Car Odour Removal Service | Odour Eliminator | Schmicko

Car Odour Removal Service | Odour Eliminator | Schmicko

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Imagine stepping into your car and being greeted by a foul, lingering odour that makes every journey an unpleasant and embarrassing experience for both you and your passengers. 

Whether it’s the smell of stale food, pet odours, cigarette smoke, or any other stubborn scent, a foul car odour will be a constant source of frustration. But fear not! Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments of rolling down the windows, desperately trying to mask the stench. With professional Schmicko’s mobile car odour removal service, you can reclaim the freshness and purity of your vehicle’s interior, turning every drive into a delightful and inviting experience. This is no job for a measly car air freshener/fragrance bomb, this needs disinfection.

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"A bad car smell is like a persistent stinky passenger you just can't kick out. It's time to show it the exit door. "
- an Angry Driver

Schmicko, your professional car odour eliminator, employs a diverse array of cutting-edge techniques and equipment to revitalise your car’s interior. Let’s be honest here, no car air freshener or bomb will tackle the culprit at its source. Bust bad odour for good, professionally.

Our car odour removal process incorporates a meticulous multi-odour eliminating procedure that begins with thorough wet and dry extraction, interior sanitation with shampoo agents through to the use air-borne disinfection. These methods have been proven to be very successful in treating so many cars with unwanted smells to smelling better days.

Don’t let car odour take over your car driving experience and call our team today.

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Disinfection to treat against:

Bacteria like E.Coli, salmonella, staphylococcus, and propionibacteria

Viruses that cause respiratory infections like coughs and colds

Dead skin cells from you and your passengers

Allergens that can trigger flare-ups and asthma attacks

Mould that grows when the car stays damp for a while

Common Causes for Bad Car Odour

One of the most common culprits is food and beverage spills, which can sink right into upholstery and carpets, leaving behind lingering odours, when left unattended.

Smoking in the car can also create a pungent and persistent smell that permeates every nook and cranny. There is no hiding cigarette smoke with a car air freshener, that is for certain, especially against the chronic smokers. Nothing deters car buyers faster than the smell of old stale cigarette smoke lingering inside the car. 

Another common cause is bacteria and mould growth, often fueled by moisture or water damage. Cars that have been exposed to heavy rain and have accumulated standing water due to inadequate waterproofing are very prone to mould growth. There is no denying the existence of mould, not only does it leave a bad stench, it is probably the worst form of contamination to see. This will require specific treatment in the form of a car mould removal service to address appropriately.

Hot summer days, driving after an intense sweat session at the gym/sports or simply your furry friend accompanying you on a mini road trip, spell a recipe for bad body and pet odour. Your upholstery seats will absorb sweat and in turn, the smell just like a sponge and we all know how this plays out over time.

Dirty air conditioning systems are not as common as the others mentioned here, but it can be one of those variables for causing bad lingering smell. Sometimes bacteria can grow within the AC circulation and will require a sanitary clean every now and then to treat. So, before you consider topping your car with car air conditioning refrigerant service, do consider cleaning it first, otherwise you will continue to smell that stench.

Nevertheless, identifying the source of the odour is the first step towards eliminating it and restoring a fresh and pleasant environment inside your car and Schmicko are here to help.

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The Car Odour Removal Experts

Are you tired of battling stubborn smells in desperate search for a car odour eliminator? Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and hello to a fresh, clean interior with Schmicko’s professional car odour removal service. Our team of experts knows exactly how to tackle the toughest odours, whether it’s from food spills, smoke, pets, or any other culprit. Don’t let bad odours ruin your driving experience or leave a lasting impression on your passengers. With our advanced techniques and top-quality products, we’ll eliminate those unpleasant smells and leave your car smelling like new. Don’t wait any longer—call Schmicko today and bust out those bad odours for good!

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Odour Removal

How do I get rid of a bad smell in my car?

a) Identify the source that is causing the bad smell. Is it cigarette, stains, food, mould and so on?

b) Remove the source manually – if it is a rotting apple or so on, discarding this would make sense. No matter how much extra cleaning you do, the culprit must be dealt with first.

c) Decontaminate the vehicle through a thorough clean – using disinfectants, cleaning solutions, shampoo agents, agitation and followed by extraction.

d) Enhance air flow into the car to promote faster drying, excess moisture can increase the likelihood of mould returning. So, switching on the fan, heater, opening windows, parking underneath the sun and so on.

e) Better yet, have a professional car detailer to perform the car odour removal service for you, since they have the technical knowledge and equipment to best address your vehicle.

Why is there a bad smell coming from my car?

Often smell can be caused by a number of reasons that commonly include, but not limited to

a) Rotting food, crumbs, or spilt beverages left unattended (eg. spilt coffee, milk, juice and so on)

b) Poor ventilation and air flow, so trapped smells can’t escape your car effectively.

c) Cigarette smell being absorbed into the fabric components of your vehicle

d) Mould production, due to poor waterproofing/leaking after recent rain

What is the most powerful odour eliminator?

Based on our expertise for car odour removal, we find that one of the most effective and powerful odour eliminators, is Ozone. The Ozone Generator uses Ozone which is a powerful disinfectant to neutralise bad smells inside the car by killing unwanted microorganisms. Although it is an effective method, your car still needs to be thoroughly prepped and cleaned prior to using an Ozone machine.

Does baking soda remove car odour?

Although household items such as vinegar, charcoal and baking soda can help absorb smells, as professionals in car odour removal, we advise highly against them. You could end up with an even bigger mess if you do not remove them entirely from your car and more often, these substances are generally not safe for your car interior. Especially if your car has trapped moisture, you definitely do not want to use baking soda. Your car is best dealt using the right equipment and supplies such as a shampoo/extraction unit, disinfectants, Ozone generator and much more. All of which are designed and engineered to tackle odours as opposed to ‘everyday household items’.

Expert Recommendation: What's our take?

If you’ve been struggling with pungent and strong odours in your car, then we highly recommend our Car Odour Removal package over just the ozone add-on. While adding ozone disinfection as an add-on to your package (eg. a mini-detail, maintenance wash, etc) can certainly help, our comprehensive car odour removal service goes the extra mile.

Our team follows multiple steps to thoroughly disinfect and tackle odours at their source in the odour eliminator package. This ensures that not only are the odours eliminated, but also that your car is left smelling fresh and clean. We believe that this deeper clean will provide you with more long-lasting results compared to just an ozone treatment add-on. In summary, if smell is a main concern, then you are best going for the car odour removal package, if it is only a slight smell then perhaps you may get by with the ozone add-on. If you still experience the lingering smell after a service, this may be an indication of something more sinister where it may be necessary to replace certain parts of the car instead of trying to add life back to a heavily beaten area. Despite our excellent track record, sometimes replacing your headliner, seats, carpet and mats are amongst the areas that could do with a replacement that could yield great results too. In some instances, trapped odours can be found in your air cabin filter or by disinfecting your AC ducts. Treating odour is a process of elimination and unlike stains, most often you cannot see the culprit or cause of the problem, the only way is to apply a range of disinfecting and decontaminating steps to address many areas of the car.

So why settle for a temporary solution when you can have a more thorough clean? Give our Car Odour Removal Service a try and experience the difference for yourself!

If you have any questions or would like more information about this service, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!

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