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Is Your Car Due For A Refresh?

We all know that a showroom finishing gloss on your own car can bring happiness, but realistically, very few have the time, resources and knowledge to maintain their car. After all, for many many, detailing the car can be quite the chore and nightmare for beginners. Fortunately for St Albans, we have a solution for you.

Welcome Schmicko: The Mobile Car Detailing St Albans Professionals

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne? Well, you’re not the only one. Luckily, we have Schmicko Car Care to help so that you can get your car back on the road looking its absolute best. Your on-demand car wash is delivered with a few short clicks, it is your time to experience new, again.

How Schmicko Works For St Albans

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Book Online Seamlessly

Book Online Seamlessly

Choose your desired mobile car wash or car detailing St Albans exclusive package and let us know when, where and we will be right there.

We Come & Detail

We Come & Detail

Your dedicated car detailer will arrive promptly at your destination to deliver that shine you’ve been wanting.

Relive That Flawless Finish

Relive That Flawless Finish

Celebrate that showroom finish once we are done. Who says you need a new car to feel new, again?

Schmicko Are On A Mission

Schmicko Are On A Mission

Schmicko is changing the way you wash your car. Schmicko offers a mobile service with an unbeatable experience, and delivers unprecedented levels of quality to get your car looking its best. Hundreds of satisfied customers have chosen us and we’re confident you’ll be just as satisfied. Just check our reviews on Google

Why Schmicko Is Popular In St Albans

Instant Bookings

Instant Bookings

Our online, cashless payment and booking system gives you a seamless experience like no other. Schedule your next car care service in just seconds!

Save Time

Save Time

Goodbye busy car wash café, hello extra ‘me’ time. Our mobile car detailing professionals do all the dirty work while you do… whatever you want.

100% Dedicated

100% Dedicated

Our mission is simple: to provide each and every customer with an amazing car detail. We are dedicated to delivering you that perfect shine.

Trusted Hand Car Wash Professionals

Trusted Hand Car Wash Professionals

Schmicko lets customers rate and review each experience, allowing us to ensure our car wash technicians are the best they can be.

Trained and Skilled

Trained and Skilled

Each car detailing professional must go through a rigorous screening process before they join. This ensures only the best are hired and that all our technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge to deliver a flawless car wash.



All our mobile car detailing technicians are protected with $10,000,000 cover, so you can have a little extra peace of mind.

Book Online In Just Secondse

Book Online In Just Seconds

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Our Happy Client

  • LBA Finalist 2020-2023

    LBA Finalist 2020-2023

    For 4 years straight, Schmicko has been nominated as Finalists for the competitive and prestigious LBA Awards, …

    For 4 years straight, Schmicko has been nominated as Finalists for the competitive and prestigious LBA Awards, which recognises outstanding businesses who have shown fantastic success over the year.

Our Happy Client

Car Care Appreciation

Mobile Car Detailing St Albans Desires & Deserves

We have such a huge following in St Albans, that we would be surprised if you have yet to hear about us from friends, families or even online. Schmicko is a reputable icon in the car care industry, trusted by thousands of locals from all around Australia. We cater for everyone from your company fleets, small families, pet owners, car enthusiasts and so on. Although we cater to many Melbourne residents, we have one goal in mind, which is to deliver you nothing short of the best car detailing St Albans experience.

It is so easy to get caught up in regular life, that most often, the car becomes neglected and this, unfortunately, brings a tear or two to our eyes. We believe that all cars deserve their day in the sun, shining the best they possibly can. It is our philosophy here to do what we can to help all car lovers achieve a nice and clean car even for those who have yet to book with us. As the car detailing Albans professionals, it is our obligation to deliver details to help our fellow neighbours. Feel free to read some of our car care tips, based on questions often asked by our existing customers in Albans.

After all, the purchase of a car is a significant investment for your household and you should do everything to make it look as good as new. Car maintenance is extremely important as it helps in enhancing the appearance and functionality of the car. Whether you want to trade in the car or sell your old car in future, you should take all the necessary steps to keep it in excellent condition.

Here are some different ways to keep the car exterior looking new and attractive like the day you bought it.

In short, you should be looking to:

Wax your car regularly after each wash, wash the exterior thoroughly with pH neutral shampoo, apply sealants if the wax is not an option, and opt for a car detailing Albans service like Schmicko for a professional refresh. Polish at least once or twice a year, yet wax more often.


mobile car wash St Albans

Benefits of polish and wax on your car

Car care involves different steps that you need to take for making your car look as good as new. A mobile car wash is essential but you should also consider applying wax and polish on the car exterior, which is often associated with a car detail more than a regular car wash (not to be confused – read here to understand the difference). When your car is exposed to extreme weather conditions, it might lose its colour depth, gloss and overall appeal. But with proper care and maintenance, your car will look attractive and new.

Applying wax and polish on the car offers many benefits which include-

Treating surfaces such as minor scratches/swirls.

Wax which is specially designed for providing extra protection to your car’s exterior is a great way to seal in the finish after a machine polish. The wax applied on the car surface will ensure that the car’s paint will remain in good condition for longer. A polish will help to minimise scratches depending on how deep they are, but following this, wax should be applied afterwards.

Offers a glossy finish to the car

Car wax and polish are the most important car maintenance steps that you need to follow. It makes your car look brand new while bringing out the shine and colour of the car. You will get a flawless finish to your car with polishing so that the lustre of the car will be restored. No other step will rejuvenate the paintwork than a machine polish – a must-have on a yearly basis.

Minimises refinishing and repair costs

With timely and proper maintenance procedures from a mobile car wash or car detailing St Albans service, your car will get a renewed and conditioned finish. The car paint will also be protected and you can easily sell your car in future whilst retaining its market value as high as possible. Those serious about gloss, shine, hardness and protection, really must consider ceramic paint protection.

Mobile Car Detailing St Albans
If you want to know more about car waxing, here are some frequently asked questions:
How long does the wax last on a car?

Depending on what type of wax is used, the quality of the product, and other variables, car waxes typically last two to 4 weeks.

How can you tell if a car needs waxing?

You can simply tell through the traditional water beading test. Spray a stream of water on your car, then pay special attention to how the water responds to the surface. Your previous wax treatment is still holding up if it beads up beautifully. Otherwise, perhaps it’s time for a wax if the water forms big “sheets” on the surface instead of showing any signs of beading. Nonetheless, the bead test should not be the be all and end all, as the beading effect is just one of the many characteristics that a wax offers.

Does a car need waxing after every wash?

You do not necessarily need to wax it every time you have your car washed. But, it is always better to have it waxed regularly to ensure there is a protective layer on your car.

Does washing remove the wax?

Over time, car washes will gradually dissolve the car’s wax barrier. The car’s wax layer will be slowly removed after a few washing sessions, especially when used with stronger shampoos.

How often should a car get waxed?

Experts frequently advise applying a wax to your car at least once every three months. Some waxes are even designed to function more frequently than those which are most commonly used. That might also include items intended to be applied every few days for individuals who are somehow fixated on preserving the ideal wax finish.


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