FAQ - Schmicko Mobile Car Wash & Detailing


Is there an additional charge for larger vehicles?

We currently service small vehicles such as hatchbacks/micros all the way to larger vehicles such as Mini Passenger Vans and large 4WDs.

Due to the extra time and supplies necessary to complete the job, we apply an extra charge applicable to all packages. Please refer to the booking page to view the pricing differences for larger vehicle types.

Don’t know if your vehicle constitutes an SUV or larger vehicle? No worries send a picture with your inquiry to [email protected]

How do I know if I need a Deep Clean?

If your vehicle is extra dirty, additional time, cleaning agents, equipment and effort may be required to restore your vehicle to a clean condition. For this reason we have the additional service ‘Deep Wash’, which can be selected if your vehicle is in this state or can be applied upon inspection on the day.

How do I know if I need a Deep Wash?

Great question, here are some characteristics that may require the Deep Wash –

  1. Soiled with mud/dirt/dust
  2. Grass embedded in fabrics
  3. Sand
  4. Pet fur/hair
  5. Road grime
  6. Excessive bug guts, bird droppings, tree sap and road tar
  7. Excess rubbish

You should also ask yourself

  1. When was the last time you had your car washed? If we are talking months, then chances are you may need a deep wash as contaminants if left unattended can really etch deep in to the paint.
  2. Did you just take it on a long road trip or regularly travel?
  3. Is this your work vehicle and do you carry many tools or deliver products?

Of course these are just some questions to consider and not all cars are driven equal. However, our Car Wash Professionals are trained to inspect vehicles prior to cleaning and will determine whether a vehicle may require a Deep Wash if necessary.


How can I contact you?

We have a number of options for you to contact us:

  1. Talk to our chat assistant live on our homepage,  just hit the icon on the bottom right hand corner and we will be in contact with you immediately, if not shortly.
  2. Contact us by email at [email protected]
  3. Contact us by phone and call us on 1300 218 312 during business hours 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week.

How do I book a wash?

  • Simply go to schmicko.com.au
  • Click ‘Book Now’ and select the package you want
  • Fill out the form in 60 seconds
  • Pay seamlessly online, we won’t charge until you are happy after the service
  • We’ll send you a reminder on the day confirming our arrival time and details

*If you are having difficulties booking online, simply email us at [email protected] or contact us on 1300 218 312 for one of our friendly staff to assist.

How do you achieve a clean car wash everytime?

  • By working with top-quality car wash professionals only. We achieve this through our rigorous recruitment process.
  • By listening to our customers. We encourage customers to rate our car wash professionals after each wash, this ensures that we deliver nothing but a clean car every time using highly rated professionals.
  • We encourage the use of high grade cleaning products and equipment, for both safety and effectiveness.
  • We also provide our car wash professionals access to cleaning guides so that they can stay updated with the latest products and advance techniques. They never stop learning!

Do I have to be present during the car wash?

Absolutely not! We actually encourage you to spend your free time however you like, that’s why we are here. Just relax and do the things you want to do, while we return your keys to a perfectly clean car.

What time do you operate and where?

  • We currently operate for the Sydney region only and apologise for any inconveniences.
  • Our car wash professionals operate from 8am to 5pm, but if you wish to work outside these hours, we may still be able to accommodate, just get in touch with us so we can arrange something.
  • However we may be contacted anytime throughout the day via email ([email protected]) or our live chat support system.


Do your car wash professionals come fully equipped?

Yes they certainly do. Fully equipped with professional cleaning equipment for a thorough clean that is both safe and gentle on the car interior and exterior.  All we need are your keys and an access point to water & electricity, the rest we will handle.

What if I need many vehicles cleaned?

If you have a special request, we’d love to hear from you. Simply contact us via email, phone or live chat so that we can discuss how we can help you right away.

What services or packages can you provide?

We offer 3 great car wash packages to suit all your car needs along with a range of extra upgrades. We believe in transparency and that as a customer, you shouldn’t be paying extra for things you don’t need. Feel free to browse our ‘services’ page to see what packages are on offer and what upgrades suit your needs.

Can I pay with cash?

Unfortunately not. We operate off a simple cashless system through our online booking system that accepts Credit Cards. For security reasons, using a cashless system ensures greater safety and convenience for both customer and professional as there is no cash on the premises.

How do recurring plans work?

To sign up for a recurring plan, place a booking on the Schmicko website. You’ll be able to select a frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) add any additional services, and pay for your first booking. After your first booking, your next recurring car washes will be scheduled automatically for the same time and day based on the frequency you selected and you’ll be billed after the service has been completed.

How do I apply as a Car Wash Professional?

Simply click on ‘Apply’ on our homepage menu and follow the easy instructions on that page.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

We want to make sure that everybody’s appointments are serviced by the best car wash professionals possible. It takes us time to find the right car wash professional for you. This is why we ask for a notice for all cancellations and rescheduling at no later than 5PM the previous day. Cancellations made after 5PM the previous day to your appointment, will incur a $30 charge.

Damage & Loss Policy

Even though we recommend the removal of all valuables and possessions from the vehicle prior to your car wash service, in the case of damage or loss, please follow this procedure.If such an event occurs, this must be communicated to us within 48 hours of service, by email or phone. Once received, a form will be sent to you to be filled out. Please note the form needs to be received within 30 days after the incident occurs.

Hazardous Condition Policy

If your property is deemed a hazardous cleaning situation that goes over and above our normal cleaning environment included in our car wash packages, our car wash professionals have the right to walk away. Upon such a service, you will be charged a $30 booking fee due to holding your space in our schedule. Hazardous conditions may include, but not limited to, human/pet waste, sharp objects, weapons, toxic spills and so on.

What Services Don’t You Offer?

We don’t perform heavy paint correction services, such as removing deep embedded scratches where touch up paint may be required. We also do not offer dent repair services. We also do not service vehicles that may pose health hazards to our car wash professionals, eg. removal of needles, faeces, toxic/human/animal waste and so on.

What do I need to do just before my appointment?

Once you have made your booking and ready for your car wash professional to arrive. Please do the following:

  • Remove all valuables and items from the car such as clothing, drink bottles and etc. The last thing you’d want is for our vacuum cleaners to suck up your belongings, keep them stored away safely. This also includes removing items from the trunk/boot.
  • Be ready to greet our friendly Schmicko Car Wash Professional, depending on your car wash package, we may need your keys.
  • If possible, please allow a parking space for our professional to park their vehicle. It makes it a whole lot easier to bring across all the relevant cleaning tools and equipment.
  • Be prepared to show where the outdoor water tap is and an accessible power point outlet closest to your vehicle.
  • Relax! We will let you know when we are done and hand over your keys to a flawlessly clean car.