Top Stolen Cars In Australia

Top Stolen Cars In Australia

In the past, the most common cars stolen in Australia were:

stolen cars australia

On The Top End Of Town

On the big end of town, despite the lower occurrences of break-ins and theft, they too accumulated quite the significant bill. With more than a couple of Maserati Ghiblis worth $264,000 (OUCH!), two Audi S8s ($122,000) and RS4s ($181,000), a single Audi R8 ($119,000), an RS6 ($218,000), an early model Bentley Continental ($159,000), and a late-model Jaguar F-Type ($149,000) were all listed as stolen. All in all, this comes to show that car burglars have an appetite for all vehicles regardless of their price tag.

So, What's The Damage?

Motor vehicle theft costs Australia around $880 million every year. In 2017 alone, close to 53,000 cars were stolen, that equates to nearly 1 car stolen every 10 minutes. Despite car theft being on the decline, this is without a doubt still an astonishing rate of theft. It is every car owner’s worst nightmare, to wake up next morning or arrive home to a broken-in vehicle or worse, no car at all. To help prevent this from happening to you, here are some simple tips that you can apply to ensure that your prized car and possessions are kept safe and secure from lurking thieves.

Based on the findings from 2020, the average age for stolen vehicles was around the 10 year old mark. With close to half of the statistic being drawn from cars aged between 5 and 14 years of age.

stolen cars australia

Here are 7 ways you could protect your car from theft

1.Park in a well-lit area or install motion-sensor lights
Like a lost deer in front of headlights, install motion-detecting lights to frame them in the process and hopefully scare them away.​
2. Install surveillance cameras
Not only deters thieves, but also very useful in the instance that a break-in does take place, the footage will come in handy.
3. Join local neighbourhood watch forums and groups
Search Facebook to see if there is a local community group or join an app called Nextdoor, which was once called NABO I believe. There is a community watch forum in both of these options and is a great way to report suspicious activity by the locals. Stay on top of your surroundings and pack together with your neighbours.
4. Hide your possessions or don’t leave them in your car at all
5.Tint your car windows
6. Don’t lose your keys
Believe it or not, but one of the most common ways car theft and break-ins occur is from having your car keys stolen in the first place.
7. Lock the doors, alarm the car and wind the windows up
It may seem like common sense, but there are times where car owners believe that because the car is parked in the garage or behind a gated driveway that it is safe. Leave no options available for burglary and secure your car before you leave.


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