Your Car is Losing Its Touch: Why Car Paint Protection is a No-Brainer

Your Car is Losing Its Touch: Why Car Paint Protection is a No-Brainer

Your car is arguably one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. It’s important to you on so many levels. Your car is more than just a way of getting around. This is why you not only want it to look darn good at all times and retain its value, but to last as well. And you can only achieve all this through car paint protection. Any driving subjects your vehicle to road debris, scratches, and damage from the elements. Even parking can easily lead to accidental dents. Ceramic paint protection is a highly advanced hydrophobic layer that is professionally applied to your car’s precious paint to boost its resistance against harmful contaminants..

The technologies in professional car care coatings have witnessed a dramatic improvement in the last few years. Decades ago, you could only protect your car’s paintwork through waxing. While it did get the job done, it was not only tricky to apply, but also resulted in other notable problems. But thanks to the advent of technology, there are numerous options available. Graphene and ceramic are arguably today’s most reliable and sturdy car paint protection options available for protecting your car’s paint. If you are yet to embrace these two as your preferred car paint coating options, you are in the right place. We’ll provide you with a few compelling reasons why ceramic and graphene are so much better than wax.

Have you heard of a ceramic coating?

Ceramic car paints feature silica, or silicon dioxide, derived from crystals of quartz. Since they were introduced into the detailing world a few years ago, ceramic coatings have become the go-to type of car paint protection for car owners thanks to their unrivaled longevity and level of protection.

Have you heard of a graphene coating?

Graphene is simply an improved ceramic coating, resulting in a more robust, longer-lasting paint protection. Simply put, it’s a unique type of ceramic that has been infused with graphene for enhanced performance. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal lattice. It’s a wonder material that’s not only the strongest and thinnest material on earth, but also boasts numerous unique qualities that make it perfect for protecting your car’s paint.

Graphene Coating

So, why is a ceramic and graphene coating better than wax?

As you may have realised, there is no huge difference between these two fantastic vehicle surface protection materials. Like its ceramic counterpart, graphene offers several benefits over sealants and waxes, including:

1. Enhanced durability

Both graphene and ceramic are extremely sturdy, guaranteeing more than three years of durability. It is for this particular reason that most professional car detailers and car enthusiasts prefer the two over waxes, which only provide months of protection.

Although they both offer extended years of quality protection, generally, graphene coatings are more durable than ceramic. Whereas most ceramic coatings will provide between three and five years of durability, graphene coatings will serve you for at least 5 years. Some even claim to offer seven good years of paint protection!

2. They are incredibly hydrophobic

car water beading

Graphene and its ceramic counterpart are incredibly hydrophobic, implying that they will quickly sheet moisture off your vehicle’s surface. In the world of car detailing, it means they have strong moisture-repellent properties. Not only will graphane and ceramic coatings make your vehicle’s paintwork highly resistant to dents and scratches, but will equally make it difficult for moisture, grime, grease, dirt as well as other minute particles to cling to your car’s surface. This will ensure your car’s surface remains sturdier and cleaner for an extended period because it’s well-protected against unwanted substances

3. They are not as susceptible to water spots

Ceramic and graphene car paints are less susceptible to water spotting compared to wax. Left untreated, water will always leave a deposit behind your car’s surface. Water spots are not only unsightly, but can also corrode your car’s paint and impact its durability. It’s worth noting that graphene coatings are slightly better than ceramic coatings in terms of water spots. In this regard, graphene car paints are known to reduce surface temperature. This implies that the water won’t evaporate as quickly, giving you much more time to deal with the water beads before they can dry up and turn into unsightly water spots.

3. Creates a stunning reflection

These two stunning car paint protection materials give a super rich, deep, and non-sticky shine to a vehicle’s surface. Compared to their wax coating counterpart, ceramic and graphene car paints offer a fantastic way to preserve the gorgeous characteristics of a paint job, resist blemishes, and significantly boost your car’s resale value!

4. Superb slickness

Both graphene and ceramic coatings provide arguably the slickest and smoothest finish car enthusiasts can find. And with a slick car surface at your disposal, debris, dirt, as well as muddy water, will easily slide off, leaving your car looking glossy and beautiful at all times.

car wax

The Bottom line:

As you may have seen, graphene and ceramic car paint protection options are head and shoulders above other coating options, including wax. They are not only much sturdier and stronger, boast unmatched hydrophobic properties, less susceptible to water spots, but also make the surface of the ride incredibly rich, glossy, and more beautiful than any wax or sealant coating can do. Above all, they are trusted by professional car detailers across the globe!

Ceramic paint protection offers many great advantages for a car in the form of enhanced gloss to the paintwork as well as superior hardness for immense protection against environmental pollutants. The best form of paint protection available for your car beyond car waxes and car paint sealants, unmatched durability in the form of years as opposed to months.

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