Pre-Sale Car Detail

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Pre-Sale Car Detail


 Hi-Foam Shampoo
Windows & Mirrors
Protective Wax Coating
IPA Wipe Down
Buff & Polish
Jet Pressure Rinse
Wheels Degreased
Windows & Mirrors
Paint Sealant
Paint Enhancement
Engine Bay Rinse
Hand Dry – Microfibre
Tyre Shine
Clay Bar Treatment
Minor Scratch Removal
Rubber & Plastic Trims
Brush Agitation
Car Care Services

New Car Feel & Finish

Looking to sell your car for maximal value or have just purchased a car and would like to restore it to immaculate condition? Then a pre-sale car detail, is probably what you are in need of. Consisting of both an interior and exterior detail, you will receive an all round package that will rejuvenate the flawless finish from bumper to bumper and inside-out.

Why A Platinum Detail Is Best?

pre sale car detail
  • Boost resale value of your car
  • Maintains car worth & value 
  • Enhance & protect car's condition

Interior & Exterior Service

  • Deep cleaning the interior - Shampoo/Steam
  • Enhance paint shine & gloss - Buff/Polish
  • Protective paint coating - Wax/Sealant

When Should I Go For A Pre-Sale Detail?

By now you’d realise that you don’t have to be selling your vehicle to benefit from a pre-sale detail. Essentially this sort of detail is ideal for 2 – 3 times a year. This is due to the fact that you should only be conducting an exterior detail only so often as to ensure you have sufficient clear coat protecting your paint. An exterior detail involves shaving a minimal layer from your clear coat, so it’s best that you keep this in mind. On the other hand, an Interior Detail should be conducted regularly once a month. It all really boils down to how well you maintain regular washes from week to week and how often your car gets dirty.

What Is In A Pre-Sale Detail?

In summary, a Platinum Pre-Sale Detail involves an all-round detail aimed to rejuvenate your car back in to a presentable and sell-able condition.

It involves an interior shampoo and leather clean & condition to restore some of the newness of your carpet, mats and seats. Removing stains where possible is a great way of achieving a clean look, feel and smell. Seeing a poorly managed interior, can without a doubt be the deciding factor between buy and sell. Using appropriate shampoo and cleaning agents also sanitise your surfaces, which can also remove unpleasant smells, all of which a regular vacuum cannot remove.

Upon first impressions, the car exterior is the first place speculated. Scratches, dents, paint fading and so on, are just some of the features buyers look to pick on, for a discounted price. It can somewhat be a reflection of how a buyer perceives you in terms of how well you take care of the car. This is why we include a Single Stage Buff/Polish, which serves to restore some of that shiny, glossy and wet-look of the paint. In the process of this, some minor blemishes can be removed, given that they are minor. For those with a metallic paint, this can also bring back some of that metallic appearance.

Last but not least, the engine bay is often checked for leaks and damages. If you have leaking oil and liquids baked on the inside of your engine bay, that too is not an ideal first impression. 


Get That New Car Feel Again

Whether you are looking to spoil yourself or sell your car, a Pre-Sale Detail is perfect for anyone looking to capture that new-car flawless feel and finish again. Book today.

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