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Accidentally Oversprayed A Nearby Car?

Whether it is cement, paint, bitumen, or any sort of non-water-soluble particle that has drifted with the wind onto a neighbouring car, car overspray removal can be a significantly damaging problem, especially if you leave it unattended for too long. As soon as these particles start to dry and harden on the surface of the vehicle, the difficulty it becomes to remove as it etches onto the clear coat. You can try to wash the car yourself and remove the car overspray, but you will be more likely to cause further marring and micro-scratches to the paint without proper removal of the contaminant.

We understand that sometimes, all it takes is a little wind or slip of the hand to cause such a dilemma and that accidents do happen. Besides the worst thing, you can do is take your time, because time is really of the essence when it comes to treating overspray, it is key to have it safely removed right away before it penetrates further.

Thankfully for you, there is a quick and cost-effective solution.

Welcome Schmicko: The Mobile Car Overspray Removal Experts

We all know that the cost of insurance premiums can skyrocket with each and every incident, so if you are in need of a cost-effective solution for a prompt car overspray removal service, then this is where team Schmicko can assist. Simply book online or contact one of our friendly staff to organise your express service right away. Schmicko is the go-to car care expert for so many corporate and commercial tradesmen and businesses, so, if you are in need of a punctual and professional – you are in safe hands with Schmicko. Some of the more common forms of car overspray would include, clear coat, paint, epoxy, rail dust, tree sap, tar, bitumen, cement, lime, calcium deposits, minerals and so on.

How To Book Your Instant Overspray Removal

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Book Online In Seconds

Book Online In Seconds

Simply select the vehicle type/size and our Exterior Detailing Package with the Overspray Removal Add-On. Alternatively, you can call our team for help.

Our Technicians Arrive Promptly

Our Technicians Arrive Promptly

Our well-vetted car overspray removal technicians will arrive promptly on-site to restore the affected vehicle back to better.

Enjoy The Finish

Enjoy The Finish

Be relieved in knowing that your nightmare has been solved in a professional manner and that the affected car owner is happy.

100% Committed To Deliver You Excellence

100% Committed To Deliver You Excellence

It takes more than just scrub and wipe down to treat car overspray. After all, there are very few professionals and car detailing technicians with the technical know-how and equipment to address these extraordinary, yet treatable situations. Have the peace of mind of knowing that you can rely on team Schmicko to rectify this in a professional manner to keep both you and the affected car owner happy – here are some of our reviews

Car Overspray Removal: Sydney Specialists

Highly Vetted Professionals

Highly Vetted Professionals

Our team at Schmicko will have your car overspray dilemma addressed with the help of our well-experienced team of Car Detailing Technicians. Due to the high risk involved, a professional is highly recommended.

Well-Equipped And Ready

Well-Equipped And Ready

Our mobile car care specialists will arrive equipped with the tools and supplies to have the overspray removed in a safe and effective manner. We have dealt with all kinds of overspray including, but not limited to, cement, paint, bitumen, and so on.

Fast Turnaround Time

Fast Turnaround Time

The longer you leave the overspray contamination on the vehicle, the more difficult it becomes to remove as it begins to harden and etch into the clear coat of the vehicle. This could prolong the period required by multiples, so book with Schmicko to lock in an early appointment.

Sydneywide Service

Sydneywide Service

Schmicko car overspray removalists operate across all of Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. With our 7 day schedule, it should be easy to slot you right into the earliest appointment, we are sure the affected car owner would appreciate the promptness of this being addressed immediately.

We Come Straight To You

We Come Straight To You

As if dealing with an angry car owner who has had their car contaminated with overspray was not enough. Well, we’re sure that your disgruntled customer would appreciate the convenience of our team arriving onsite directly to their home at a time that suits them to fix this overspray dilemma, immediately.

Seamless and Simple

Seamless and Simple

We will liaise with the car owner who has been affected by the car overspray so that we can organise the right day and time to fix their car back to a shiny finish. Less stress for you as we handle the customer from day dot.

<br>Overspray Removal</br>Booked Instantly e

Overspray Removal
Booked Instantly

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Mobile Car Overspray Removal Experts


Can Overspray Be Buffed Out?

Yes, overspray can be buffed out using a machine polisher combined with the right cutting pad and compound. However, it should not be the first step during the car overspray removal phase. Proper decontamination must take place prior, firstly, the overspray needs to be removed, whether it is cement, tree sap, paint or so on. Using a machine polisher first will scratch the paintwork and rip the polishing pad to shreds like sandpaper. We would use the machine polisher after we have properly washed the vehicle only.

Does Clay Bar Remove Overspray?

A clay bar can remove some overspray, for example acidic chemicals like tree sap, but for contaminants that are more stubborn such as oil based paints, cement, polymers and so on, it will not do that much. In fact, the clay bar would be more of a step to follow through once the contamination overspray has been removed. Although a clay bar will not remove your clear coat, it can cause micro-marring if used too aggressively, this is where a machine polish comes in handy to rectify and correct these minor blemishes. The effectiveness of a clay bar heavily depends on the severity of the overspray and chemical being used.

What if some of the overspray comes off using my nail?

We would highly advise against doing this as this is highly susceptible to more damage. Sometimes in the worst case scenario, can chip off the paint, which will require paint touch up and a recoating of clear coat to rectify (very tedious and can be expensive). Also, scratching and flicking overspray by force is only going to damage the paint even further with micro-marring, scratches and other minor blemishes. Always seek professional assistance when removing the overspray and refrain from using any physical force.

Does your car have paint protection?

If your car is protected with a ceramic or graphene coating, then you will most definitely need to have it re-applied. The process to remove and correct overspray will mean the paint protection to will be removed and thinned out. This too, is a service that we provide and can be a great way to protect your car once the overspray has been addressed due to its years of durability, hardness and gloss.

How long do you need to remove overspray?

It is always hard to tell until we perform a test panel. The amount of overspray, how long it has been there, the type of overspray and so on, all affect the time required to correct and restore. Typically speaking, the longer the overspray has been left there, the more time that is required to fix it. Time is a crucial factor, so early correction is a must.

Can you remove all the overspray?

No matter how much of a fantastic result we achieve, there is always an element of risk that there may be some overspray left. Especially when the overspray has made its way on to the plastic trims, unlike the paintwork or glass panels, of which a machine buffer can be used, this cannot be done for plastic trims. Using this technique will only burn through the plastic and turn it grey. This means a less aggressive technique must be used and there are no guarantees until tested/tried. Not all overspray react the same due to many contributing factors involved.

The majority of cars affected by overspray can be dealt with using traditional methods by a professional car detailer. However, in the rare occurrences whereby the usual techniques do show great progress, but still have quite a heavy amount of contamination remaining, then this is where it may require a panel beater instead. This is where the paint will most likely need an aggressive wet-sanding process to sand the surface down to the bare and respray the car with a restorative clear coat. Wet sanding is more often avoided because it is super aggressive and sands down your clear coat (which is what protects your car). Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how effective one method is until it is performed, severity and stubbornness of overspray will vary from car to car, case by case basis.

Schmicko Auto Care: The Car Care Experts Sydney Needs

Schmicko is Sydney’s reliable and trusted car care group for car detailing services and for all the ‘beyond the ordinary’ sticky situations. We are certain we have seen it all when it comes to unusual and extreme situations. We understand that working in the trade can be physically and mentally tolling and that at times accidents can happen. Within the next moment, you soon realise you are in a bit of a pickle, a bit of overspray, and an angry car owner.

Rest assured, we have addressed so many of these occurrences that at times, the customers may appreciate speaking to someone other than yourself. With our team of customer care professionals, we are highly proficient when it comes to managing discontent customers, so leave them with us to cool off while liaising with them.

Removing contamination can be a very risky and daunting task for any car care technician and it is no surprise that not many car detailers would offer such a service. Yes, this process can be very complex but does not mean it cannot be done. Most often we can restore the car better than it was initially. How? Well, we first remove the contamination and follow through with paint correction, otherwise also known as a machine buff/polish, which allows us to rejuvenate the paintwork along with the final protective wax coating. As a result, this tends to highlight the colour depth and glossiness of the car, which we can assure, would be a big winner for the ‘not-so-happy overspray victim.

Machine polishing is very important prior to the main procedure due to the following reasons:

Paint Correction

Machine polishing or buffing is recommended as soon as you start to notice paint defects on your car. Even high end cars are not an exemption from this problem. Unresolved paint scratches can affect the car’s exterior, and this requires paint correction.

Through machine polishing, paint scratches can be easily removed, and paint defects can be eliminated without any unwanted side effects. This works by removing the clear coat, hence getting rid of the car’s scratches. Afterward, the car would be smoothly finished, accompanied by a crystal glossy look.

Enhanced Gloss & Shiny Appearance

You may want to sell your vehicle in the near future. If you’re already considering this, it’s very important to make sure that your car looks impressive by having that glossy and shiny look. This will look impressive to potential buyers, and it can only be done through machine polishing. Trust us, the last thing you want when selling your car is for it to look like it is worth less than 50% of its original value due to its dull look.

Effectively Remove Scratches

The main downside to scratches is that they can diminish your car’s market value. But why worry when this problem can be easily resolved with machine polishing. This process can make your car smoother than ever, thus preserving the paint’s effectiveness. There’s a caveat though — machine polishing is only for minor scratches. Deep scratches would usually need other repairs.

The great part of it all is how super convenient our service is. If you are ever in doubt simply give us a call and one of our friendly staff will guide you through the process and deal with any questions that you may have.

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