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Washing the car shouldn’t be so hard and it definitely doesn’t help when you’re stuck bumper to bumper in Sydney traffic. Chances are, getting the car cleaned is probably the last thing on your mind and before you know it, you neglect it entirely. If you are of the 38% of Aussie drivers that eat while driving, then you may not know that there are more germs in your car than on a toilet seat! Yes, eating or getting a coffee on the go can be convenient, but it is unhygienic and more importantly not safe.

So, we came up with a better way to glisten up your vehicle.

Worry no more and contact Schmicko today. Our friendly experts are fully equipped ready to wow you with an amazing wash. We are mobile so you don’t have to wait in traffic or  queue up at the congested nearby car wash.

Like many of our customers located in Sydney CBD/Metro, we arrive at their workplace and wash their car in their car park. While they attend to work matters, we focus on buffing their car back to new. Clock off at 5 o’clock and return to one shiny car. Like they say, happiness is driving your pride and joy after a car wash.

Schmicko is perfect for the everyday person with the tight schedule. Value your time more than a free coffee at the car wash cafe? Call us now on 1300 218 312 or book online.