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Pre-Sale Car Detailing

Platinum Pre-Sale Car Detailing


Car Care Services

Boost Your Car's Resale Price By Up To 15% With Pre Sale Car Detailing

Interior Detailing

  • Vacuum
  • Dashboard & Console
  • Windows & Mirrors
  • Shampoo Interior
  • Leather Clean & Condition
  • Deodorise
  • Roof Lining Spot Removal

Exterior Detailing

  • High Foam Shampoo
  • Jet Pressure Rinse
  • Clay Bar Paint Treatment
  • Machine & Hand Polish
  • Protective Wax Coating
  • Minor Scratch Treatment
  • Rim & Tyre Dressing

The Finer Details

  • Dusting
  • Brush Agitation
  • Rubbish Collection
  • Basic Boot Vacuum
  • Door Jamb Wipe Down
  • Plastic Trims & Rubber
  • Engine Bay Rinse & Wipe*


*Available upon customer’s request and risk

Car Care Services - Pre Sale Car Detail

New Car Feel & Finish


Looking to sell your car for maximal value or have just purchased a car and would like to restore it to immaculate condition? Then investing in mobile pre sale car detailing, will most certainly be what you are in need of. Consisting of both an interior and exterior detail, you will receive an all round car detailing package that will rejuvenate the flawless finish from bumper to bumper and inside-out.

Don’t settle for less and make your car’s first impression count

Benefits Of Pre Sale Car Detailing

car paint protection
  • Boost resale value of your car by up to 15%
  • Maintains car worth & value 
  • Enhance & protect car's condition

Interior & Exterior Car Detailing 

  • Deep cleaning the interior - Shampoo/Steam
  • Enhance paint shine & gloss - Buff/Polish
  • Protective paint coating - Wax/Sealant
Pre-Sale Car Detailing Is Perfect For Parents Car Sellers Car Buyers You

According to used car experts, annual professional detailing can boost the market value of your vehicle by up to 15%.

Whether you are looking to sell or trade-in your car, booking a Full Car Detail (also known as our Schmicko Platinum Car Detail) can be booked to BOOST the return on your car’s value by thousands of dollars.

Car Sellers, think about it…

How many times have you read in car advertisements and sales descriptions with the following points:

1) Non-Pet Owner
2) Non-Smoker
3) First Owner
4) Never Been In An Accident
5) Low Kilometres/Mileage

Notice something?

All points allude to the advertiser selling themselves as your ‘ideal customer’ i.e clean and responsible.

The fact of the matter is, no one wants to buy from a car owner that was either irresponsible or unhygienic. Essentially what attracts them, is a car that has been well maintained, looked after and feels as new as possible. Buyers have very little insight as to what sort of driver you were and will often base their decision off first impressions. Buyers will always have their checklist of things to inspect for, something along the lines of the below:

1) Checking the engine bay for leaks – did you maintain your car regularly with routine servicing?
2) Checking your paint work for scratches – were you a safe and responsible driver?
3) Checking your interior for stains, grass, hair/fur, spills and rubbish – were you clean and hygienic?

See where we are going with this? Don’t give your car buyers reasons to doubt the value of your car’s worth. Mobile Pre Sale Car Detailing could be the smartest decision you’ll make in this transaction process, for an affordable price, you can well increase your car’s return by thousands.

Attention Car Buyers, Have You Recently Purchased A Second-Hand Car?

On the flip side, as a customer and recent buyer of a second-hand vehicle, you’d want to ensure that the car you’re about to drive is clean, safe and well, as new as possible right? 

Problem is, it’s difficult for you as a Car Buyer to grasp an understanding of the previous owner’s driving habits and hygiene, so most of the time you judge a car based on first impressions. Rather than assuming that a car is clean because it ‘looks clean’, doesn’t necessarily translate to it actually being clean. Just because you can’t see stains on the surface level, doesn’t mean what your sitting on or breathing in is clean at all. If you have seen our car interior detailing videos, you will know what we mean by this – the nasty gunk we managed to extract from car seats will shock you!

Not to worry, that’s where our Car Detailing Professionals are able to help. With our Platinum Pre Sale Car Detailing, we will restore your car to a state to put your worries behind, especially for those who’d like to start fresh. Why take your chances? One good example would be where the previous owner had pets in the car, even though there is no visible hair in the vehicle, if you are allergic to pet fur, this would trigger your allergies. So to be safe, a thorough shampoo of the interior as performed to alleviate this dilemma.

Furthermore, if you have just recently purchased a second-hand or brand new vehicle, applying ceramic paint protection may be the best option you have ever invested in. In short, it cuts your wash and maintenance time and cycle in half, it makes your car look super glossy and the best thing about it, no need for wax or polishing for years! It can also be applied on your windows too for extra nano ceramic protection in addition to tinted windows, awesome right?

Parents and Busy People: What Does Your Car Say About You?

No need to answer and no need to panic…

You don’t have to be buying or selling a car to ‘need’ a full car detail, let alone, enjoy the benefits of Pre Sale Car Detailing. We get it, living in Sydney can be quite a challenge these days, whether it’s rent, family, work or so on, it can be tough. Most often what happens is you end up neglecting the car and never get it regularly cleaned. Your car, like an extension of your home, if dirty can pose a health hazard for you and your family, especially when we are dealing with unattended spills and stains. Yes cleaning the car can be time consuming and not so enjoyable, but it must be don

pre sale car detailing

How Often Should You Be Detailing Your Car?

In fact, it is highly recommended that a full car detail is performed once or twice a year, of course this will also depend on your driving routine. Pre sale car detailing is a great way to keep your car in mint condition, reduce wear and tear and maintain your car’s value (manage its depreciation). A great investment for your prized possession and after all, who doesn’t love the feeling of driving a clean car during the golden hours of the day? Give your car the TLC it deserves and why not reward yourself while you’re at it too?


So, What Is Platinum Pre Sale Car Detailing?

In summary,  Pre-Sale Detailing involves an all-round detail aimed to rejuvenate your car back into a presentable and sell-able condition; interior and exterior car detailing.

It involves an interior shampoo and leather clean & condition to restore some of the newness of your carpet, mats and seats. Removing stains where possible is a great way of achieving a clean look, feel and smell. Seeing a poorly managed interior, can without a doubt be the deciding factor between buy and sell. Using appropriate shampoo and cleaning agents to sanitise your interior surfaces can alleviate unpleasant smells and odours, all of which a regular vacuum cannot remove.

Upon first impressions, the car exterior is the first place speculated. Scratches, dents, fingerprints on windows, paint fading and so on, are just some of the features buyers look to pick on, for a discounted price. It can somewhat be a reflection of how a buyer perceives you in terms of how well you take care of the car. This is why we include a Single Stage Buff/Polish, which serves to restore some of that shine and gloss to your paintwork. In the process of this, some minor blemishes can be removed, given that they are minor and within the clear coat. For those with a metallic paint, this can also bring back some of that metallic appearance. Of course it is key to note that, the clear coat is what essentially protects your car paint, so it is not ideal to buff all the time as it will thin this layer.

Last but not least, the engine bay is often checked for leaks and damages. If you have leaking oil and liquids baked on the inside of your engine bay, that too is not an ideal first impression. 

If you are interested in having your car professionally detailed, whether it is the regular car maintenance detail or looking to sell the car, our Schmicko Team will be more than happy to help. Last but not least, we have recently introduced mobile boat cleaning for those looking for a one stop shop for all your cleaning needs. Simply place a booking online or call our representatives on 1300 218 312 any day of the week.

Get That New Car Feel Again