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Roof Lining Repair Sydney: Our Work

If your roof lining is barely holding on and looking like a stuffed cushion, then having it replaced with a brand new premium headliner, is a must. This is a common issue for cars approaching the 10 year mark, could your car do with a revamp or perhaps a new refreshing colour?

Nothing reeks of old and deteriorated more than a car's saggy roof lining. Is your car in need of a refresh?

Sagging Roof

Pockets of droopy headliner evident across the entire car interior. Was due for a replacement.

saggy roof lining

Stained and Sagging Roof

Another car with a sagging headliner, with a stained sunroof. Cars with sunroof and/or DVD can be done.

Canvas Removal

Canvas safely removed from the car. Handles, screws and attachment also taken out during the process.

car headliner repair

Canvas Removal

The old headliner is peeled away and disposed, along with the canvas being cleaned to remove the old glue.

headlining repair

New Headliner Installed

New headlining and glue is installed and moulded carefully around the grooves and crevices to match.

Headliner repair

New Headliner Installed

Car with a sunroof panel also rejuvenated with a new premium headliner. Handles and brackets all safely installed back.

headlining repair sydney
headlining sydney

Benefits of Replacing the Headlining

  • Aesthetics: Luxury and refreshing touch
  • Insulates the car better (temperature)
  • Soundproofing to help keep a quieter interior
  • Colour can be changed

The car roof lining velour we install for our customers are supported with a thick foam layer unlike many alternatives on market for enhanced comfort, soundproofing and insulation effects. Choose a from a wide selection of colours to suit your car interior and personal preference. High GSM material means it is woven well for a more premium touch and clean headliner appearance. Using a strong adhesive glue application, ensures a durable fit to withstand many years.

Car Roof Lining Removal Process

Replacing your car headliner with a new velour does take time, precision and a great deal of experience considering that the roof canvas is different between car makes, models and years. Each year, there is always a new shape and at times new compositions, meaning how they are built and respond to the process can vary each time. Some car models will offer an easy, medium or a hard flex structure to work with. Nonetheless, for our technicians, we work with the large majority of car makes and models. Cars with DVD units and sunroofs in the framework can also be worked around, although the sunroof will vary depending on the make and model due to its build.

We are equipped with premium velour, strong adhesive and sturdy hands to ensure that your car is treated with gentle care, finished with that premium and luxury edge. The process can often take between 1-2 hours depending on the car make and model, which would include the removal of the canvas, glue and disposal of the roof lining, followed by a new application of glue and headliner material.

Reliable Express Car Headliner Service

Operating 7 days of the week covering Sydney and surrounding suburbs, revamping your car with a new headliner has never been this easy as we come to you. Upon booking, just provide your date, location, car details along with your preferred colour of choice so that we can arrange your appointment as fast as possible. No one likes the look of a sagging roof liner, enough with the delay and have Schmicko fix it today.

If you are in urgent need of a professional car roof lining repair technician to service your vehicle, then do not hesitate to book with Schmicko. You can simply book online or contact one of our friendly staff to provide you with our next available date that fits with your schedule.

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