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Car Ceramic Coating Melbourne - Paint Protection Experts

Ceramic Paint Protection Nanotechnology

Owning a brand-new car is a significant milestone that represents the culmination of hard work and achievement for many Australians. It’s a symbol of success and a testament to one’s dedication. If you are truly committed to preserving the pristine shine and gloss of your vehicle, reminiscent of the day it left the showroom floor, then look no further than Schmicko, the Car Ceramic Coating Melbourne Specialists.

Welcome to Schmicko Ceramic Coating Melbourne, where we take pride in being among the exclusive group of hand-picked and accredited car detailers in Australia authorised to utilise Duratek Labs’ groundbreaking ‘professionals only’ range of paint protection. The revolutionary C-Fusion ceramic coating polymer is designed to provide exceptional resistance against physical and chemical contaminants such as bird droppings and tree sap. By creating a robust barrier around your vehicle, C-Fusion binds to the painted surface, unveiling a heightened level of gloss, enhanced hardness, and long-lasting protection that will endure for years to come.

High Gloss Factor

High Gloss Factor
Unveil a captivating, deep shine that accentuates your paintwork without altering its original colour. Enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle's exterior paint, our solution adds an irresistible new car appeal. Ideal for those seeking a stunning, wet gloss finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Durable 9H Hardness

Durable 9H Hardness
Once fully cured, the liquid polymer hardens whilst enveloping around your applied surfaces, forming a fortified barrier for your car. This makes it effective in dealing with physical abrasions such as scratches and scuff marks, by adding hardness to further protect your paint.

Boosted Resistance

Boosted Resistance
Allows your car to better deal with harmful UV rays, hot/cold extreme temperatures, dust storms, rain, bird droppings, tree sap and so on. Great for addressing common contaminants notorious for degrading your paintwork. Stretch the longevity of your car's exterior with a ceramic coating.

Easy Car Care

Easy Car Care
With its super-hydrophobic (water-repelling properties), it is able to repel water and overall contamination effectively. This allows for shortened car wash periods as contaminants are loosely bound to the car vs a non-coated car and makes it easy to dry the car, reducing the chances of water spot etching. Also no need to regularly polish your car for the duration of your coating i.e. years!

Reduce Wear & Tear

Reduce Wear & Tear
One of the hardest challenges of owning a car is maintenance. It can be costly both in time and money, but thankfully for ceramic paint protection, you can keep your car in top shape for longer. Combat oxidation and the harmful effects of the Sun effectively, today.

Flawless Aesthetics

Flawless Aesthetics
Achieving that smooth flawless touch to the paintwork has become a lot more attainable thanks to the nano-sized ceramic particles that are able to fill in the pores of your paintwork. This smoothens the surface, making it feel nice to touch and appealing to the eye.
Discover The Power Of Ceramic Paint Protection

Features & Benefits

Discover all year round protection against bird droppings, tree sap, abrasion and so on with confidence. Keeping your car glossy and shielded has never been this advanced and more importantly, seamless. Formulated to deliver you a new car experience that will turn heads and just like no other, book with the Ceramic Coating Melbourne experts, today. (Hover across each icon for further details).


Leather & Fabric Protection | Interior

One of the toughest challenges with car ownership is maintenance, especially of the car interior. After all, your car is often an extension of your own home and more importantly, it is most likely that your car is not getting the proper care and cleaning it needs. If you are adamant about keeping your car interior refreshed, hygienic and new, then applying car interior protection (specialised ceramic coating formula made for the car interior) to your fabric and leather interior (carpet, seats and mats) is a must. Applying a coating will add a barrier to these areas to repel liquids, dust and so on, whilst reducing wear and tear caused by the sun.

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CeramicPaint Protection

  • C-Fusion Coating
  • Concentrated Formula
  • Up to 4 Years Durability
  • 110° Water Repellence Angle
  • High Gloss & Slickness
  • Excellent 9H Hardness
  • Chemical & UV Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • No Waxing For Years
  • Easy Maintenance


  • Interior Protection
  • Carpet Protection
  • Fabric/Leather Seats Protection
  • Fabric Mats Protection
  • Oil, Water, Dirt Repellence
  • Spills & Stains Repellence
  • Superior Nanotechnology
  • Does Not Change Colour
  • Reduce Wear/Tear

UpgradeGraphene Protection

  • G-Fusion Coating
  • Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology
  • Boost up to 5 Years Durability
  • 120° Water Repellence Angle
  • Enhanced Chemical Resistance
  • Top Standard 10H Hardness
  • Improved Water Spot Reduction
  • Reduced Heat Absorption
  • New Generation Paint Protection

Cars requiring additional work such as and not limited to Paint Correction/Machine Buffing are subjected to an additional charge to refind the paintwork. Typically 20-30% of vehicles, despite brand new, carry surface blemishes that should be buffed out prior to any application so that we can seal in that new finish. Prices are of a small car size that is brand new, with no mileage and no requirement of paint correction or further cleaning.

All exterior paint protection packages already include our mandatory car wash and multi-step decontamination process before the coating is applied.


What Makes Our Paint Protection Polymer Superior?

Molecular Size

The ceramic coating by Duratek Labs, highlights a small molecular size, meaning it is able to fill up small pores on the surface, to give a more refined and premium finish. This is a scientific benefit often overlooked when comparing coatings.

Experience the cutting-edge advancement in car paint protection with ceramic coatings, a technology embraced across diverse industries including aviation, construction, and marine for its exceptional durability and protective attributes. Now, with the introduction of an enhanced gloss factor, your vehicle can enjoy the advantages of a high-shine finish without compromising on protection. A ceramic coating not only safeguards your car’s paintwork but also enhances its resale value. Join the ranks of auto enthusiasts, car lovers, and everyday drivers who trust Schmicko Ceramic Coating Melbourne as their go-to choice for unparalleled excellence.


The Separation Is In The PreparationCeramic Coating Melbourne

Step 1

Often your car will show signs of surface blemishes across the paint and yes, this also appears in brand new cars as well, in fact, around 30% of the time, we encounter brand new cars with minor defects.

Step 2

Our ceramic coating Melbourne technicians will decontaminate, wash and polish (if necessary) to rejuvenate and refine the finish. This is called the reveal stage, where we can see its true state prior to refinement. Often cars come covered with sealants which can temporarily mask the imperfections, this is where we can see the paint its true form.

Step 3

Once the surface has been refined and prepped, it is time to seal in the finish with a ceramic coating for boosted gloss and hardness.

How long does it last?

As a semi-permanent layer, chemically bound to the paintwork, these coatings can typically last well beyond 4 years with proper care and maintenance. Even though the product highlights a longer durability period of 4 years, give or take, with the weather conditions especially in Melbourne being 4 seasons in a day, wear and tear may be faster than in other countries. Why isn’t it a lifetime warranty? Simply because there is no such thing, to be frank, ceramic coatings are very durable and offer fantastic protection, but are by no means immune to wear and tear or ‘bulletproof’.

How easy is it to maintain my car with it?

Because of the advanced hydrophobic/water-repelling properties, it means that contaminants have a harder time sticking to the surface of your car. Having a coating does not mean your car is immune to getting dirty, it very well can still get dirty if you drive through a dust storm or park under a tree with birds, it just means that when it comes to washing your car, it is much easier and less time-consuming. After all, contaminants such as bird droppings are very acidic, you want to ensure you have enough time to clean it before it penetrates through your clear, thankfully with a coating, you can minimise the chance of this happening marginally.

What to do when my car has been coated?

First of all, congratulations if you have just got your car ceramic coated and protected. All you need to do now is keep it in an enclosed area overnight and you will be okay to drive it the next morning. Please avoid washing the car for 2 weeks, as it takes a week or two for the coating to fully cure, harden and reach its maximal shine. If your car has bird droppings or dirt on it, just simply spray water to wash it off.

For more tips from the ceramic coating Melbourne experts, see our article on post-care maintenance.


Do you offer an Interior Ceramic Coating?

We certainly do. Just note that it is a different formula to the one applied to your paintwork, yet still falls under the category of a ceramic coating backed with nanotechnology. Unlike your paintwork, which requires a hardening aspect to combat harsh environmental conditions and abrasions, your car seats, carpet and mats do not need this feature. Applying a coating to these areas is an excellent option for protecting it against spills, stains, unwanted smells and pretty much reduce the likelihood of nasty organisms breeding inside your fabric. See our interior car protection package here.

Is waxing still necessary on my coated car?

If your car has been coated, you don’t have to wax it, it is not a must-do. Although, there are waxes built specifically for cars with ceramic paint protection on them. Do you have to have it waxed? Not necessarily, but is an added bonus if you want the extra water repellence or hydrophobicity. As a part of our ceramic coating Melbourne services, we still do offer a ceramic wax for those who wish to opt for it when booking future maintenance/car detailing services.

Is my car scratchproof with a coating?

No, and no other form of Ceramic Coating Melbourne alternatives can guarantee a scratch-free or scratchproof system. Although they are very durable and offer superb protection and resistance, they can still degrade or upon heavy physical contact. If in the rare care of a car accident, your car will still receive scratches but could be less severe.

Is there Warranty?

Yes, we have a warranty on our exterior ceramic paint protection installations. Simply see our terms and conditions for more information on our Ceramic Coating Melbourne services.

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