Clay Bar 20 Min

Clay Bar 20 Min
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Using a Clay bar is effective at cleaning a car’s painted surface. And it achieves this by  cleaning what regular wash cannot. Environmental contaminants include over spray, dirt, tree sap, road tar/grime, bug residue, bird droppings and etc. All of which can cause permanent damage, because if left unattended it etches on to the paint. 

Clay bar paint decontamination is a mandatory preparation step before any paint treatment is performed. So by safely removing embedded pollutants from your paint and glass, it allows for a better polishing job afterwards. It is abrasive-free, meaning that is perfectly safe to use on your painted surface and so will not cause any damage.

Ultimately, it is an excellent way to achieve that beautiful smooth finish, as a result, paint with extra pop and a glossy feel.

Because some of the pollutants are quite small, they are easily missed and often left unattended. Try to glide your fingers across the front bonnet and see if you can feel any specs/dots – that’s what a clay bar will work against. Sometimes visible, sometimes not, they’re all foreign contaminants.

A Clay Bar can be added as an add-on/upgrade to any car wash package that you select. Depending on your vehicle’s state, the amount of time and effort will vary. Pricing for the clay bar is based on 20 minutes of work and can be purchased as blocks of 20 minute intervals as required.