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Purchase Your Car With Confidence & Don't Get Ripped Off

Imagine researching for weeks or months for the car of your dreams, only to find out that it is rattled with problem after problem costing you time, money and stress – unfortunately, you may have just bought a lemon. The sad truth is, close to 5000 ‘dodgy’ cars are sold weekly in Australia marked with a history of horrible events such as flood damage, accidents and so on, costing the average Australian close to $4,400.

We just knew there had to be a better way to purchase your car with ease…

Welcome Schmicko: The Pre Purchase Car Inspection Sydney Experts

Take the headache and anxiety out of purchasing your next car with Schmicko, after all, buying a car should be an exciting moment for every Australian. If you are in the market to purchase a used vehicle, then you can never be just too sure if what you are buying is everything that you hoped for. In fact, you would rather know in advance than after you have placed a deposit or worse, paid the full amount and left to bear all the costs yourself. Thankfully, Schmicko’s team of qualified mobile mechanics are here to take the stress out of your next purchase – simply seamless..

Pre Purchase Inspection Process

Step 2
Step 3
Book Seamlessly Online

Book Seamlessly Online

Simply provide the basic details such as the location, date and time so that we can block out time for your service.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre Purchase Inspection

Our qualified mechanic will arrive onsite to perform a thorough pre purchase inspection of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Vehicle Report Sent

Vehicle Report Sent

Receive your comprehensive pre purchase car inspection report before deciding to buy the vehicle.

Devoted To Helping You

Devoted To Helping You

Schmicko is saving Australians thousands and thousands of dollars as our team are 100% dedicated to helping our customers make their next car purchase that much easier and more importantly, smarter. Get in touch with us today.

The Pre Purchase Car Inspection Sydney Trusts - Here's Why

Highly Qualified Mechanics

Highly Qualified Mechanics

Schmicko only use highly qualified and well-seasoned mobile mechanics to conduct the pre purchase inspection reporting for your vehicle. They have the experience and technical knowledge to assess your car thoroughly from bonnet to bumper. Never settle for a lemon, again!

Sydney Express

Sydney Express

Experience a seamless process for having your car booked for a pre inspection Sydney service. We know purchasing a car can be time-intensive and this is why our express service makes it super simple from booking to inspection, so that you can make a well-calculated decision.

Up to 200 Points Assessed

Up to 200 Points Assessed

Our comprehensive 200 point check system is one of the most in-depth reports in Sydney. Discover peace of mind knowing that your pre purchase inspection is well-assessed by mechanics and that you can buy with confidence. Detailed reporting system covering both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Book Your Inspection<br> In Just 60 Secondse

Book Your Inspection
In Just 60 Seconds

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Our Happy Client

  • LBA Finalist 2020-2023

    LBA Finalist 2020-2023

    For 4 years straight, Schmicko has been nominated as Finalists for the competitive and prestigious LBA Awards, …

    For 4 years straight, Schmicko has been nominated as Finalists for the competitive and prestigious LBA Awards, which recognises outstanding businesses who have shown fantastic success over the year.

Our Happy Client

Pre Purchase Inspections


Which cars do you work with?

We work with all car types including hatchback, sedan, coupe, SUV and so on. This also includes your standard 2WD, AWD, Hybrids, Electric, Prestige/Vintage and Super Performance Cars. Please select the appropriate package best suited to your car model for the correct comprehensive report.

Who inspects the car?

We use qualified car mechanics to assess your car of interest. For the most important part, they are independent mechanics with no affiliations with car dealerships and so on. We intend to use mechanics solely for conducting thorough inspection reports as this allows our customers to obtain fair and non-biased reports.

Where do you assess?

We provide a visual inspection that covers both the exterior and interior of the car of which no components of the car are dismantled or uninstalled. We also perform a road test to gather insight how well it drives for its given age and condition.

Why Choose Us?

Firstly, Schmicko is a third-party provider. This means that we have no affiliations with car dealerships, repair shops and so on. We only perform visual car inspections that are non-biased. There is no benefit/kickback to our company should a car require repairs, that can be dealt with anyone of your choosing.

A Professional Pre Purchase Car Inspection Sydney Service: The Smartest Decision For Every Car Buyer



Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life, and enrolling for a pre purchase car inspection is a vital step in the process of buying a used car that should not be ignored. You need to buy a car that not only meets your needs, but also that is safe to drive for the sake of yourself, passengers and those on the road.


Do not take the risk of buying a used car without first booking in a pre purchase car inspection by a professional mechanic. Whether you are looking to buy privately, through a dealership or a platform like drive.com.au, it is super important to be proactive and invest in a pre purchase inspection before you buy the vehicle. This will give you peace of mind and save you from regretting your purchase later on by saving you from unpleasant surprises i.e. costly repair bills. Ultimately, a pre purchase car inspection can also help you decide whether to buy or not buy a specific vehicle. Or in some instances, give you a greater understanding of what exactly you are purchasing. By having a complete picture, you are well equipped to decide whether it is worth the price tag or not, hence another opportunity to value the car more accurately with this knowledge.



It is also very important to understand that, a car that has had a history of issues may continue to have these issues moving forward. It does not hurt to obtain an extra eye, especially from a qualified mechanic, to breakdown and assess the current state of the vehicle you are wishing to buy. Gain exclusive access to an album of photos beyond what is shown across online ads, after all, those are more likely the best photos taken since they have every intention to sell, what you really need are, non-biased and true images reflecting its current condition. No one wants to be scammed thousands of dollars out of pocket for not taking the mandatory precautions prior to purchasing a used car. It already is a costly purchase to buy a car outright, do not increase the costs with further maintenance and repair bills.




Even if you have a good eye for spotting out leaks, cracks and other blemishes across the car, you will be shocked to see how many checkpoints are often missed. A qualified mechanic has had many years experience dealing with all sorts of complications within the automotive field, which makes them perfect for your car inspections. You are essentially saving yourself thousands of dollars for just a few hundred, that is an investment worth taking, especially considering that your car is frequently the 1st or 2nd most expensive asset most Australians own. Furthermore, cars generally undergo a pre-sale car detail to spruce up the appearance, but just as important, you need to have a good eye to spot out other complications that may be lurking beneath the aesthetics.

Speak to a pre purchase car inspection mechanic today! We service all types of vehicles from your standard 2wD, AWD, Luxury, Prestige, Off-Roaders and Super Performance cars. You just never know when you might find an amazing deal and decide to buy it on the spot!


Are you an experienced mechanic and would like to join our awesome team?

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