Why Installing a Front and Rear Dash Cam is What Every Driver Needs

Why Installing a Front and Rear Dash Cam is What Every Driver Needs

Since there are so many benefits to having a dash camera, you may be wondering why there isn’t one in your car yet. Truth is, many people do not realise the importance of these devices or why they should have them installed in their vehicles until it is too late to take advantage of them, do not be in this position. In this article, we will go over all the reasons why installing a front and rear dash cam is what you and your car need. If you are sitting on the fence figuring out whether you should just have the rear or front dash cam installed, then perhaps our article will give you a little further insight to make that final decision. In short, you should not be taking any compromises when it comes to safety, you will thank us later, trust us.

Why It is Good to Have a Dash Camera at the Front

A front dash camera can help you document what happened in an accident. If you have footage of the accident, it can be helpful in proving your innocence if you are wrongfully accused. The worst position you can be in, is where you are not at fault, but you have no evidence to prove that this. This could be a really hefty bill for many if found responsible for these damages.


Furthermore, you will have video evidence should something happen while you are parked, all thanks to a cool parking mode feature, depending if your model offers this. Even if someone tries to vandalise or steal your car while it is still parked, you will be able to provide video evidence and possibly press charges against them so they’re punished for their crime. A great way to deter bad behaviour around your car and more importantly your neighbourhood.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why installing a front dash camera is good for drivers no matter what reasons you have for driving. Whether you want to see what’s happening in front of your car or just want some protection in case someone bumps into your vehicle, installing a front dash camera can be very beneficial in both safety and unexpected costs. If you had the choice between a front or rear dash cam, perhaps the front may be a better option depending on your driving needs and lifestyle.

When Would a Front Dash Camera Be Effective?

A front dash camera can be helpful in many different situations. If you’re involved in an accident, the footage can be used to help determine who was at fault. If you witness a crime, the footage can be given to law enforcement.

If you have a scenic drive that you want to remember, the footage can be turned into a fun video to share with friends and family. A perfect format for those who are fond of social media as it forms great footage, with panoramic landscape views. This would be excellent as a time-lapse shot for a long road trip to the snow fields across day and night scenery, be creative.

A front dash camera can also be used to monitor your own driving habits. If you find yourself frequently getting angry or aggressive behind the wheel, the footage can help you see what might be causing the problem so that you can work on fixing it. Are you someone who has been called out to have road rage? Perhaps this is the truth you have been needing to see? All in all, leave your emotions aside and drive responsibly as there are many lives that could be at risk as a result.

Why It is Good to Have a Rear Dash Camera


A rear dash camera can be extremely helpful in the event of an accident. If you are hit from behind, the footage can be used to show that the other driver was at fault. Rear-end accidents are such a common accident that occurs on the road daily. This just comes to show that even the best and safest drivers can still get caught up in accidents. If you are not in an accident, but another driver cuts you off or drives dangerously and recklessly, the footage may be used as evidence in the case that an accident is caused later on. Your dash camera footage can help keep the roads safer, by getting rid of unsafe drivers one at a time.

Why Installing Both a Front and Rear Dash Cam Is Best

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A dash camera can serve as an extra set of eyes on the road, providing footage of what happened in the event of an accident. This can be invaluable for insurance purposes or even for catching hit-and-run drivers.

If your car is hit and the other driver drives away, having footage of both the front and back of their car can help law enforcement identify them. With all the new drivers on the road these days, it’s important to take precautions for when something does happen. If you did not have footage of this, you would most likely have to fork out the expensive costs yourself (or increase your premiums through car insurance and we all know how unfair this feels, but that is the simple truth and possibility.

Additionally, dash cameras can help deter crime. If a would-be thief sees that you have a camera recording their actions, they would be less likely to take that risk and break into your car. This can help ensure that your car stays in one piece and that your possessions inside the car are safe and sound from lurking eyes. This is a big one especially for those who have a van and either use that back space for storage for tools or those who customise it into a camper with other valuables inside. This is why it is common for vans to have a dash camera in addition to having a privacy window tint on the rear as the perfect combination to keep thieves away.

And finally, if you are ever pulled over by the police, having footage of the stop can help ensure that everything is handled fairly. For these reasons, it’s important to invest in a high-quality dash cam for both front and rear views. Everyone can make mistakes at times, and because of this you could be falsely accused of a driving offense that you did not commit/mistaken.

There are many people who have never even thought about installing a dash camera until they experience some sort of mishap out on the road and by then it is just too late. Similar to your insurance, we do not think of it until the unfortunate happens, but it is always highly recommended to have it. Accidents on the roads are just so common and can happen to anyone, unfortunately.

Why You Need a Professional to Install Your Car Dash Camera

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If you were thinking about installing a front and rear dash cam yourself as a mini DIY project, you may want to think again. Here are some reasons why it’s better to have a professional dash cam installer for your pride and joy, please read below.

1) A professional will know how to properly wire your camera so that it does not interfere with any other electronic devices in your vehicle.

2) They will also be able to ensure that the camera is properly mounted so that it has a clear view of the road ahead and behind you. Your dash cam footage is only as good as the angles and views you extract, do not make this crucial mistake. Professionals will certainly know which area will obtain the best field of view.

3) A professional car dash camera installer will also be able to configure the settings on your camera to meet your specific needs i.e. parking mode, post-care advice, and so on.

4) They can also offer great advice on which type of dash camera is best for your vehicle and personal needs. There are just so many front and rear dash cams on the market, it is so easy to get lost in all the information and jargon, have a professional breakdown your features and benefits.

5) If you have a rear-view mirror with an integrated display, a professional can connect your dash camera to this so that you can easily view the footage it captures.

6) A professional installer will be able to use specialised tools to install a dash camera without damaging your car’s interior or exterior. A common area that can be easily damaged is the side pillars, which can become brittle over time for older car models. On the flipside, replacing damaged pillars on a new vehicle can be very costly and difficult to source again.

7) Many of these professionals are not only skilled at installing dash cameras but they are familiar with all types of brands and models as well as their unique features, so they can answer any questions you may have about installation, benefits and features.

8) If you are looking for someone who provides quick turnarounds and unbeatable customer service then a front and rear dash cam installation professional is definitely what you need

9) Professional dash cam installations will always come prepared with all the parts necessary for service and make sure that every detail is completed correctly before they leave your home or office. They will often offer warranty to ensure that your dash cam is continually running with the right connection all year round for years.

So, contact one today if you want peace of mind while driving!

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