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Car Signage Removal: Our Work

Car signage is one of the best ways to promote your business and brand on the road. But, when it comes to selling your car for top value, signage, stickers and decals can be such a market value killer.

Removing car signage is only half the story. It is crucial to have the paintwork corrected to restore it back to its best condition possible.

Signage: Side Panels

Branding and signage stretched across the side of this commercial van for the last few years, ready for removal.

car signage on a van

Signage: Side Panels

Door panel, sides and window were covered in signage. Large stickers and individual lettering stickers required for removal.

Van signage removal

Signage Removal & Decontamination

Stubborn glue and adhesive safely removed from areas with signage. Glue can be very difficult to remove at times.

Mobile Car Wash Van

Signage Removal & Decontamination

High foam shampoo and decontamination phase to cleanse the vehicle (preparation). Hand washed with care and attention to detail.

car wash foam

Paint Correction & Restoration

Paintwork machine buffed to level out the surface and restore shine. Also assists with minimising surface blemishes as well.

sticker removal

Paint Correction & Restoration

Machine polish for a nice glossy finish, attractive for potential buyers and allow you room to place a reasonable price tag.

decal removal

Signage: Side Panel

Lower sides covered in business signage that has been left on here for several years.

Ford Signage Removal Before

Signage: Front Bonnet

Front car bonnet was also advertised with signage and required to be removed, followed by paint correction afterwards.

Ford Signage Removal

Signage Removal: Side Panel

Car signage was safely removed across the side, which was covering a large surface area. Result: Restored gloss and shine back to the paintwork.

Ford Signage Removal After

Signage Removal: Front Bonnet

Business signage once again, safely removed from the front bonnet. An exterior machine polish/buff followed by a wax was applied to make it shine better than before.

Ford Signage Removal Bonnet

Signage Removal: Full Coverage

Car signage was reasonably fresh and new across the entire van. Was able to strip the signage safely, followed by machine polish to restore some shine

car signage removal sydney before

Signage Removal: Full Coverage

Fantastic results were achieved across the entire van, no signs of signage were found left remaining.

car signage removal sydney after

Signage Removal: Rear

More van signage removal

Van Signage Removal

Signage Removal: Windows

More excellent results achieved.

Van Signage Removal Sydney

Common Types

  • Stickers eg. bumper stickers, rego stickers etc
  • Car signage, logos and branding
  • Car decals
  • Glue/adhesive overspray

Whether your business vehicle has signage deteriorating or you are looking to sell your car for top value, it would be wise to have the signage removed and have your car restored to a presentable condition. Flaky old signage can be quite the eye sore and no one really wants to buy a company car with the perception that it has not been cared for like a car of your own. If you have no use for your existing or old signage, we always recommend having it safely removed as soon as possible. Much like if you spent days out under the Sun, you will inevitably get a t-shirt tan. Similarly, when you remove car signage, the longer you leave it there, the more obvious the colour difference becomes when you strip it off. You are essentially comparing paintwork from two different time periods, new and old.

The Signage & Car Sticker Removal Process

There are many considerations when it comes to having your signage and stickers removed from your car. Questions such as how long it has been there, the condition of the paintwork, how strong is the adhesive and much more can often influence the end result. Have you ever ripped off a band-aid after a few weeks and noticed the imprint and colour discolouration it leaves behind? Well, that similarly happens with your car’s paintwork, except signage is more often left there for many years under the harsh sun, so you can really imagine the colour difference when it is removed. For this reason, we always perform a machine paint correction/polish to try and blend the colours the best we can and minimise any colour discrepancies. Of course, this would require your paint to be of a reasonable condition where there is sufficient clear coat on the surface to be treated. Just note that not all car signage can be treated equally, each case can be very different to one another and so the results can often at times vary. For example, the condition of the signage, age, material, type of glue, pre-existing surface, exposure to sun and so on, ultimately determine how well signage can be removed. Leaving it to late will often lower the chances of it being serviceable.

Reliable Express Signage Removal Service

Servicing the majority of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs, Schmicko, is proud to offer contractors, tradies and business owners with a reliable option for signage removal. Operating 7 days of the week, our car detailing technicians can meet you at your home, office or warehouse at your convenience, simply choose a date and time. We arrive fully equipped with the supplies, equipment and knowledge to safely remove the signage and then finally prepare the paintwork for correction and shine. Prep up your car ready for sale with us today, why settle for less, when we can bring out the best?

If you are in urgent need of a professional car detailer to service a signage removal for your commercial vehicle, then do not hesitate to book with Schmicko. Upon completion, you will be conveniently emailed with your formal paid invoice/receipt should you need to claim it back as a business expense – it is that easy.

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