How to fix your sagging headliner

How to fix your sagging headliner

Unlike diamonds, your car does not last forever and unfortunately, as the car ages,  it starts to undergo small problems and niggles rather frequently than the day you first purchased it. No matter how skilled you are in car care, some problems are just best left to professionals. When the car roof lining gets old, it may start to sag, developing into an unpleasant surprise and eyesore. You can fix this problem if you take care of it as soon as you notice it. However, if left unattended for prolonged durations, it will worsen, and you will need a professional to take care of it.

But first, if you would like to try and tackle this yourself, we can’t stop you, although it would be best that we try and give you some guidance along the way. Check our guide here on how to best fix your saggy car headliner.

What Is The Car Headliner?

Also known as the headliner, the car roof lining is a fabric material on the inside of a car on the roof. It is mainly there to:

a) Give a smooth texture to cars with red interior and enhance the overall look and feel.

b) Absorb noise from outside as well as retain noise generated inside of the car from escaping outside at max levels – noise reduction.

c) Helps in regulating temperature inside the car – so cooler during Summer with the AC switched on and vice versa during Winter and cooler climates. An overall better driving experience with more comfort at hand.

Also, some cars these days are built with modern adjustments by in built head impact measures and LED lighting for an enhanced finish.

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What happens when you neglect the headliner for too long.

Taking Care Of The Roof Lining

One of the common culprits for a sagging headliner is neglection after it has been exposed to damage – this can be wear and tear, water damage, physical force and so on. If you do not take care of a sagging car roof in time, it will become such a nightmare to fix manually as it can be easily done incorrectly, especially if you lack the experience. The sagging happens because the glue which holds it to the roof starts to come off over time and deteriorate. Here are a few things that you can try and address your head lining.

What Causes The Headlining To Sag?

Extreme heat is the main cause of this problem. It melts the glue and makes the fabric come loose. In addition to this, some cars may have poor waterproofing and allow for water to make its way into the roof lining foam, causing deterioration to the glue. Drivers with kids or pets, also are prone to the sagging headliner, when either option scratch or pull the headlining, creating physical strain on the glue and therefore accelerating the ageing process. 

Here are a few tips to take care of your car roof lining.

Try always to park your car in the shade. It will keep the interiors as well as the exteriors in good shape.

•Make sure children and pets are properly harnessed in their chairs to prevent them from touching the roof all the time.

•Regularly check your rubber seals to ensure that no water is making its way into the car

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Points to consider

1. If you notice the headlining coming off the edges, you can use glue to reattach it. It would be best if you used the right glue, which is meant for this specific use. It is best to get it in a spray can. This will ensure that you can get an even coating of glue. However, in order to this, it is recommended to pull the material off the canvas and re-glue it. More often, it is just best to replace the entire roof liner with new material and glue, because who knows how well the glue will stick to the old existing layer of glue. Professionals will usually remove the old glue and replace with brand new glue and material. 

2. Do not use any home remedy techniques- this includes the use of tape, stapling or pins. If you were to get into a car accident those pins are going to come loose and become a dangerous hazard. The last thing you want to happen during a car accident is find yourself caught in the middle of a scattered and flying shards of pins. Not only this, pins look super unattractive – if you are planning to fix it, do it right. Hairspray is meant to keep your hair intact, not your roof lining, yes it may be sticky, but it will just not do.

3. Stay clear of applying too much pressure or steam, for those who use a steam cleaner. Yes steam is great at melting the glue, but you do not want to expose water beyond the lining material and onto the foam and 

The Process

1. Safely remove the headliner canvas by first removing any brackets, handles and trims that may be holding it in place. Caution must be taken as these areas can be brittle over time, especially if the roof lining is damaged, chances are, these areas have also been exposed to similar deterioration. Use proper tools to dismantle the surroundings.

2.Once removed, place all your screws, bolts, brackets and handles in an organised manner. Last thing you want is a missing screw.

3.Safely peel off the material and brush off all the old glue from the canvas. You will need plenty of elbow grease and surely fit in your daily exercise doing this part. 

4. Once the glue has been removed, it is time to apply the glue on the canvas.

5. Gently roll over the new headlining material section by section and using your other hand to pave the area for a smooth finish. Cars with certain attachments to the roof, like a DVD unit and so on, must have the holes carved out.

6. Once you have your new liner on the canvas it is time to reinstall it to the car roof and stabilising the area using the brackets, screws and so on collected from step 2.

7. Give the roof lining a gentle clean and wipe down if there are any fingerprints and allow it to dry overnight.

The Conclusion

The car roof lining is an essential part of your car as it exuberates a nice look to the interior. It would be best if you gave it the right care and attention to keep it looking good. With age, natural wear and tear are common with all cars, the critical thing to remember is that the sagging often starts from the edges, and fixing it as soon as you notice it will save you money and effort. If you are caught in a bit of pickle, lack the time and need it urgently done, then we always recommend using a professional car roof lining repairer like Schmicko.

We come fully equipped and experienced to have your headliner sort in no time. Better yet, our glue and material are commercial top grade quality, meaning that it is durable and aesthetically pleasing. We use high GSM fabric across multiple colours that are amongst the most popular in the industry, supported with a foam backing to maximise superior comfort and smoothness across the roof. We can cater for express day service, just simply give our team a call and we can find out for you based on our availability. We offer a wide range of colours to suit your common needs. Here is a sneak peek of some of our work:

Roof lining Holden
Audi Roof lining
Holden Car roof Lining
audi car roof lining repair

And here’s a detailed video of different cars that have experienced transformations with our service:

Boost the value of your car’s market value and fix that saggy roof liner today!

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