Why You Should Fix Your Saggy Car Roof Lining

Why You Should Fix Your Saggy Car Roof Lining

A sagging or loose roof liner in your vehicle can affect its appearance and make your car look old and neglected. You can choose to DIY the repair or contact a professional to do it. Good maintenance will ensure that the inside of your car looks good and that you get an excellent amount of money when you decide to sell. A professional car interior roof repair technician, will have the appropriate knowledge and tools to repair it.

What is the importance of the car roof liner and its purpose, you ask?

Protects you from extreme temperatures for maximal comfort

The roof liner is responsible for keeping the temperature inside the vehicle from heating and getting cold excessively. Especially on a hot summer day where you are trying to keep as cool as possible, having a stable roof liner can really help stretch out the duration of your air conditioner so that it stays cooler for longer. If you notice a weird stench in your car, it is always worth noting that common culprits include your roof lining (which traps residue and smells) or the air conditioner. Likewise during Winter, where keeping warm is key, besides, everyone knows how painfully annoying it is to drive with cold fingers.

Negates Noise Outside

The car roof liner helps reduce or block the noise that is coming from the outside into the vehicle. If you are a young parent with a little one, perhaps having extra noise protection could be very useful in keeping your child fast asleep. Nonetheless, any sound is better than the noise of honking and beeping trucks. No need to scream over your Bluetooth connected calls, reduce that traffic noise to a minimum.

Benefits of Repairing Your Saggy Car Roof Lining

Increase Durability

car roof lining repair

You should repair your roof lining immediately when you notice signs of sagging. It ensures that your car serves you for a long time. If you regularly make repairs to your vehicles, problems will not escalate to much bigger issues down the track. It guarantees that you can use the car for longer and save you money, not having to waste it on automotive car care issues. Early diagnosis is always key to stretching the durability and longevity of your car.


A saggy roof liner can be very distracting when you are driving. Especially if you are tall, you will feel it rubbing against the top of your head whilst driving. If you are distracted while driving, you could make mistakes and get injured in a road accident with your eyes or hands off the vision of the road. Bear in mind that worrying about your entire roof lining coming off can also distract you when driving and cause a road accident.

Boost Your Car's Market Value

As mentioned above, repairing the roof of your car will ensure that you get a higher price when you decide to sell. A sagging roof will make the car look older than it is, which means you will not get a good price for it if you decide to sell. You will also have problems meeting serious buyers as most people do not want to buy a used car with a sagging roof lining. Also, they say the car interior says a lot about the driver. Of course, during any sales transaction of the car, you would want to make a reasonable first impression. A saggy roof will only devalue your car’s worth as it gives the impression that you did not take proper care of your car. To make your life easier, it is always recommended that you have that saggy roof sorted out in due time before putting up for sale online.

Car Headliner Repair
Car Headliner Repair

Increase Your Car's Aesthetic Value

A sagging car roof lining will affect the aesthetic value of your car. The car will look old and neglected, and you will hate driving it. Taking the time to make the repairs to your sagging car roof will ensure that your vehicle looks good and you will enjoy driving it. There is nothing more unpleasant than the look of a droopy car headliner, so be sure to get it repaired ASAP.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Repair Your Car Roof Lining

You could try to fix the headliner yourself, however, much can go wrong here. There is a good reason as to why there are professionals who do this service for a living in Sydney. You can easily crease the material forming patches and inconsistencies across the roof liner and it becomes very tricky when you have a sunroof or DVD unit attached to the roof. Not all car models are made equally and so the canvas will vary extremely from vehicle to vehicle. Nimble hands with excellent attention to detail is required for such a service. Additionally, they may have some unique perks that no ordinary person could offer, for example applying interior fabric protection to add a layer of durability to the liner material. This will make it more resistant and less prone to getting dirty and if it does, it is super easy to clean, you can find more about ceramic coatings in our blog section.

Besides, here are some of the benefits of having a professional car roof lining repairer.

Well Seasoned and Trained

Professionals have received boundless opportunities to perfect their craft on how to repair sagging roof liners. They are, therefore, not going to make mistakes like you would if you DIY the project as a car ceiling fabric replacement weekender job. They also know about the right products to use and how to use them safely. An amateur may not have this knowledge and may damage the car roof lining instead of fixing it.

Experienced & Highly Vetted

Car roof lining repair sydney

A professional has dealt with roof lining repairs many times and will be able to repair your vehicle even if the sagging is extensive. That is because they have worked on many other cars with similar issues and developed excellent problem-solving skills. Even if you have a vehicle with an oddly shaped roof, a professional will be able to make repairs quickly. Besides, you would want a clean installation as to ensure that your roof lining is stain free, because remember you are working with chemicals such as strong adhesive glues which can contaminate and disrupt the aesthetics of your roof liner velour. For information on car headliner maintenance, you can refer to one of our other articles for further assistance.

Saves Time - Time Efficient & Cost Effective

Doing something that you have never done before takes time, and you may make many errors. When you make mistakes, you will have to repeat the work, which will increase the amount of time you need to do the work. A professional will repair your car roof lining quickly and will not make mistakes. Since the technician has done the job many times, they are unlikely to make mistakes and waste time redoing it.

Quality Standard of Workmanship

Professionals offer warranties on the work that they do for you. That means, in case there are problems with the job, the professional can repair it without charging you. A DIY project does not come with a warranty, and you will have to pay to redo the work if you make mistakes. And the odds are heavily stacked against you when you have no experience in this field whatsoever, is it really worth the risk and headache?

Ensure you repair a sagging car roof lining immediately, both for your safety and comfort. Although it may seem like a simple thing to do, it is best to hire a trained professional. Hiring a professional will save you money and time and ensure the safety of your car, whether you have a Holden, Ford or VW and etc, we are confident we can help!

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