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Car Exterior Detailing

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Car Exterior Detailing


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Windows & Mirrors
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Wheels Degreased
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Rubber & Plastic Trims
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Love That New Car Gloss & Shine

There’s nothing more satisfying than the wet-look gloss of your car on a nice sunny day, squeaky clean enough to mirror your reflection. Better yet, brush your hands along the sides of your car and feel that smooth paint finish. You don’t have to buy a new car to get that new car feel, all it takes is a well-deserved exterior detail.

Why An Exterior Detail Is Best?

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A Car Exterior Detail can:

  • Remove minor scratches & blemishes
  • Maximise car’s worth and value 
  • Improve & protect paint condition
  • Restore/enhance paint shine/gloss
  • Provide a smooth feel & finish – clay bar
  • Remove stains – bugs, water drops, tar etc
  • Treat oxidation and paint fading

When Should I Go For An Exterior Detail?

Your car exterior is exposed to environmental pollutants on a daily basis – hot, cold, rain, wind and so on. If you can’t see it, you will definitely feel it. Brush your fingers across your paint one day and you will feel a roughness, simply put, contamination.

Effects of these pollutants if left untreated can really take a toll on your paint and cause it to oxidise and ultimately fade faster. Although it seems harmless, but contaminants like bug guts, bird droppings, rain water drops, tree sap and etc can cause permanent damage if left unattended. 

That’s why we recommend an exterior detail 2-3 times a year and by this we are referring specifically to buffing/polishing, where a light layer of clear coat is removed (the layer protecting your paint). Month to month, a wax or paint sealant after a regular car wash is a great way to shield your clear coat from the above pollutants.


What Is In An Exterior Detail?

In addition to your traditional/regular car wash, using a clay bar ‘Cleaning Clay’ will remove what a car wash can’t. Before any paint enhancing techniques are performed, the surface must be cleaned of all contaminants, otherwise it can affect the end result – Clay Bar Paint Decontamination. In addition to preparing the surface, an IPA wipe down is a great way to remove any previous waxes to ensure that the next phase is carried out on a fresh non-treated canvas/paint.

Buffing is performed by machine to remove any minor blemishes and scratches, but has the main intention of bringing out the gloss of the paint. A particular and meticulous process that takes time and great attention to detail. Following this with a polish helps to smooth out micro-scratches to give it a nice clean texture and feel. How many stages of Polish/Buffing is dependent on the condition of your vehicle, obviously the greater the fading/damage the more stages that are required to fix this.

To maintain this finish and reduce wear and tear, a wax or paint sealant is applied to create a protective coating around the car. Although it’s main goal is to shield against environmental pollutants and can also create extra shine. 


Get That New Car Shine Again