helps maintain and preserve the appearance and condition of your car’s interior. It also makes cleaning and maintenance easier. It protects against stains and spills and reduces fading and cracking caused by UV rays. Additionally, it enhances the overall value and lifespan of your vehicle.

How long does it last?

Typically, you can achieve up to 12 months and longer of protection, but it will depend on a range of factors such as how frequently you drive/have passengers in the car, if you have pets/kids/smoke, where you park, how often you clean/maintain the car and so on.

Which areas of the car interior is coated?

We protect the high contact areas in the car like the carpet, seats, and mats with the interior car coating. These are areas that are heavily prone to wear and tear due to its exposure to contact, heat and UV rays.

Will interior car protection alter the appearance or texture of the surfaces?

No, it will not change the appearance, let alone texture of the applied surface. This is why interior and exterior ceramic coatings are very different to each other and classed as separate categories. Duratek Labs has engineered an outstanding interior car protection serum, designed to deliver exceptional defensive properties without affecting the appearance.

The Ultimate Protection For Your Car Interior

Car interior protection offers numerous benefits to car lovers, enthusiasts, parents and well, everyday car owners. Firstly, it helps maintain the pristine condition of the interior, for superior interior excellence. Protect your car interior from wear and tear caused by daily use, sun exposure, dirt, food, and spills. This will help prevent ageing. It shields against spills, stains, and fading, ensuring that the upholstery and surfaces stay looking new for longer.

Additionally, car interior protection creates a barrier against harmful UV rays, preventing damage and discolouration. We all know how damaging the Sun can be to our skin and similarly will happen to delicate surfaces such as your leather and upholstery seats.

Furthermore, it also makes cleaning easier by repelling dirt and dust, reducing the need for frequent and intensive cleaning. We all know how much we value our spare time, and who would want to waste precious time cleaning? Well, that is why protecting your interior is a clever way to get more out of your car on the daily.

Investing in car interior protection improves vehicle comfort and value, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable driving experience. Many Australians focus significantly on making their car look shiny on the outside using ceramic paint protection, but it’s also important to give attention to the interior as much attention. After all, one day you will consider selling or trading in your car. If your interior is looking aged, deteriorated and simply, lost its sheen, you can expect to shave off thousands of dollars off the expected selling price. First impressions count and it all begins with a clean interior, don’t leave it late and protect your car today.

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