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Mobile Dash Cam Installation - Less Wires, Extra Surveillance

Installing a dash cam is becoming increasingly popular among many drivers in Melbourne, let alone Australia, and for a good reason. They provide you with an extra set of eyes and a layer of security while driving from A to B and when parked (depending on your dash cam). It delivers peace of mind in case of any accidents or incidents that come your way. By fitting a dash cam to your car or company fleet vehicles, you will have video evidence of what happened during any potential incident, which can be invaluable if you ever need to make an insurance claim or take legal action. Seek the professionals in Schmicko, the dash cam installation Melbourne service providers that every Australian trusts. Everything from BlackVue to Thinkware and etc..

A car dash camera is the extra layer of insurance every Australian driver needs…

Welcome Schmicko: The Dash Cam Installation Melbourne Experts

If you value safety and desire to protect your car, beyond just the aesthetics of a glossy car, then installing a dash camera is a no-brainer. At Schmicko, safety always comes first and there should never be any compromises. This is why we offer a professional dash cam installation service across Sydney for all drivers, so that you can drive with the peace of mind, knowing that your car is in safe hands and when you are both inside and away from the car. You do not have to be a frequent driver to understand the safety benefits and besides, for those of you who think you are safe driver, well, that does not warrant your safety against reckless drivers around you. Unfortunately for many, some Australians are falsely accused for car damages they were not responsible and lacked the evidence to support their innocence, it is such a painful position to be in.

Our Dash Cam Installation Melbourne Process

Step 2
Step 3
Choose Your Date

Choose Your Date

Pick a date and time when booking online or give our team a call, so we can organise it for you.

Tech Arrives To Install

Tech Arrives To Install

Our dash cam installation Melbourne technicians will arrive full equipped, ready to secure your car with the surveillance you need.

Drive With Confidence

Drive With Confidence

Drive away knowing that your car is secured with excellent wide-range surveillance. Peace of mind, wherever you drive.

Highly-Vetted Professionals

Highly-Vetted Professionals

Our team of expert mobile dash cam installation Melbourne technicians provides seamless and hassle-free installation of high-quality dash cams for your vehicle’s safety and security. With years of experience in the industry, we ensure that the installation is done professionally and efficiently, leaving no damage to your car. Our service is fast, reliable, and affordable.

Why Does Melbourne Love Schmicko?

Serviced At Your Home

Serviced At Your Home

Our dash cam installation Melbourne technicians arrive fully equipped and ready to secure your installation. All you need to do, is provide our technician with the dash camera and hardwiring kit.

No need to wait around, we will simply give you a call as soon as we finish. We service many suburbs in Melbourne, if unsure, simply give our team a call to find more about our service and availability.

Tidy Hard-Wired Setup

Tidy Hard-Wired Setup

No one likes the look of a messy car interior, especially when you have wires hanging all over the place. It distracts your vision, it is easy to get tangled and caught up in other items inside the car. Join many Australians who have opted for a tidier and cleaner look. We do this by hardwiring this to your car, meaning the dash cam installation exposes much less wires to the open. We also tuck them in and tied together to avoid any potential problems with interference and so on.

Warranty Included

Warranty Included

We are so confident in our installations that we offer warranty on our dash cam installations. We go the extra distance in ensuring that our setup does not interfere with any parts of your vehicle. Enjoy a cleaner look with maximal functionality and surveillance without any compromises.

Quality installs for a premium finish. Secure your car with all round surveillance, today.

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Install Your Dash Camera
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Dash Cam Installation Melbourne Services Available


Can you hardwire to an external battery?

We certainly can hardwire your dash cam to an external battery. Like the hardwiring kit, please have prepared the external battery and let our team know in advance when placing your booking so that we can plan accordingly. This external battery is not to be confused with your car battery, this is another accessory to the dash camera that can be installed in the interior of your car to free up your car battery.

Which dash cams can you install?

We can pretty much hardwire install any dash cam including single, dual and 3-way channel dash cams along with most of the brands like BlackVue, Garmin, Thinkware, Viofo and so on. Your most popular installs are typically the dual, two-way or otherwise known as your front and rear dash cam installation.

Do you provide the hardwiring kit?

No, just like the dash cam, you must purchase the hardwiring kit first from a vendor before approaching our team for the installation.

Do you provide the dash cam?

No, we do not provide the dash cam. We only install the dash cam via a hardwire connection. You must purchase your dash cam first before consulting our team for an installation.

The Mobile Dash Cam Installation Melbourne Experts


Dash Cam Installations

Installing a dash camera in your car is a great investment and a no brainer. When it comes to safety, it is such a small cost to pay that can save you a fortune during any unfortunate events whilst on the road. Whether you are a daily driver or require a fleet dash cam installation to safeguard your business, employees or company, it is a no-brainer.

Here are a some of the popular reasons why a mobile dash cam installation Melbourne service, is the best option for both you, passengers and car.


    • Evidence in case of an accident:
      In the unfortunate event of a collision or accident, a fitted dash camera can provide you with evidence of what happened. The recorded camera footage can be used to help determine who was at fault and ultimately support you during insurance claims. This is especially helpful if the other driver disputes what happened or if there are no witnesses to the accident. You will be surprised how many Australians become falsely accused of damages where they were not at fault. It is just so unfair and unethical, but without any evidence, you may fall victim to this.


    • Protection against insurance fraud:
      Dash cameras can protect you against insurance fraud. There are people out there who may intentionally cause accidents in order to make fraudulent insurance claims. Having a dash camera can help to prevent this by providing evidence of what really happened and provide justice to those who are doing wrong and cheating the system against innocent law-abiding citizens.


    • Deterrent against theft and vandalism:
      A visible dash camera can act as a deterrent against theft and vandalism. Should a potential thief were to see that there is a secured dash camera installed in the car, they would be less likely to target it for crime. And let’s face it, majority of theft occurs when you are away from the vehicle when it is parked. Instances as such, will require your unit to have a parking mode feature enabled. This allows you to trigger a recording event upon contact/collision – of which you will need it hardwired and professionally fitted by Schmicko, your dash cam installation Melbourne auto experts.


    • Monitor driving behaviour:
      Some dash cameras feature an array of cool options that can monitor driving behaviour. This can include things like speeding, hard braking, and sudden acceleration. By monitoring your driving behaviour, you can improve your driving habits and become a safer driver. Alternatively, with the footage you record, you could help report those who are driving recklessly on the road to authorities. The road can be such a dangerous place and keep it safe should be a community and national approach.


    • Capture unexpected events:
      Dash cameras can also capture unexpected events that you may want to share with others. This could include things like a beautiful scenic drive, a wild animal crossing the road, or a meteor streaking across the sky. Have a road trip coming up? Feel free to refer back to your footage for a collection of mesmerising videos – load up your memory library.

Overall, investing in a dash camera is a great way to protect yourself and your vehicle, as well as to improve your driving habits. It also provides you with peace of mind knowing that you have a record of what happens on the road, you just cannot afford to have no surveillance whilst on the road.

Before you consider Schmicko for your installation, be sure to see some of our guides on some of the top dash cams out there as not all are created equal and there are different combinations that you could accessorise your car with. This includes single, dual and 3-way channel dash cameras that can also be linked with accessories like an external battery. Once you have decided on your dash camera, be sure to have it purchased with the hardwiring kit so that our dash cam installation Melbourne technicians can get onto your car, right away.


Schmicko Dash Cam Installation Melbourne

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