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Pet Hair Removal: 6 Household Items You Can Use

Pet Hair Removal: 6 Household Items You Can Use


   January 3, 2019

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6 Household Items To Remove Pet Fur

We love our furry friends, but even we know how much of a nightmare pet hair removal can be. Whichever the occasion, removing pet hair is anything but easy and less to say, very stubborn to the point that it is vacuum proof. Well, here are some top tips to free your car interior of pet hair.


1. Sticky Lint Roller


A sticky lint roller will do what it does best, pick up loose fabrics and effectively pet fur. Great for using in the car boot and other flat surfaces due to it’s rolling mechanics. However, for other hard to reach areas and tight crevices, you may opt for another technique where the roller simply can’t fit.


2. Sticky tape


Using sticky tape or duct tape may be an even better option than the above as it can be a rather cheaper alternative. Although in wrapping your hand in tape may not offer the same ease of use than using a roller, it does have limitations.


3. Pet Hair Stone

pet hair stone

Quite hard to source in Australia but have been popular in overseas for removing pet fur through a sweeping motion and its porous surface. Due to the coarse texture, it may be ideal to apply a dilution of fabric softener and water on to the affected surface to lessen the friction between stone and fabric.

4. Brush

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A soft bristle brush or a wired brush can be used depending on how etched in the loose fur is into the fabric. Either way, a brush is always a great way to agitate the surface to loosen the hairs from the fabric to then be sucked by your vacuum cleaner. Like the above, fabric softener may be worth using for the same reasons.


5. Mitts that Remove Pet Hair

If you’ve been to Bunnings, you would have seen these special mitts with a similar surface to that of a cheese grater. They operate in a similar way to that of the pet hair stone, through its coarse and porous texture.

6. Vacuum with Brush Head

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Just as we mentioned earlier with the brush, if you have a vacuum with a brush head attachment you can quicken the process with a 2 in 1, loosen hair and suck it up motion. Limitation is that you reduce the suction area to the size of the brush attachment, which isn’t all that big.

Tip: If you are going to vacuum an interior that is heavily coated with pet fur, it is always a good idea to brush the interior with a strong brush, eg. wire brush. This will dislodged majority of the pet hair from the fabric, making the vacuuming process a little easier. It is always a good idea to invest in a strong vacuum cleaner with strong suction power, although not entirely indicative, the number of watts can be one way of determining the strength of a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, you could search a range of vacuum cleaners that are made specifically for pet fur.

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