Top Car Makes Targeted By Thieves in Australia

Top Car Makes Targeted By Thieves in Australia

In the past, the most common stolen cars in Australia were:

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10 Hard Cold Facts About Car Theft in Australia

1. According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, over 52,000 cars were stolen in Australia in 2020.

2. The most commonly stolen car in Australia (according to insurance company Budget Direct) is the Toyota Hilux, followed by the Ford Ranger and the Nissan Navara.

3. Car theft rates vary greatly across Australia, with the Northern Territory having the highest theft rate per capita.

4. The majority of stolen cars in Australia are never recovered, with only around 40% of stolen vehicles being found and returned to their owners.

5. Car theft often spikes during holiday periods, particularly in beachside areas where visitors may leave their cars unattended for long periods of time.

6. Organised crime groups are often involved in car theft in Australia, with stolen cars sometimes being shipped overseas or used in other illegal activities.

7. Some car models are more desirable to thieves due to their value or the ease with which they can be stolen. For example, older models of the Toyota LandCruiser are often targeted due to their popularity in rural areas.

8. Car owners can take steps to reduce the risk of their vehicle being stolen, such as installing immobilizers, steering locks, and other security devices.

9. Insurance companies often require car owners to take certain security measures in order to be eligible for theft coverage.

10. The cost of car theft in Australia is estimated to be over $1 billion per year, including the cost of stolen cars, damage to property, and increased insurance premiums.

Here are 10 ways you could protect your car from theft

1. Always lock the doors and roll up the windows when leaving the car unattended.

2. Use an anti-theft device such as steering wheel lock, pedal lock, or gear shift lock.

3. Install an alarm or immobiliser system in the car.

4. Use a car cover to conceal the car’s make and model or better yet, park the car in a well-lit area or in a secure parking garage.

5. Do not leave valuable items visible in the car, such as laptops, purses, or shopping bags.

6. Hardwire a dash cam to your car with parking mode enabled. This ensures that it switches on to record when it senses nearby movement.

7. Install a GPS tracking system in the car to locate it in case of theft.

8. Do not leave spare keys in the car or anywhere near it.

9. Consider installing tinted windows to make it difficult for thieves to see inside the car.

10. Always be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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