Single Channel Dash Camera Installations

Single Channel Dash Camera Installations

Single channel dash cameras otherwise known as your front recording dash cams, which are typically installed to the front driver’s windscreen right next to the mirror, are installations that we can service. It is not as common to have a single channel installed, as most of the time, our clients generally prefer at least dual or 3 way channel dash cams for greater surveillance coverage.

Your single channel dash cam will be able to record footage presented whilst driving that occurs in front of the vehicle. This is great for capturing collisions, reckless drivers weaving through traffic or negligent drivers with road rage who may try hold you accountable for damages for rear-ending them on ‘sudden stops’.

“64% of surveyed Australians 18+ with driver’s licences have been involved in at least one car accident.”

1-Channel Dash Cams

Popular brands that offer these single channel front dash cameras include:
1) BlackVue
2) Nexar
3) Nextbase
4) Thinkware
5) Viofo

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Single Channel Upgrade?

According to our research up to this date, we are not aware of any single channel dash cams or systems that allows for a single channel to be be upgraded to a dual channel front and rear dash camera. 

If you wish to have both the front and rear view footage recorded you are encouraged to buy a dual channel. 

What Is Our Recommendation?

Well, we honestly believe that every driver should at least have a dash camera installed in their car. If your simply starting out, you could opt for a single channel system and then eventually upgrade to a dual channel when your budget permits. However, we find that many of our customers also agree that, if you are going to install one, you may as well do it once and right than pay twice. So, most would end up just paying extra for a dual setup for the peace of mind of extra surveillance.

The obvious downside to having just a front view dash camera is the fact that you will lack the surveillance of the rear. We all know that accidents just do not occur at the front but, literally any side of the car as rear-end or side swipes, t-boned and so on. You still can proceed with a single channel, but there is much to be left at risk without the other cameras on the car.

Whichever your circumstance, Schmicko would be happy to professionally install your single channel dash cam to your front windscreen via a hardwired connection. Simply get in touch with our team to find the earliest appointment and the best part of it all, is that we come to your preferred location, date and time.