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Looking To Sell Your Car But Still Have Car Signage?

Your car has served you and your business well for many years and it has come time to sell, but one problem, it still has your brand, logo, and phone number scattered across and around the vehicle. We all know how much of a headache selling a car can be and chances are, that signage is what’s holding you back from that seamlessly simple and fast sale.

Car signage is excellent for advertising, since it represents a brand’s emblem and raises brand recognition. There’s no doubt about it: you couldn’t help but be proud of your automobile signage. However, when the time comes that you need to sell your old car, the signage can become a burden.

So, where can you find an affordable and convenient car signage removal technician that comes to you in Sydney…

Welcome Schmicko: The Experts In Car Signage Removal & Car Sticker Removal

Believe it or not, removing car signage and car stickers will not always get you the same result. What do we mean by this? Have you ever peeled off a band-aid and noticed that imprint and discolouration were still protruding from your skin? Well, the same applies to car signage removal and car sticker removal, once the signage has been removed, the overall finish will often depend on how well you can rejuvenate the paintwork through an exterior detail i.e. machine buffing, polishing, paint correction and so on. As a mobile car detailing professionals, your work vehicle is in safe reliable hands with Schmicko – we will get your car in a sellable condition in a jiffy.

Car Sticker Removal & Car Signage Removal Made Easy

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Book Online In Just Seconds

Book Online In Just Seconds

You can either book online or call to reach one of our customer care gurus to book an express service directly to the convenience of your own home or workplace.

Our Car Detailing Professionals Arrive

Our Car Detailing Professionals Arrive

Your designated Automotive Detailing Technician will drive to your location to remove the car signage then spruce it up with a comprehensive Exterior Detail.

Celebrate The Extraordinary Finish

Celebrate The Extraordinary Finish

Sell your car with ease knowing that it looks new, glossy and shiny again. Time to rewind the clock and bring out that new-car finish today.

100% Committed To Deliver You Excellence

100% Committed To Deliver You Excellence

Nothing brings more joy to our team of Detailers than a nice glossy finish and of course, the smiles we deliver to our happy customers daily. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art automotive equipment and coupled with premium boutique car care products, our technicians are prepared for any car of either size and shape. Schmicko is Sydney’s trusted car signage removal specialist.

Sydney's Car Sticker Removal Specialists

Sydneywide Coverage

Sydneywide Coverage

As a convenient mobile car signage removal service, we cover most of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. All we need are your keys, access to power, and water onsite – that is it. Home, office or warehouse on any given day, we are that flexible.

Express Service

Express Service

Need to urgently sell your company car and need a prompt car sticker removal service, then you just quickly book online on our Schmicko website. Can’t access it online? Just call us today or request a call back at a time that suits you using our call back function.

Over 500 5 Star Reviews

Over 500 5 Star Reviews

Our loyal customers have spoken and rated Schmicko as an excellent automotive provider with many awarding our team a 5 star service.


Sydney's Respected Auto Experts

Sydney's Respected Auto Experts

Awarded finalists across the Local Business Awards for the last 4 consecutive years. Schmicko were also Finalists for the Small Business Champion Awards hosted by Channel 9 & more. Your car, in safe reliable hands.

Premium Products

Premium Products

Using advanced DA Polishers in combination with high-end foam cutting pads and polishing compounds means that we can bring out a fantastic gloss similar to the day it came out of the showroom. Being equipped with the right tools and agents really does contribute to why we are known as Sydney’s best car signage removal experts.

Prepared & Skilled For Perfection

Prepared & Skilled For Perfection

Anyone can buy expensive high-end car detailing equipment and supplies just like us, but what really separates us from the pack are our results. Our team are well-versed and skilled within their trade that offers excellent paint correction finishes and precision to the detail.

<br>Car Signage Removal</br>Booked Instantly e

Car Signage Removal
Booked Instantly

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Car Signage Removal Transformations


How Do You Remove Car Signage?

Although car signage is an effective tool for advertising your business on the road, there will come a time where you will need to remove it, most commonly when you are looking to sell your car.

While there are common standards and procedures for removing signage, the results will often vary from one to another as it is heavily influenced by the age and condition of the signage, if there is clear coat, the type of glue used and condition of the paintwork.

For more information on the process you can refer to our guide here


Can you remove signage from the window?

Yes, we can remove signage and stickers from the window. This is most common on the rear/tailgate window. Please inform upon booking so that we can include it as an add-on to your package.

How long does car signage removal take?

It is hard to say how long it takes to remove car signage as there are many contributing factors such as

  • How much signage?
  • How long it has been there?
  • Is there clear coat? If so, what is the condition of the paint
  • How strong is the glue
  • Is the signage singular or large pieces

What results can I expect?

Have you ever ripped off a band-aid and seen the difference in colour on your skin? Similar applies to signage removal, except the signage has been left more so often for many years under the scorching Sun. As you can imagine, it can leave quite the discrepancy in colour of areas covered by signage and areas that were not. To alleviate this, we include a machine polish/buff with cutting compounds to help blend in the paintwork. Not only will this reduce the colour differences, but also rejuvenate the paintwork that has been oxidised to a more glossy finish – so it could even look better than what it was before.

What risks are there?

Removing car signage is a very meticulous process that requires great attention to detail and patience. However, even with the best products, skills and sturdiest hands, there will always be the potential risk of damage during the process. This is because as car signage ages over time, it is exposed to harmful Sun and UV rays causing it to deteriorate and form cracks. This means the textural integrity of the signage has changed over time, which can affect how it is currently sticking to the paintwork. There may be times where if you remove the signage that it may pull off some of the paint or cause some blemishes. Of course, utmost care will always be taken and this is more prone to old vehicles with no clear coat (very few models are like this).

Schmicko Auto Care: The Finish Your Car Deserves

Schmicko is Sydney’s trusted and reliable partner for mobile car detailing services, which also includes car sticker removal and car signage removal. We find that most often our customers who are looking to sell their car for top value would opt for our Pre-Sale Car Detail or Interior Car Detail for those looking for a greater focus on the inside. Although this may be the case for many Australians looking to sell their car, it really depends on the condition of your car.

Those who have a company vehicle and have advertising signage across the body of the vehicle would definitely require a comprehensive detail, particularly for the exterior. To remove the car stickers,  it really does depend on the paintwork condition and the condition of the car signage too. Signage in a bad condition whereby it has bonded with the paintwork with a very strong adhesive can make it very challenging to treat – this is commonly the case for older cars as they become more exposed to the damaging effects of the sun and heat.

For this reason, it is always recommended to have the signage safely removed, followed by an exterior detail (paint correction) as the second step to blend in the paintwork and remove the adhesive agent. We use heat on certain angles to loosen the bond of the adhesive agent, this can help peel off the stickers with greater ease. Sometimes, this can leave residue marks behind on the paintwork, which will then have to be treated during the decontamination and correction phase. Once we have machine polished the service with our compounding agents, the paintwork will then protected and sealed in with a wax or sealant coating to prolong the overall finish – a perfect option for those who park outdoors.

Thus, when there’s signage on your vehicles, you have to check if there are any prominent issues with it. Whatever your reason for pursuing the removal of the car stickers and signage, as tempting as doing it yourself, it’s wiser to trust the professionals. Specialists like us will help you through all the processes and advocate for signage and sticker removal. 

Moreover, aside from signage removals, you also get top-notch paint correction services. It’s the process of correcting flaws in a car’s finish and restoring it to like-new condition. Repairing swirl marks, fine scratches, watermarks, rust, and sticker and signage removal are among the services we offer.

The results are dramatically improved by the removal of the stickers and signage, followed by paint correction. These procedures offer you a guarantee to amend the marks and imperfections left by the car’s signage and stickers and provide you with your car’s improved finish.

Typically what you see is a noticeable disparity in colour between areas covered by signage vs areas not. It is almost similar to seeing the difference between new and old/beaten paint. Although a machine buff and polish can help rejuvenate the paintwork, it cannot always guarantee a complete 100% blend, we wished we could rewind the clock that far back. Nonetheless, it will look better.
For reassurance, we always recommend sending in a few photos to our team. This way we can gather a better understanding of your vehicle’s existing condition for both the paint and signage itself. Always do take images of the vehicle across multiple angles with sufficient lighting.

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