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The Future is here: The Diamond Finish

As one of the few exclusive accredited applicators of the Graphene Coating by Duratek Labs in all of Australia, we are proud to deliver you a finish like no other. The rapid rise of the Graphene Coating as the no.1 car paint protection over ceramic coatings (yes, that's right) has struck the high-end and exotic car world by storm. It's more than just hype, it's pure science! 

Graphene is one of the strongest elements on this planet, the lightest, strongest and thinnest material known to existence. Graphite under pressure is what forms a diamond - that clear cut definition with extreme hardness and purity. Graphene, is much a single, yet ultra-dense layer of graphite making it extremely strong and flexible - the ultimate form of paint protection

Graphene coating technology

Advanced Heat Regulation

Heat is the biggest contributor to paint wear and tear and contamination damage. Contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap, rain/water spots and so on, etch into the paintwork at an exponential rate under hot temperatures. Heat evaporates the moisture content first and then almost causes the leftover contaminants to melt into the paintwork permanently.

Paint protection alternatives, such as ceramic coating can withstand extreme heat, which makes it a fantastic durable option, however, does not offer the level of heat regulation like Graphene Coatings do where it keeps the car panels cool - immensely reducing the likelihood of etched paintwork due to contamination.

High-Flex flexibility means that the Graphene Coating is able to envelope the vehicle and bond with the paintwork cohesively for superior all-round protection. Maximal resistance against harsh weather conditions and contamination due to its super-hydrophobic properties. This means water, rain, dirt, dust and so on will have a hard time sticking to the paintwork, almost acting as a repellent. Due, to its advanced thermal regulation, it provides excelled defensive properties over ceramic coatings.

Thin, yet very hard due to its advanced nanomaterial honeycomb lattice structure of Graphene. Ultra-dense for a compact and sturdy layer. This durable layer of hardness makes cleaning the car a whole lot easier. With a glass-like finish, everything from shampooing to hand drying, becomes a whole lot easier and safer. Achieve a wet-gloss shine with less time and effort. With this fortified hardness, your car will have enhanced scratch resistance against physical abrasion, heavily the reducing for permanent and costly damage.

Immense colour depth and gloss achieved with a smooth, flawless finish. Super slick touch that seals in that pristine showroom condition for many years to come. Through effective paint correction, preparation and application, true maximal gloss can be revealed.

Graphene Coating Sydney

Accredited Graphene Coating Installer

Schmicko are one of the very few exclusive Accredited Installers of this Graphene Paint Protection technology for cars in Australia. Leave your car in trusted, skilled hands and book with us today!

Where Can It Be Applied?

The amazing feature of Graphene is its versatility in being able to be applied to the majority of your car. So, that means paintwork, glass windows, headlights, plastic trims and even your rims. It truly is the best car paint protection.

Graphene Paint Protection Specialists

Premium graphene


To ensure that we can deliver a showroom finish each time, we source high-end graphene coatings typically reserved for exotic cars. Although, at Schmicko, we believe that every car deserves to look its absolute best every mile of the way. Premium Graphene coatings for a premium end finish because your car deserves to be ahead of the pack.

Quality workmanship

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We have professionally detailed thousands of cars that it’s almost second nature for our team of experts. Our team are passionate about cars, we spend our days finding the best products, techniques and streaming through hours of educational car detailing hacks and tips. Always hungry to be the best in what we do, everyday.

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Our team of highly vetted car detailing professionals will deliver the care and finish you desire at the comfort of your own home. We come fully equipped with the equipment and knowledge to make your car standout from the rest of the crowd. Your car is in skillful hands when you book with Schmicko Mobile Car Detailing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we service all of Sydney and surrounding suburbs. As a requirement of our mobile service, we do need access to power and water onsite. Your trusted Graphene Coating Sydney specialists are just one call away.

We are open for business all 7 days of the week. We just recommend early notice to ensure that we can do our best to accomodate your preferred date and time. Unless it is indoors, our graphene paint protection Sydney installations may need to be rescheduled to a new date in the occurrence of rain or bad weather conditions.

Our graphene paint protection service stretches across most of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. If in doubt, just give us a call on 1300 218 312 or chat to us live.

We use high quality Graphene Paint Protection from SPS

Although preferable, it is not a must. Just note that we will have to reschedule if it is a rainy day. Car ports and any shelter would assist as well.

Depending on whether we need to perform paint correction prior to the Graphene Coating application, it can vary between half to a full day. Ultimately depends on the existing condition of your paintwork

Allow the car graphene nanocoating to cure overnight before driving it the next day for safe measures.