Sick of Driving with Fogged Up Car Windows?

Sick of Driving with Fogged Up Car Windows?

Sick and tired of foggy car windows getting in the way of your driving? No matter how many times you wipe the screen, it just makes it worse? Well, you’re not alone! It’s time to fight the window fog!

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Ever noticed that no matter what time of year it is, you’re always needing to wipe your car windscreen with your sleeve, tissue and etc to create a little patch of clearness? Give or take, all that effort manages to do is give you 5 minutes of half decent clarity. Not only are foggy car windows very annoying, it is very dangerous, firstly your eyes aren’t focused on the road, your hands are not on the steering wheel and ultimately, your attention is distracted from the road. (road safety)

SummerAutumn, Spring or Winter, the fog always strikes back. In summary, it all really boils down to 2 things



So, Why Do Your Windows Always Fog Up?

And we know it can sometimes make you feel a little like this after many failed attempts of wiping… Allow us to explain

Sick of Driving with Fogged Up Car Windows? 1

On any given cold day, moisture trapped inside your car, whether it’s excreting from your breathing or dew-covered shoes, becomes condensation as soon as it makes contact with your cold windows. The difference in temperate and moisture is what creates this hazy appearance, much like how kids breathe warm air on to the cooler window to scribble a smiley face against the foggy background. In this case, the fog created occurs in the interior of your car, which is why you are able to wipe/smear it while behind the wheel (which we strongly advise against). Here are some quick tips on how to manage this:

During Cold Weather

Sick of Driving with Fogged Up Car Windows? 2

1) Reduce the difference in temperature between outside and inside your car by lowering the temperature of your car interior. You can do this by winding your window down slightly or turning on the cool air for defrosting. But wait, are you saying that we should make the inside of the car colder when it is already freezing cold? Yes we are, uncomfortable indeed, but it works.

2) But wait, there is another more ‘comfortable’ option. Not willing to sacrifice your fingers to frostbite for clear visibility? Well this may do the trick. Turn the defroster option on, with recirculation off and twist the temperature to warm, this will cause warm/hot air to spread across the windscreen causing evaporation to take place at a quicker pace. Moisture trapped near the windscreen will evaporate and therefore the fog. 

During Hot Humid Weather

On the flip side during warmer temperatures, where your AC is blasting to battle the hot weather, foggy car windows still happen and does not help when you have different types of window film installed. and does not help when you have different types of window film installed. and does not help when you have different types of window film installed.. Although, the fog produced is usually not as heavy in comparison to the fog during the colder season. Here is how you can fight the window fog:

Since the fog is on the outside, try switching on the windscreen wipers to wipe off the excess condensation.

If the above doesn’t work, it may be worth turning the AC to a higher temperature (counter-intuitive, we know but it works)

Sick of Driving with Fogged Up Car Windows? 3

Still Can't See Through Your Foggy Car Windows?

If you find out that these methods offer very little difference to your windows, chances are, they’re quite dirty and are in need of a super clean. In need of a good wash or detail, car detailing or boat detailing, Schmicko can definitely help and the best part about it, we come to you. Looking for a more long term solution for combating foggy car windows, then ask about our ceramic coating Sydney services that we can provide to you. 

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