Was Your Car A Victim Of A Dust Storm?

Was Your Car A Victim Of A Dust Storm?


   November 22, 2018

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Before you decide to wash your car – read this first or risk damaging your paint!

Mother nature is a beautiful thing, but at times, it can work against us. If you have been a recent victim of a dust storm, then you would know all about it. It triggers all sorts of complications from health issues to dust-plagued vehicles, all in all, it’s a headache.

Although we are not medical doctors, we are car experts and taking care of your vehicle post a dust storm is where we can definitely help!

Now if you are here, chances are, your car is covered in a mask of dust and dirt. The fact that you are looking to treat this right away is a good start. Failing to treat the car ASAP can save you thousands of dollars in addition to the embarrassment of driving a car that looked like it came from the museum. When dust and dirt settles on to your car surface, the longer you leave it the harder it is to remove and if long enough, can really intensify paint damage.


So what should you do? Glad you asked!

1. Park Your Car In A Quiet Area

It may seem like common sense, but please wait for the dust storm to pass by and wait for the winds to calm down before thinking about washing the car. Alternatively, you can park your car in an enclosed area such as the underground car park or under a car port. This reduces the risk of dust particles flying back on to your car surface during the wash.

2. High Pressure Jet Rinse

If you have a Gerni or Pressure Washer in the backyard shed collecting dust, now’s the time to use it! Investing time in to a thorough rinse is your first and if not one of the most crucial steps to perform. Spray off all excess dust particles embedded on your car paint, please remember to keep a reasonable distance between your car and pressure washer, as some Gerni’s can pack a lot of pressure/power. 

Failing to rinse the car thoroughly means that dust is still sitting on your car surface. When you decide to use your sponge, microfiber towel, mitt or whichever it may be, it will act similarly to sandpaper. Rinse properly and don’t risk it!

3.Use a 2-Bucket Wash Method

To avoid cross contamination, you’d want to invest in having two buckets. One which contains shampoo, for application, and the other with just water, for rinsing. 

4. Use a Grit Guard

Given that a dust storm has hit, you’d definitely want to use a grit-guard. Inserting a grit-guard in each bucket reduces the likelihood of dirt particles resurfacing to the top of your bucket every time you rinse your wash mitt/towel/sponge. Keep the contaminants at the bottom of the bucket away from the clean soapy water at the top.

5. Rinse Often

Rinse your cleaning apparatus regularly in each bucket to make sure you are not collecting contaminants and scraping these against your painted surface. Also remember to rinse each panel as your done shampooing it, this prevents shampoo from drying on.

Whether you are lacking time, equipment or expertise, we completely understand. Which is why Schmicko, Australia’s #1 rated mobile car wash & detailing service, are happy to service your vehicle during these unexpected and wild weather conditions. For more information, you can view our packages below.

Do yourself a favour and book a premium car wash & detailing service today!