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Overspray Removal: Our Work

The longer overspray is left to bake on your car, the harder it becomes to fix and often this translates to expensive car re-sprays. On the other hand, with quick action, a professional car detailer may be able to restore the car back and remove the overspray at a fraction of the cost of a respray, this could be the difference of a few thousand dollars.

The worst thing you can do when it comes to car overspray is to delay it further beyond repair.

Cement Car Overspray: Before

This Subaru was subjected to an onslaught of wet concrete from the construction site next door; really stubborn stuff.

car overspray sydney

Cement Car Overspray: After

Fortunately, with prompt notice, Schmicko were able to restore the car back to new and win a happy customer in the process.

car overspray removal

Chemical Overspray: Before

This VW was battered with a chemical overspray for with an unknown substance, which has caused rapid deterioration and dullness of the paint.


Chemical Overspray: After

With patience, elbow-grease and determination, Schmicko were able to remove the contamination and restore that deep gloss. Customer was able to sell the car later that day, huge success.

car-overspray removed

Industrial Overspray: Before

This ute was scattered in industrial overspray, leaving behind a trail of blotchiness no eye could tolerate. Without further adieu, our express team arrived promptly.


Industrial Overspray: After

Fortunately for this owner, we were able to restore his pride back to a nice glossy finish, showing no signs of overspray and a better finish than it had before the industrial overspray.


Common Car Overspray

  • Paint and Duco
  • Clear Coat and Aerosols
  • Cement/Concrete and Bitumen/Road Tar
  • Tree Sap & Organic Contamination
  • Adhesive and Chemical Contaminants

Schmicko have dealt with all kinds of overspray across our tenure and are fully equipped with the knowledge to get your or your client’s car sorted right away. Of course, time is of the essence and quick action is very crucial. It is worth nothing that the success of our delivery will often depend on the severity of the incident eg. how much coverage, how long it has been there and what the car overspray is, can often heavily influence the result.

Why Car Overspray Must Be Acted On Now

Tackling overspray early on during its onset will improve your chances of it being rectified through our exterior car detailing and paint correction service. If the overspray has gone beyond our expertise, where it has become too stubborn or the paintwork condition is too risky to operate with, you will most likely have to consider a respray, which can be very expensive to service. Be mindful that all different types of overspray contaminants will respond differently over time, so having as much information can be very helpful. Having this all sorted with our express service means that we could save you from having to go through hurdles of insurance premiums, angry customers (those who work in the trade and have accidentally caused overspray to a surrounding car) and of course we come to you conveniently.

Why Schmicko Is What You Need Right Now

Our team of professional car detailers are fully equipped and experienced in overspray removal to put your worries at ease. We come to you  Sydney and surrounding suburbs all days of the week, subjective to our availability of course (early notice is always highly recommended). Our express service is available and super popular considering that time plays a crucial aspect in this. Ranked as finalists for the Local Business Awards, 4 years straight in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, along with over 480 5-Star Reviews on Google alone, you can surely rely on Schmicko to get the job done for you.

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