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Is Car Signage Burning Your Car's Value?

Investing in car signage is a fantastic way to promote your brand and business 24/7, 365 day a year on the road, parking lot and so on, you name it. However, when it comes to the time of needing to sell your car, unfortunately, car signage could be burning a hole through your pocket by the thousands. No one wants to buy a vehicle resembling someone else’s business name and flashy colours. This is why car signage removal is an excellent way for Melbourne drivers to restore value back to their car to fetch a much better price during the sale.

So, if you are keen to boost your car’s value and restore the exterior, we may have an option for you…

Introducing Schmicko: Your Experts In Car Signage Removal

Schmicko is Melbourne’s go to provider for reliable car signage removal and sticker removal services that comes to you. This also includes treating the paintwork after the signage removal process in order to reveal an enhanced and smooth finish. Expect to receive a car paint protection in the form of a wax or sealant to seal in that finish.. The great part of it all, is that our well-seasoned technicians will arrive to your preferred destination at the convenience of working with a time that suits you. We arrive fully equipped, ready to restore your vehicle and turn back the clock. After all, the success really boils down to how well the signage can be removed, followed by how much the paintwork can be corrected to minimise any colour discrepancies – this is where Schmicko can help you – the car detailing professionals of Melbourne.

How To Get Started With Your Signage Removal

Step 2
Step 3
Simply Book Online

Simply Book Online

Provide a few details about your car, then simply select your preferred date and time. We will quote according to its condition and required work.

We Come To You

We Come To You

Our car signage removal Melbourne technician, will arrive promptly to your destination to work on safely removing the signage and correcting the paintwork to bring back an appealing gloss and shine.

Celebrate The Clean Finish

Celebrate The Clean Finish

Reveal that new glossy finish, again! Enjoy a seamless sale without the headache of bargaining low ball offers due to signage.

100% Committed To Deliver You Excellence

100% Committed To Deliver You Excellence

Although the condition of cars, signage and stickers can vary considerably from vehicle to vehicle, one thing is for certain, is that our car detailing technicians are fully committed to put their best foot forward. We live by appreciating the transformations we can deliver, perfecting our craft with every stroke – this is our passion and what we do best. Enjoy peace of mind with Schmicko Car Signage Removal Melbourne.

Car Signage Removal Melbourne Specialists

Melbourne Coverage

Melbourne Coverage

Our Car Signage Removal Melbourne Services stretches across most of the surrounding suburbs, 7 days of the week. Simply choose your date and time and we will come to you, convenience at its best.

Express Service Available

Express Service Available

In a hurry to get your car looking schmick before the weekend or prior to uploading photos to carsales for a seamless sale? Then you should take advantage of our express service option to book in an early date, just ask our team and we will try make it happen.

Premium Products

Premium Products

Using advanced DA Polishers in combination with high-end foam cutting pads and polishing compounds means that we can bring out a fantastic gloss similar to the day it came out of the showroom. Being equipped with the right tools and agents really does contribute to why we are known as Sydney’s best car signage removal experts.

Prepared & Skilled For Perfection

Prepared & Skilled For Perfection

Anyone can buy expensive high-end car detailing equipment and supplies just like us, but what really separates us from the pack are our results. Our team are well-versed and skilled within their trade that offers excellent paint correction finishes and precision to the detail.

Melbourne's Trusted Car Care Detailers

Melbourne's Trusted Car Care Detailers

Read our Google Reviews and see how many 5 star ratings we have received from our raving customers in Melbourne. The people have spoken and chosen Schmicko as their trusted car care provider. Your car in safe hands, every step of the way.

100% Committed To Excellence

100% Committed To Excellence

There is nothing more satisfying than transforming your car to a new refreshing finish. This the ultimate satisfaction, your smile of amazement is our mission.

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How Do You Remove Car Signage?

Although car signage is an effective tool for advertising your business on the road, there will come a time where you will need to remove it, most commonly when you are looking to sell your car.

While there are common standards and procedures for removing signage, the results will often vary from one to another as it is heavily influenced by the age and condition of the signage, if there is clear coat, the type of glue used and condition of the paintwork.

For more information on the process you can refer to our guide here


Can you remove signage from the window?

Yes, we can remove signage and stickers from the window. This is most common on the rear/tailgate window. Please inform upon booking so that we can include it as an add-on to your package.

How long does car signage removal take?

It is hard to say how long it takes to remove car signage as there are many contributing factors such as

  • How much signage?
  • How long it has been there?
  • Is there clear coat? If so, what is the condition of the paint
  • How strong is the glue
  • Is the signage singular or large pieces

What results can I expect?

Have you ever ripped off a band-aid and seen the difference in colour on your skin? Similar applies to signage removal, except the signage has been left more so often for many years under the scorching Sun. As you can imagine, it can leave quite the discrepancy in colour of areas covered by signage and areas that were not. To alleviate this, we include a machine polish/buff with cutting compounds to help blend in the paintwork. Not only will this reduce the colour differences, but also rejuvenate the paintwork that has been oxidised to a more glossy finish – so it could even look better than what it was before.

What risks are there?

Removing car signage is a very meticulous process that requires great attention to detail and patience. However, even with the best products, skills and sturdiest hands, there will always be the potential risk of damage during the process. This is because as car signage ages over time, it is exposed to harmful Sun and UV rays causing it to deteriorate and form cracks. This means the textural integrity of the signage has changed over time, which can affect how it is currently sticking to the paintwork. There may be times where if you remove the signage that it may pull off some of the paint or cause some blemishes. Of course, utmost care will always be taken and this is more prone to old vehicles with no clear coat (very few models are like this).

Melbourne Schmicko Are Your Local Auto Experts

One of the most popular reasons for car signage removal Melbourne services, is to boost the chances of selling their car for top value. Which is completely understandable. This is because there appears to be to some degree, a level of negativity/doubt when it comes to purchasing a car that resonates anything close to a company or work vehicle. And we believe it has something to do with the fact that there is an assumption that company or work cars are not taken the care of the same way as their personal vehicle, since it is not technically theirs. Unfortunately, this may be true in some cases and the presence of signage could be devaluing your car’s worth by the thousands regardless of how well the car was treated and maintained.

For this reason, many of our Melbourne drivers have experienced great success in the selling process without car signage removal service. We were able to safely remove the stickers then buff the surface to restore some of that gloss. In doing so, we are able to reduce minor blemishes and blend in the paintwork between areas that were once covered by signage vs areas that were not.

Although it is crucial to understand that results can often vary from car to car due to variables such as the existing paint condition, signage age, signage condition and so on. Nonetheless, our car signage removal Melbourne detailers, can typically achieve amazing results each time, only in the rare instances that your car could be in a state that would require an entire re-spray as a possibility with the local panel shop.

Cut The Stress & Achieve The Best

We know selling your car can be a headache, after hour phone calls, messages, followed by wasted time with tyre-kickers, low ball offers and what not. To cut through the noise, having your car displayed in an immaculate condition is an excellent way to ward away these annoyances.

If there is nothing wrong with the car, what can be bargained down?

Let’s face it, there is no hiding a signage on the car. They are designed to stand out, catch your eye from across the road and be engraved in your memory for future reference. So, there is no denying the effectiveness of having it removed when it comes to selling your vehicle. If you want to achieve the best offer for your car, then this car signage removal Melbourne service is a no-brainer. We can almost guarantee that you will experience challenges selling your car if it still has signage on it. Car buyers tend to buy based on emotion and if they cannot feel comfortable with a car they are about to purchase, then your chances of selling it is highly dropped. This is certainly the case for someone looking to buy a car with someone else’s name, business and collage of colours wrapped around it.

The Process

Welcome to have a peak at our removal process right here to better understand our way of tackling majority of the vehicles we receive. It is important to note that paint correction, otherwise known as a machine buff/polish is mandatory after removal.  Although, we’d highly advise against doing it yourself it due to the potential risks involved such as paint stripping or burning, can access our guide here. If you are inexperienced, there is a very high chance that you could make the process harder by deteriorating the stickers and signage further into smaller more brittle pieces.

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