Dual Channel Dash Camera Installations

Dual Channel Dash Camera Installations

Dual channel or 2-way channel or more widely known as, front and rear dash camera installations, are amongst the most popular accessories for many Australian cars. It is no surprise that the adoption of dash cams is rapidly on the rise considering how many distractions our drivers are exposed to on the daily.

Of all the types of dash cameras on market, the dual or 2-way dash cams are the most popular installations and most often drivers would opt for a 2 or 3-way channel system.

Leading Causes of Car Accidents

“Over half of all drivers who have been involved in accidents have experienced a nose-to-tail collision” – Accounting for just under 54% of accidents, noted by Budget Direct.

Dual Channel Dash Cameras

Popular brands that offer these dual channel front and rear dash cameras include the below and more (for 3 channel check here):
1) BlackVue
2) Navman
3) Garmin
4) Thinkware
5) Uniden

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Ideal Installation?

It is always better to have your front and rear dash camera professionally installed via a hardwired connection kit. This allows you to tuck in the wires for a cleaner look and also not get in the way of your vision or any surrounding objects. However, best of all, it is able to work in combination with parking mode enabled dash cams.

External Battery Pack Installation

External Battery Pack

For those of you who wish to have additional power for their car, can consider installing an external battery. This means that the dash cam is connected to the external battery instead to free up your car battery. If you are looking to take this option, the external battery can also be hardwired to certain areas of the car depending on your car make and model, of which our technician can advise of on the day.

External Battery for Car

What Is Our Recommendation?

At Schmicko, we consider it as the bare minimum to have 2 dash cameras at the very least. With over 54% of accidents deemed as tail to front collisions, it makes perfect sense why so many Australians select this option. 

Yes, it does cost a little extra, but that will go a very long distance and you will be forever thankful that you had both installed when you’ve been involved in an accident. There are many great brands out there that offer a  way channel installation, such as a BlackVue dash cam installation, just be sure to do your research and understand the features between each model. Features such as parking mode, image resolution, storage, angle of view and so on, are important and must be considered.

Installing an extra set of eyes for the front and rear can save you thousands of dollars in damages and help provide substantial evidence to prove your innocence if wrongly accused. We understand that we do not all plan for accidents, but that is the nature of accidents, they happen when we least expect it. 

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