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Discover All Year Round Car Window Tinting Protection & Comfort

It’s true, your car just does not look complete without its windows tinted. As a mobile car tinting Sydney service, we are here ready to deliver you the ultimate finish to your car. Our primary mission is to provide Sydney with the latest car window tinting solutions using the best automotive technology. Explore a range of options between ceramic tint and carbon film for your car so that you can drive with peace of mind, knowing that your car is protected all year round with sleek modern designs of the latest technology to hit the automotive industry.

If you are looking for top-of-the-range premium car window tints with superior UV, Infrared, and Heat rejection…

Elite Heat Rejection Car Tint: Welcome Carbon & Ceramic Tint

That is right. We do not stock any of the old-fashioned car window tints that are dyed, fade over time, or metallised (affects radio and aerial signals) for that instance. These car window tints may have been an excellent option many years ago, but with the advance in nanotechnology, carbon and ceramic tint are by far the best on market, boasting elite heat rejection and anti-fading properties with reliable durability. Unfortunately, some car tinting technicians still offer the old fashion tints and mainly the reason why they can be so cheap. Fortunately, for many Australians, we take pride in delivering only the best in quality – check our carbon or ceramic tint range today.

The Schmicko Car Tinting Process

Step 2
Step 3
Select Your Date and Time

Select Your Date and Time

Simply book online in just a matter of seconds, first by choosing your desired date, time, and location.

New Car Tint Installed

New Car Tint Installed

Our car window tinting technician will arrive at your location equipped with various legal tint shades for you to choose from.

Experience The Ultimate Protection

Experience The Ultimate Protection

Discover pure comfort all year round with advanced car tints to keep your car interior protected with elite privacy, heat rejection, and durability.

Highly Vetted Car Tint Technicians At Your Service

Highly Vetted Car Tint Technicians At Your Service

As your highly-vetted car tinting Sydney specialists, we have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to operate in this type of business, so you can have the peace of mind that your car is in safe reliable hands. Our team is adequately skilled to deal with different kinds of car models, ensuring the safety of your vehicle when it is in our possession.

Why Sydney Trusts Schmicko For Car Window Tinting

Sydneywide Mobile Service

Sydneywide Mobile Service

With us, you don’t have to worry about your schedule. You don’t have to skip work or keep postponing your tinting appointment week after week due to your busy schedule. We are one of the few companies offering this mobile service and are proud to be exclusive mobile car window tinting Sydney providers. We can come to your location as soon as you want us to. We will handle your car while you go on with your daily routine. You can also be sure that the level of customer service you’ll receive, whether you come to us or we come to will be excellent.

Super Convenient

Super Convenient

We service most of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. If unsure as to whether we service your area, just ask us online or give us a call, chances are, we do service your area as we cover a large circumference for our car tint installations.

Reliable Express Service

Reliable Express Service

We make sure to show up when we say we will. Once you book, we will be available at the agreed-upon time to complete the job. Once we agree on the terms and conditions of our service provision, which includes the price, nothing will change. We take our work seriously and try as much as possible to keep our name to our customers. You can get a quotation from us beforehand so that you understand all the details, including the prices before we start.

Fully Equipped

Fully Equipped

Our car tint technicians will arrive promptly at your location fully equipped with the tools and car window tinting supplies for you to choose a desirable shade to suit your preference. Of course, we only install legal tint shades for customers for full NSW compliance.

Your Car Is In Safe Hands

Your Car Is In Safe Hands

Installing legal window tints to your car can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. But of course, it is always important to have the right shade and quality installed. We use high-quality tinting materials and equipment to ensure that we can deliver a consistently excellent result each time. If you have any questions regarding what we use, you are more than welcome to ask one of our customer service representatives prior to booking for extra peace of mind.

Best In The Business

Best In The Business

It is by no surprise that Schmicko is among the best and most iconic car tinting professionals in the industry. With an abundance of 5-Star reviews on Google, you can be certain to have your car protected with the best carbon and ceramic tint for that premium finish.

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What are the 3 types of window tint?

Over the last decade or so, there would be up to 5 different types of window films, however in this day and age, you should really categorise them into 3 classifications.


  1. Old-Fashioned Tints – dyed and/or metallised
  2. Carbon Tint
  3. Ceramic Tint

This is in the order of least favourable to the best possible alternative. Frankly speaking, we would advise against anyone using dyed or metallised tints as there is much better technology these days such as colour stabilising pigments, advanced heat and infrared protection, scratch resistance and much more. Carbon and ceramic tints are the only tints we would recommend to any driver, especially if safety and aesthetics are paramount to your purchasing decision.

The Rear Window

Having the rear window is a fantastic way to shield any belongings that may sit in the boot from heat, especially during Summer . Please note that the rear windscreen is included free of charge to our ‘All Windows Package’ as this tends to be a personal preference from driver to driver, just inform our team should you wish to have it excluded.

What Is Privacy Glass?

Many of the newer model cars will now come stocked with a factory privacy glass, which is stained with a darker shade. They look fantastic on the windows as they offer privacy and shade, however, you must consider that they offer very little to no-protection. These windows although look great and tinted, they are in fact, not tinted at all and therefore lack many of the key benefits and protective properties that come with a tint. You can expect to have a nice modern look without much heat and sun protection, which are very important.

Can You Tint All Parts Of The Car?

We can only tint the windows and windshield – meaning the side windows, rear glass and front windscreen with the exception that only a weather strip is installed. The weather strip is covers approximately the top 10% of the front windscreen at the very top of the glass. We do not tint the full windscreen, headlights or tail lights. Only legal installations are provided.

How Long Does It Take To Tint A Car?

The Curing process typically takes 2-4 weeks and sometimes a bit longer during Winter or cooler temperatures as it takes longer for the lubrication to evaporate. Works vice versa, during hotter temperatures, it can cure faster than anticipated. However, the actually installation to tint a car takes no longer than 2 hours.

Post Car Window Tinting Care

You can refer to our guide on car window cleaning. However, please remember not to wind down the window after your service or clean the windows as specified in the window care email. If you have had your windows tinted recently, then locate our post care email for advice on how to maintain your tints.

What is L.A.H.

L.A.H stands for Low Angle Haze, which is a commonality and more pronounced in your more premium tints, in particular Ceramic-Based tints. Typically speaking, the higher the Infrared Radiation (IR Rejection) the more pronounced the haze can be upon certain low angles. This is because these state of the art Ceramic Films possess a composition of a highly dense matrix of nanoceramic particles packed tightly together, which is why it is super-effective at rejecting heat better than any other alternative out there. This can occur in carbon tints too, where nano particles of carbon is used, but Carbon alone has a significantly lower rating of rejecting IR. Unlike, your old fashioned metallised, reflective and dyed tints (which tend to be the cheaper quality selections, may not have a light haze to the same degree to these nanotechnology films, but nonetheless compromise on heat reduction, thermal regulation and overall durability ie colour stability and so on.

The Perfect Finish

Though we strive for perfection in our installations, due to the nature of the product and surrounding environment, some degree of dust contamination and or minor imperfections can occur on a minute level.

Also note that any pre-existing flaws such as scratches are often much more noticeable after the windows are tinted due to contrasting colours.

A couple of tiny dots on the window may be noticeable from the outside, but not the inside, this will by no means affect the performance of the tint whatsoever.

I Have Been Quoted Cheaper Somewhere Else

We are all for saving money and costs, but when it comes to safety, this is an area of our lives that we should not compromise on. After all, tinting your car is one of those features that you would only install once in its own lifetime, so we always recommend that if you are planning to have your car protected with car tints, you may as well do it right the first and only time. Carbon and Ceramic tints are by far the best forms of window tints on the market and like our tints, they have undergone and passed test conditions to be deemed a premium option with fantastic heat rejection, UV protection and durability.

Do The Tinting Technicians Remove Car Window Tints Too?

We do not perform car tint removal services – please see your local window tinting shop for assistance.

What Is The Darkest Legal Tint?

35% and 20% depending on which window pane.

Each state and country will be confined to different tinting laws, so it is always best to check.

We only provide the darkest legal tints for your car and only do install tints that are legal. This typically is a 20 or 35% VLT/Shade range in case you are in need of a specific shade. You can always view on the day to see which you prefer, given that is legal. It is most popular to find cars with a 35% on the front windows and 20% for the rear or 35% all over.

What Tints Do You Use?

We stock a combination of premium Carbon and Ceramic Tints (across various shades/darkness) – the best you can find because your car deserves nothing short of the best. For extra protection, you can always use a ceramic coating to protect the exterior of the window or better yet, graphene coatings. We do not stock any of the old-fashioned tints such as dyed or metallised tints which fade over time, affect aerial and radio signals, which is a big reason why they are cheap as durability can be an issue.

For more information about our carbon and ceramic tints, just give us a call today.

Where Do You Service?

We service most of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. If in doubt, you can just call us or even speak to one of our staff online just on the bottom right hand corner is our live chat box – simply click to open and ask. Just note that, we do require access to a powerpoint on site as well as enough space within an enclosed area, similar area to an empty double car garage. If you are parked in an underground car park, please have the car parked in a well lit area.

What Days Do You Operate?

We operate all 7 days of the week, booking vacancy will depend on how busy we are and ultimately our availability. We recommend giving us at least a few days notice so that we can plan ahead and try to meet with your preferred date/time.

Do Your Car Tinters Come To Me?

Yes, we do. We are conveniently mobile and highly skilled in our delivery. If you have an empty double garage space of that size, that would help greatly. It is very important that your location is enclosed, has bright lighting and as clean as possible as it can affect the quality of the finished job as there is no such thing as a perfect contamination/dust-free environment, so achieving the cleanest possible location is key.

High Performance Car Window Selection Range

mobile car window tinting shade

Select your desired shade of car tint to suit the finish of your car to your own preference. We supply a wide range of car tinting shades that can be cut and customised. Of course, you can refer to our guide to identifying the darkest legal tint NSW allows. For reference, 20% and 35% are our most common shades selected and at times 5% for Commercial Vans for the ultimate privacy. As far as the windscreen can get tinted, it will only be the weather strip, which covers the top 10% of the window panel. This is a great way to add extra protection and shield some of the glare received from the Sun when driving head on.


Only Installing Tints For The Front 2 Windows?

If you recently purchased a new car from the motor dealership and considering to have the front 2 windows tinted only. Did you know that the rear windows are most likely are factory privacy glass and these carry very little protection at all when it comes to rejecting the harmful effects of the Sun. They may look tinted, but are more or less, ‘stained or coloured’ for the only intention of offering privacy. So, unless you are okay with having only the 2 front windows professionally protected against the harmful UV rays, then we suggest opting for all windows. Besides, it will play a huge factor in maintaining your car interior in top shape all year round. The Summer heat can sure play a heavy toll on the interior causing it to crack and fade in certain parts of the car. You will be surprised to know how many Australians have been involved in sticky situations where bottles of milk or beverage have exploded inside the car due to the sheer amount of heat contained.


Trusted & Reliable Car Tint Installations
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Excess heat in the car, especially during the Summer season, can put anyone off from driving. Not only that, but if you plan to drive without car tints, you will be exposing your skin to the Sun, which can lead to many skin issues such as wrinkling and the same applies to your car interior. Excessive heat causes extreme wear and tear causing the plastic and leather to show ageing effects and may contribute to damage to the car roof lining. The best way to avoid this is by working with the best company offering car window tinting in Sydney in shielding the vehicle from these harmful factors. We are conversant with the latest trends and are capable of providing personalised services to suit each person’s needs and car model.

Drivers who need to have tints removed and replaced with a new set, are best off having this organised in an in-house studio/physical workshop as opposed to our mobile service. Removing tints can be a very difficult process and will often vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on its condition or state of the glue/adhesive used and can at times require multiple tinting technicians to treat it. For those looking to have your headlights or tail lights tinted, we do not perform this as it is not legal to do so when the lights have been darkened. These lights are crucial towards ensuring safe driving and should not be hindered or tampered with.


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