Why Your Tints Fade & How To Fix It Fast!

Why Your Tints Fade & How To Fix It Fast!

We get it, sometimes it is so easy to get carried away with maintaining other areas of the vehicle, such as the detailing the car engine that we often miss other areas such as your tints. Other than its aesthetic appeal and enhancement, it does carry many long-lasting benefits. Nonetheless, has your car lost some of its appeal, more so your car window tints? It is true that car window tints can fade and deteriorate over time just like any section of your car. It Especially under the scorching heat of the Australian Summer, discovering an aged and outdated tint has never been so obvious and well, unattractive.

Why Do Window Tints Fade?

With the combination of environmental factors, such as the weather and time, father time will soon catch up to your tints. Chances are, if you have noticed a fade in your tints that the film or tint used was of poor quality. If you have a fairly aged vehicle, then most likely it could be that your tints may be old dye-based films. It may have been a great option at the time of purchase, but as with time, technology improves. So, it may not be that your installer provided a poor service, but a matter of the tints being outdated.

Fading tints is a typical downside for the dye-based films, these are what you would consider as your low-end cheap alternatives. When exposed to long periods of heat, wear and tear becomes accelerated. Although, these do come considerably cheap, the potential risks of damage may outweigh its benefits and can be quite the headache to repair/replace.

What Should You Do?

Our recommendation, would be to have them removed and replaced as there is nothing more unappealing than cracking, bubbled and faded tints. In this day and time, there are much better alternatives, available in various types, styles and colours. Some of the major types of window tints such as hybrid, dyed, metal, ceramic and carbon tints.

Ceramic film tints

Ceramic Window Tints

One of the most common window tints fast emerging today is the one which is made of ceramic, which takes advantage of advanced nanotechnology. Since ceramic materials are used in making opaque objects such as optics, electric conductors and ceramic artwork, you may wonder how this one can be used in car window tinting.

With improved technology experts can apply a thin film of ceramic-based particles which can offer good visibility. Windows which are tinted using ceramic have so many advantages such as:

i) Privacy

Ceramic window tints can prevent unwanted attention from the strangers lurking around to peep inside your car for valuables and car accessories.. This can be excellent especially if you wish to keep a low profile as you drive and park your car everywhere you travel.

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ii) Excellent Water and Glare Repellence

One of the major benefits of ceramic window tints is that they are resistant to the rays of the sun. In this case, you will not be disturbed by the sun’s rays which could ultimately lead to an accident.

iii) Metal-free

The ceramic film does not contain any metal. Although tints in the past have made use of metal components to improve reflectivity, it did come at the cost of poor electronic signals. Without the use of metal, ceramic tints allow you to enjoy a good connection to electronic devices such as cell phones, radios and GPS enabled system.

iv) Durability

The ceramic tint has nano-ceramic particles which are built together to form a film. This why the window tints do not degrade easily. This also makes them waterproof and can prevent your glass window from shattering excessively when struck. Even if you leave your vehicle in a driveway or public car public, burglars can have a harder time breaking your windows to steal your belongings. If you had poorer quality films, which degrade fast over time, did you know that you could be at risk of getting a hefty fine for just having bubbles in your tints? Find out here if your tints are legal.

v) Shatter-proof Resistance

In case of an accident, the shards of glass will break but they will remain fixed together. This is one of the reasons why ceramic window tints are safer compared to other window tints materials for your car. As a result, the people inside the vehicle cannot be seriously injured.

vi) Temperature Insulation

Normally, heat from the sun can enter into your vehicle and within a few minutes, you will be comfortable due to high internal temperatures. In some cases, high temperatures can be experienced during dry seasons. Therefore, even if you turn on your AC you may not achieve the temperatures that you wanted. Ever noticed that as soon as your turn off your AC that your car heats back up in an instant?

If you face such a situation, then installing a ceramic window tint would be the best solution for you. The ceramic material can prevent heat from getting into your car. This is because it is not made of metal-carbon and dye. Thus, your car will be cool and you will not be forced to use any temperature regulating devices.

vii) UV blocking


Ceramic window tints can block the harmful rays of ultraviolet rays from entering the interior of your car. This because these rays are extremely harmful especially to the skin as they contribute to skin cancer and wrinkling. These rays can also damage the interior of the car. Therefore, the ceramic window tint will preserve the interior appearance of the car by blocking the rays – unlike Privacy Glass. – unlike Privacy Glass. – unlike Privacy Glass.. If you leave your car outside, you will have a peace a mind that it will not be damaged by the sun.

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Difference between Carbon and Ceramic Film

Carbon Window Film

UV radiation and interior fading are both blocked by carbon tints. With its black, matte texture, they can reflect up to 40% of infrared radiation. They won’t fade with time, and they’ll help you save money on gas by cooling your car enough to lessen the amount of air conditioning you need. This should be the bare minimum golden standard for any vehicle as opposed to any dyed or metallised tints. 


Ceramic Nanotechnology Tints

Ceramic particles that are non-conductive are found in the best ceramic tints. It is the newest type of tint on the market and performs exceptionally well. It filters out up to 99 percent of UV rays, eliminates glare more effectively than other tints, and does not fade. It maintains the correct temperature in your vehicle and does not interfere with electronic impulses or aerial signals, but it is more expensive than other forms of tint.


It all boils down to preference and which tint offers greater benefits to suit your lifestyle. If you are on a budget and would like to save up while still getting a good amount of UV Protection, the Carbon Tint may be the way to go. However, the Ceramic Tint will cost you a little bit of extra dollars, the benefits you get in terms of UV Protection, Infrared Radiation Reduction (Which help retains the coolness of the car better than all other alternatives significantly), and Sun Glare is significantly better. Tinting your windows is one of those things that you install only once, so it is always recommended that you make the right decision the first time.

Need Your Car Professionally Installed With Premium Car Tints?

Although there are so many types of window tints in the market, it’s good that you invest in one which can protect you and car interiors from damage, such as Carbon or Ceramic-based car window tinting alternatives. At Schmicko, we also provide mobile window tinting services across Sydney and you can be rest assured that we provide quality workmanship and safe legal tinting practices and comply with local regulation for road safety worthiness. In fact, we only use Carbon or Ceramic-based tints across all our installations to ensure that we can deliver a premium finish every time and for longer. It has an excellent durability, IR and UV Protection, cool climate regulation along with many other benefits.

We operate 7 days a week and best of all, we come to you fully equipped with the window tint films for your preference and selection.

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