Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Sydney

Revolutionary Titanium Infused Ceramic Coating

Schmicko is one of the few exclusively selected applicators for Duratek’s latest Ceramic Coating Paint Protection, which boasts a sophisticated ceramic matrix on the market. Derived through sheer chemicl advancement and innovation, Duratek’s C-FUSION showcases a fortified layer measuring between 400 to 600nm in thickness depth, significantly boosting the strength beyond typical car paint protections. C-FUSIONis incredibly resistant against abrasion and unaffected by most chemical substances. The compound, which interlaces on the painted surface/bodywork, has a covalent (permanent) bond to the surface at a molecular level. As a result, treated surfaces become super reflective, significantly hydrophobic and ultimately seamless to maintain and clean. This advanced nanotech layer repels water, oil and dirt, while generating anti-static characteristics for superior protection against chemical and biological damage; the ultimate car paint protection Sydney has on offer.

Premium Car Paint Protection Sydney

Engineered To Perfection

The most advanced car paint protection in Sydney, Ceramic Quartz to protect your car all-year round. Chemically binding to your paint and engineered to produce an extremely hard candy gloss with super slickness. Hydrophobic, UV Resistance, Anti-Graffiti, Chemical Resistance, Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance.

Immense Gloss & Depth

Extra depth to dark coloured paint and added reflectivity/radiance from metallic paint. Reduction of paint fade and discolouration makes it well equipped to fight the aging effects of harmul UV Sun rays.

Enhanced Reflectivity

Achieve and sustain that shiney wet-gloss to your paintwork for many years to come as if it came straight from the showroom display.

Advanced Resistance

Advanced UV, Weather, Chemical, Oxidation, Scratch and Acidic resistance. Revolutionary hydrophobic water-repelling, perfect for shielding against bird droppings, tree sap, etc.

Fortified Durability

Years of long-lasting durability, that’s right, not months. Renowned for its superior thickness and advanced ceramic matrix, it posesses excellent cohesion to the paint surface for a semi-permanent bond.

Seamless Maintenance

Experience car care maintenance on another level. Taking care of your car and maintaining that showroom shine has never been this easy. No need for waxes, sealants or polishing agents, pH-neutral car wash shampoo is all you will most likely need.

Fusion Quartz Formula

The sophisticated structural nature of the 9H Ceramic Coating Car Paint Protection by Duratek is one of the most perfect car coatings ever produced due to its highly-concentrated molecular structure. It strikes the perfect balance between gloss and protection at no compromise to its quality, a true paint protection system.

Interior Protection Fabric & Leather

This Nano layer is a high-tech coating that forms a water and oil repelling durable barrier on the fabric/leather surface. Using a water-based type of sol-gel system to install, dirt has difficulty penetrating fabric and leather surfaces. Making spills and stains easy to remove/clean. The best protection for your car interior and a great addition to any existing car window interior tints to reduce the aging effects of the Sun on your car interior. We use a specialised ceramic coating designed purely for maximal interior protection.

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How Ceramic Car Coating Compares

Wax & Sealants

Durability - 1 Month
Chemical Resistance
Reduced Heat Absorption

C-Fusion Ceramic Coating

Durability - Up to 4 Years
Chemical Resistance
Reduced Heat Absorption

G-Fusion Graphene Coating

Durability - Up to 5 Years
Chemical Resistance
Reduced Heat Absorption

Choose Your New Car Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Protection

From $790
  • C-Fusion Quartz Formula
  • High Density Matrix
  • Up to 4 Years Durability
  • 110° Water Repellence Angle
  • High Gloss & Slickness
  • Excellent 9H Hardness
  • Chemical & UV Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • No Waxing For Years
  • Seamless Maintenance

Full Protection

From $990
  • Exterior Paint Protection
  • Interior Protection
  • Carpet Protection
  • Fabric/Leather Seats Protection
  • Fabric Mats Protection
  • Oil, Water, Dirt Repellence
  • Ceramic Coating Formula
  • New Cars Only

Upgrade Paint Protection

Add $300
  • G-Fusion Formula
  • Graphene Oxide Coating
  • Up to 5 Years Durability
  • 120° Water Repellence Angle
  • Enhanced Chemical Resistance
  • Global Standard 9H Hardness
  • Improved Water Spot Reduction
  • Reduced Heat Absorption
  • New Generation Nanotechnology


Prices are reflective of brand new small vehicles requiring no paint correction. Vehicles requiring Paint Correction prior to the Ceramic Car Coating application will require more time for preparation and will, therefore, incur an additional cost as for larger vehicles also.

Paint correction/machine buff is highly recommended for the best result possible. This ensures that we can restore the car to a pristine condition before sealing this immaculate finish for the next set of years to come.

Why Our Ceramic Car Coating Is Superior?

Thickness: Our revolutionary formula boasts a thick layer of about 400 to 600nm.

Molecular Size: Many ‘nanocoatings’ on the market typically size up to be 10-30nm (nanometres). Our new generation formula exists as a fine molecular size, better able to fill the pores of the paint to a higher degree to restore a much more fine and smooth finish.

Density: Superb density matrix allows for it to be a sturdy single layer, outmatching many dual layered coatings on market.

Our Ceramic Coating Sydney Package offers strong resistance to acidic environmental substances like bird droppings, bug residue, acid rain and tree sap, due to its coating thickness & sophisticated ceramic matrix. Unlike your vehicles factory paint which can be permanently etched and damaged when in contact with these substances, Duratek’s car paint protection provides an advanced protective barrier to your vehicles surface to sustain High Gloss finishes. Sealing that new car flawless finish for many years. This is why ceramic paint protection is so popular within the army and marine industry, it’s defence properties are excellent.


Ceramic Coating - The Ultimate Car Paint Protection

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Step 1

Surface Layer of Factory clear coat is damaged and contaminated (not a brand new car)

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Step 2

Technician decontaminates and polishes clear coat to produce a smooth and even surface.

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Step 3

Thickness coating will be restored with a super hydrophobic Ceramic Car Coating. [Paint Protection Car Installation]

Frequently Ask Questions

Does Car Ceramic Coating last years?

Our ceramic coating Sydney applications consist of a highly advanced matrix that chemically binds to your paint on a supramolecular level infused with excellent gloss factors.  It forms a semi permanent bond; superior car paint protection. Because of this, it just doesn’t simply sit on top of your paint, it is one within the paint, which allows it to last years. It really is like another layer of protective clear coat, but with superior gloss and extreme hardness. As long as you maintain your vehicle, those advantageous properties will prolong for many extended years. Need the best car paint protection Sydney has to show, then look no further than Schmicko Mobile Car Detailers.

Do I still have to wax my car?

Simply put, no. You install ceramic coating so that you don’t have to worry about applying waxes and sealants once every month or so. This offers the same properties as waxes and sealants but on a whole different paradigm. Resistance, protection and gloss unmatched by no other, it truly is the best protection possible for your vehicle, it’s no surprise that we are are the highly vetted car paint protection Sydney installers, everyone hypes of.

Does it really make it easier to clean/maintain my car?

When it comes to washing your coated vehicle, you will notice significantly how easy it becomes. Dirt and contaminants glide right off with very little pressure from your wash mitt. It will cut your cleaning time to a fraction and restore a brand new shine with ease. On uncoated vehicles, contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap and so on would generally etch into your paintwork if left unattended. When this happens it becomes a headache, a costly one to fix too, since you will need to clay bar and in some instances, machine buff. Installing a protective ceramic coating is the smartest investment you can do for your car.

Is it true that your Ceramic Coating is one of the best?

You heard right, one of the very best nanotech ceramic coatings in the world (Elite Paint Protection Car Grade)! We demand protection to a very elite standard, by truly using the leaders in durability.

What happens when you have finished coating my car?

Once we have coated your vehicle, we recommend that you store your car in the garage where there is no exposure to wet weather. Allow the protection to cure and harden so that it may peak to its full potential.

Is Ceramic Coating scratch-free?

No our Ceramic Coating is not scratch-free and so is every other Ceramic Coating on market despite their claim. The correct term is, scratch-resistance. It offers great paint protection for easy maintenance and repelling against pollutants. Should you experience hail or a car accident, you will still experience damages such as dents and so on, but to a lesser degree of severity.

Can you Ceramic Coat my car?

We sure can. Our professional Car Detailers will require an access point to power and water, ideally within 15 to 20m, otherwise please do inform upon booking. Having access to power and water will allow our guys to do what they do best, detail with state of the art equipment. An enclosed area such as the driveway or garage, are ideal. Thanks to our professional-grade coatings, they are very versatile with their quick-dry technology, which means it can be applied in most environments.

Is there Warranty?

Yes, we have a warranty on our exterior ceramic paint protection installations. Simply see our terms and conditions for more information