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Suffering From A Saggy Car Roof Lining?

Let’s be honest, there is nothing more unappealing than an aged saggy roof headliner hanging lifelessly from the ceiling of your car. Not only is it embarrassing, it is an absolute eye-sore that is costing you thousands of dollars stripped from your car’s market valuation.

A few of the many culprits for causing a sagging headliner, is mainly due to exposure to heat, humidity, poor maintenance, damage, and overall wear and tear. It’s just a matter of time before the fabric, foam and glue start to deteriorate and sag from certain areas of your roof. If you are serious about revamping the look and feel of your car with a newly fitted headliner, then you have come to the right place for car roof lining repair fixtures.

Welcome Schmicko: The Experts In Sydney Car Roof Lining Repair

When the foam support behind the roof lining starts to deteriorate and age, it starts to lose the adhesiveness giving rise to a slight sag. If you notice these areas of looseness, it is time to have it replaced. Especially cars with a sunroof, most often you can notice moisture getting through the seams causing the deteriorating effects to quicken. There are some problems that you can fix by yourself, such as replacing your tyres, but there are certain tasks that a professional is required, like fixing a saggy roof using a car roof lining repair technician. Fortunately for you, Schmicko is here to provide you with an express service to get fix your car roof liner so that it brings back that new look again.

How It All Comes Together

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Choose Your Date and Time

Choose Your Date and Time

Conveniently choose the date and time that best suits you. We operate all 7 days of the week and can offer an express service where possible.

Our Car Roof Liner Technician Arrives

Our Car Roof Liner Technician Arrives

That is right! Our car roof lining repair technician will come directly to you fully equipped, ready to install a fresh new headliner velour.

Enjoy The Premium Finish

Enjoy The Premium Finish

Celebrate the finish of your new refreshing car interior, relined with a high GSM velour for that premium touch and luxurious feel.

Your Car In Safe Reliable Hands

Your Car In Safe Reliable Hands

Our team of car roof lining repair technicians will arrive on time to spruce up your car. We arrive fully equipped ready to revamp your car. Experience our professional express services without the hassle. From placing your booking to having your roof lining restored, is as easy as a few clicks or a simple quick chat over the phone.

Why Schmicko Is Sydney's Top Rated Car Roof Lining Repair Service

Express Roof Lining Repair Service

Express Roof Lining Repair Service

Why waste your day waiting at an automotive shop, when you can simply place a booking online in just seconds and have the affordable service delivered straight to your doorstep? Work, home, or office, the choice is yours, we can make it happen. Repairing your car liner has never been this easy, ever.

High GSM & Foam-Backed

High GSM & Foam-Backed

We use proper products, supplies, and equipment so that your car is rested in well-trusted hands. We treat your cars as if they were our own cars, with love and care. There is no greater satisfaction than the happiness of our customers when they see our transformation take place.

Highly Vetted Roof LinerTechnicians

Highly Vetted Roof LinerTechnicians

We specialise in mobile roof lining repairs. It’s what our team has been doing day in and day out to ensure that our customers are just as happy as we are. We are on a mission to delivering you affordable pricing & quality workmanship one saggy roof at a time. Your mobile car roof lining repair specialists, Schmicko.

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Car Roof Lining Repair

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Saggy Roof Lining & Damage

Majority of our work is involved with a saggy car roof lining and we understand that this is an unattractive sight. Furthermore, this is an indication that there is damage, most often associated with the canvas, glue, or surrounding brackets. This damage can often be caused by wear and tear over time, physical force or through water-damage. What this means, is that your roof lining tends to give out, particularly the glue and along with the surrounding areas such as the plastic trims and canvas, this increases the chances of damage to these areas as they tend to be more brittle over time – the older the car the more prone it is. Sometimes there is no choice other than not to fix the liner at all without the surroundings being affected.

What if I have a sunroof/DVD unit?

You will need to advise us in advance if you as sunroof or DVD unit as these do complicate the process when replacing the roof lining, which means we will need additional time. Not all sunroofs can be replaced, it will depend on your car model, please do notify our team in advance so that we can assess your situation.

How do I maintain my roof lining afterwards?

Always allow the glue to fully cure once we have applied a new replacement of material and glue, this ensures that the fabric can fully adhere to the canvas without any tampering. As for keeping your roof maintained, always do clean your roof lining but with caution. The main culprit for a saggy roof is wear and tear of the glue, which deteriorates over time under pressure. If you wish to clean stains from your roof, gentle care must be considered. More on how to keep your headlining clean can be found here

Will the headliner be an exact match?

We always strive to perfectly match your roof with the wide selection of non-woven automotive headliners, however, there may be the slight chance that it may be slightly different.  Unless you are the car manufacturer, there is a slim chance any other technician can guarantee a 100% exact match. This is because the headliner will be different from car model and manufacturer to another. The range we install is the most popular and common style which gives off the classic finish. If you wish to have an exact match, then you are better off going directly to the Car Manufacturing workshop, where they stock original parts. However, due to the age of the vehicle there is a common chance that may no longer have your stock or an exact match, nonetheless, do expect to pay a much higher price for the original.

What time will you arrive?

Most often we arrive on time at your booked time, but always keep a degree of flexibility as sometimes the headlining replacement can vary in time from car to car. This is because the shape of the roof tends to change each year as new models are released, along with the fact that some cars come with custom built in features that need to be considered. We will always do our best to inform you with a courtesy update as soon as possible.

Do you come to me?

Yes, our headliner repairer will arrive at your booked location fully equipped to replace your headlining and glue.

What Headliner Colour Do You Stock?

You have freedom to choose between the 4 most common and popular colours applied for majority of our customers in Sydney and this includes:

  • Light Grey
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Black


Schmicko: Sydney's Trusted & Reliable Car Roof Liner Repair Service


Whether you are anticipating selling your car for top value or just simply need to fix the hideous saggy car roof liner, booking a professional replacement service may be the best investment decision for your car. A sagging headliner, there is no way around it and there is definitely no way of hiding it. And trust our car headliner repair specialists advice, stapling the material to the roof is not a quick-fix solution and will look much worse than it was before originally. In addition, the last thing you want is to find lose pins, thumbtacks and staples lying around in the car. That is probably the last thing you would want for someone to sit or step on, let alone have swallowed by a child or pet – the safety concern is just not worth it.

Fixing your car roof headliner is an excellent way for you to claw back your car’s worth and market value. We are certain that if you were looking to buy a car that had an unpleasant sagging headlining, it would give a poor impression that the car was not well-taken cared for. Besides, with the roof sagging lower, it also makes it more prone to further stains from fingers, hair product, and so on now that it is more exposed.

The process of removing and replacing an old liner with a new car roof lining may seem logically straightforward but is in fact a very meticulous process. Considering that a sagging roof is often caused by moisture, leaking water, damaged waterproofing seals, and whatnot, chances are the canvas to which the headlining material is glued to, is significantly degraded/water-damaged. This would expose all the surrounding areas including the canvas to be more prone to breaking apart and further damage as they become more brittle – an issue that increases in likelihood based on the age of the car. For this reason, it is always highly recommended to use a professional auto upholstery installer as all cars vary in condition and shape. So, what may work for one vehicle may not work for another and frankly speaking, each car model every year changes shape, which makes it even more challenging. You want to expose the roof canvas to minimal changes as the canvas itself can be very fragile over time as it becomes soft and malleable over time.

car roof liner repair sydney

Should you have a DVD unit or sunroof, always do inform our staff as this poses an additional challenge for our technicians to carve around these areas and at times require the further dismantling of these units to fix the roof liner. The majority of vehicles with a sunroof may be better off without changing the actual sunroof panel due to the extent of risk involved.

Sydney is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it does come with its fair share of difficulties. Particularly the weather, our Summer seasons can reach extremely hot temperatures, which can really take a heavy beating on the car. With these external factors in mind, the roof liner can be one of the many areas to feel the stress first. So, if you are adamant on refreshing your car interior with a new roof liner, be sure to contact our team today. Our service encompasses most of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. Take advantage of our High GSM headliner velour available in a range of colours to suit most of the car interiors and to your liking. A durable textile, supported with a thick plush layer of foam for substantial sound-blocking improvement and comfort.

Schmicko would have the pleasure of repairing your headliner in no time, simply give our team of car roof lining repair specialists today. We can help you decide what options are best for you and ultimately find the best day to suit your schedule. Organising a car roof lining repair service should not be such a headache and fortunately for you, with just a few clicks, your car could be well on its way to a new refreshing look. Our car roof lining repair technicians will arrive promptly on time at your desired location, conveniently on a date that best suits you.

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