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The Future Of Paint Protection Is Here: Graphene Coatings

Schmicko is one of the very few exclusively accredited applicators of the Graphene Coating by Duratek Labs in all of Australia, we are proud to deliver you a finish like no other.

The rapid surge for Graphene Coatings as the no.1 car paint protection over ceramic coatings (yes, that’s right) has struck the high-end and exotic car world by storm. It is more than just hype, it is the power of nanotechnology that is unmatched by any other paint protection solution.

Graphene is one of the strongest elements on this planet, the lightest, strongest and thinnest material known to existence. Graphite under pressure is what forms a diamond – that clear cut definition with extreme hardness and purity. Graphene, is much a single, yet ultra-dense layer of graphite making it extremely strong and flexible – the ultimate form of paint protection

Graphene Coatings is the best paint protection you never heard of…

Graphene Coating Technology: Advanced Heat Regulation

Heat is arguably the biggest culprit towards paint wear and tear and contamination damage. Contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap, rain/water spots and so on, etch into the paintwork at an accelerated rate when exposed to hotter temperatures. Heat evaporates the moisture content first and then almost causes the leftover contaminants to melt/etch further into the paintwork causing permanent damage.

Paint protection alternatives, such as ceramic coating can withstand extreme heat, which makes it a fantastic durable option, however, does not offer the level of heat regulation like Graphene Coatings do, where it keeps the car panels cool – significantly reducing the likelihood of etched paintwork due to contamination. If you are looking for a paint protection solution that is super-easy to maintain, whilst achieving a premium glossy finish, then a Graphene Oxide coating is just what your car needs.

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Book Your Date & Time

Book Your Date & Time

Choose a date and time that suits your schedule. Simply choose exterior paint protection only or add in extras for a more complete finish, such as the interior.

We Correct & Protect

We Correct & Protect

Your paint will be rejuvenated and corrected with paint correction via machine buffer if required, before being sealed in with a Graphene Nanocoating.

Discover That Showroom Finish

Discover That Showroom Finish

Capture eyes and stand out from the pack with an unreal level of gloss and colour depth. Maintain that shiny finish for many years to come.

Discover the Ultimate Car Paint Protection

Discover the Ultimate Car Paint Protection

Schmicko are one of the very few exclusive Accredited Installers of this Graphene Paint Protection technology for cars in Australia, far superior to any dealership protection service. Have confidence knowing that your car is protected with the finest products and expertise.

Benefits of Graphene Paint Protection

Superb Chemical & Physical Resistance

Superb Chemical & Physical Resistance

High-Flex flexibility means that the Graphene Coating is able to envelope the vehicle and bond with the paintwork cohesively for superior all-round protection. Maximal resistance against harsh weather conditions and contamination due to its super-hydrophobic properties. This means water, rain, dirt, dust and so on will have a hard time sticking to the paintwork, almost acting as a repellent. Due, to its advanced thermal regulation, it provides excelled defensive properties over ceramic coatings. Perfect for enveloping across pores of the surface to fill and minimise any unwanted blemishes, achieving a consistently smooth exterior finish on your paint.

The Global Standard

The Global Standard

Thin, yet very hard due to its advanced nanomaterial honeycomb lattice structure of Graphene. Ultra-dense for a compact and sturdy layer. This durable layer of hardness makes cleaning the car a whole lot easier. With a glass-like finish, everything from shampooing to hand drying, becomes a whole lot easier and safer. Achieve a wet-gloss shine with less time and effort. With this fortified hardness, your car will have enhanced scratch resistance against physical abrasion, heavily reducing  permanent and costly damage. With a globally standard of 9H hardness, your vehicle will be in safe hands with this durable polymer.

The Showroom Shine

The Showroom Shine

Immense colour depth and gloss achieved with a smooth, flawless finish. Super slick touch that seals in that pristine showroom condition for many years to come. Through effective paint correction, preparation and application, true maximal gloss can be revealed. This will not change the colour of your car, but rather boost the overall shine and reflectivity of your car, creating a new-car elemental finish like no other.

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The Ultimate Graphene Paint Protection Experience


Does a Graphene Coating Prevent Scratches?

Yes it certainly can. But, does this mean your car will be scratchproof? No and unfortunately, there is nothing on the market that offers such properties. Installing a Graphene Coating will not make your car bulletproof or immune to getting dirty, it still nonetheless, requires proper care and maintenance with routine yet, seamless car washing. It is key to note that it does deliver an elite level of abrasion resistance, so this does mean it will take a lot more force to create scratches on a coated surface vs a non-coated surface. That is not all, but Graphene Coatings also provide advanced resistance against chemicals, heat and much more – one of the best ways to protect your cars paint and market value.

Is Graphene The Same As Ceramic Coating?

Both liquid polymers are under the same classification of a nanotechnology based paint protection. They look very similar in appearance, stored the same way, but will vary in their performance and composition (Silicon Dioxide Vs Graphene Oxide). Ceramic coatings are still a popular option, but have been around over the last decade. Whereas Graphene Coatings are the latest technology to hit the car care industry by storm, boasting enhanced durability and chemical resistance over its counterpart, ceramic coatings. Both are still excellent options and one may suit ones budget more than the other, but if you are adamant on only having the best, then you cannot go past the Graphene Coating.

Is Graphene Coating Good?

If you are serious about protecting your car and keeping it in a showroom condition for many years to come, then opting for a Graphene Coating could be the best investment decision you could possibly make for your car. This durable nanotechnology based polymer will reveal an insane level of gloss and a protection that lasts many years, making it almost obsolete to wax or apply any sealant on your car. Ever wondered how the super luxury and exotic cars are able to turn heads with that slick and glossy finish? The Graphene Coating is the secret.

What is a Graphene Coating?

A Graphene Coating is arguably the best form of paint protection that you can opt for when it comes to protecting your car against abrasion, bird dropping stains, water etching and so on, whilst retaining a deep shine and gloss. With the help of Graphene, it delivers a hardness rating of 10H and an elite level of protection beyond that of your typical ceramic coating. Both Graphene and Ceramic fall under the category of nanotechnology paint protection polymers, however Graphene tends to have the upper edge. Forget about waxes and sealants, Graphene Coatings are unmatched when it comes to paint protection.

How Soon Can I Drive My Car?

Allow the car graphene nanocoating to cure overnight before driving it the next day for safe measures. It is always recommended to not wash the car for the next week or 7 days just to allow the gloss and paint protection to fully cure and harden. Driving is still okay, though.

Do I Need A Garage?

Although preferable, it is not a must. Just note that we will have to reschedule if it is a rainy day. Car ports and any shelter would assist as well.

What Graphene Coating Do You Use?

We are proud to be one of the very few exclusive providers of the G-Fusion Graphene Coating by Duratek Labs. Having test and trialled a large range of coatings on market, G-Fusion delivers nothing short of excellent results. We have not come across a finish so thick and glossy at the same time. We only use the professional range for maximal durability and performance.

Where Do You Service?

Our graphene paint protection service stretches across most of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. If in doubt, just give us a call  or chat to us live.

What Days Do You Operate?

We are open for business all 7 days of the week. We just recommend early notice to ensure that we can do our best to accommodate your preferred date and time. Unless it is indoors, our graphene paint protection Sydney installations may need to be rescheduled to a new date in the occurrence of rain or bad weather conditions.

Do You Come To Me?

Yes, we service all of Sydney and surrounding suburbs. As a requirement of our mobile service, we do need access to power and water onsite. Your trusted Graphene Coating Sydney specialists are just one call away.

Stand Out From The Crowd


Where Can It Be Applied?

The coveted feature of Graphene Coatings is its versatility, it can be applicable to many areas of the car. So, that means paintwork, glass windows, headlights, rims and plastic trims. It truly is the best new car paint protection perfect for those with a brand new or near brand new car. For those looking to extend this to the ultimate protection service, must consider protecting your car interior carpet, seats and mats with car interior protection. Similarly to the graphene coating, our technicians will use the engineered formula by Duratek Labs to protect them from the common culprits for aged interiors. This includes but not limits to, high contact,

The positive feelings and rush once you have had your car professionally coated with a graphene coating is unparalleled. The car will look and feel smoother, slicker, and shinier than it did before coating. The graphene coating will reflect sunlight and reduce temperature transfer from the outside to the inside of the car, making it more energy efficient. The new graphene coating will also help to protect the car from rust, corrosion, water, and any other environmental elements.

Additionally, you‘ll be able to enjoy the longlasting protective layer that keeps your car looking cleaner for longer. With the graphene coating, your car will have a stunning new look that will last you years to come, giving you a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Your car will be serviced by highly-vetted car detailing professionals who will deliver the care and finish you desire at the comfort of your own home. We arrive fully equipped with the equipment and knowledge to make your car standout from the rest of the crowd. Your car is in skilful hands when you book with Schmicko Mobile Car Detailing.

Quality Is Paramount

To ensure that we can deliver a showroom finish each time, we source high-end graphene coatings typically reserved for exotic cars, particularly popular with Lamborghini and Ferrari models. Graphene coatings provide a layer of protection against scratches, dirt, dust, and road debris. It increases the lifespan of a cars paint job and provides a layer of hydrophobic protection, meaning it repels water, oil, and other contaminants from sticking to your cars body‘s surface.

The added layer of protection also acts as a UV shield for the paint, creating a stronger barrier against fading colors and chipping. Graphene coatings are selfcleaning, which makes car maintenance a lot easier as it can be washed regularly with just water, and the product is designed to be incredibly durable, producing a longlasting finish with the ability to withstand mechanical wear and tear.

Stick To The Graphene Coating Professionals

Although, at Schmicko, we have the philosophy and belief that every car deserves to look its absolute best every mile of the way, regardless of its journey and/or brand. We have professionally detailed thousands of cars in Sydney. It is no surprise that the renowned icon Duratek Labs had selectively hand picked our team of experts to handle and represent their G-FUSION range. Our team are passionate about cars, we eat, sleep and breathe ‘car detailing’ we are fanatics who put our passion to work with every shiny car. Always hungry to be the best in what we do, day in and day out. If you are from Melbourne and interested in Graphene Coatings, feel free to check our page here – Ceramic Paint Protection Melbourne

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