Top Signs Your Car Needs a Service

Top Signs Your Car Needs a Service

If you want to ensure your car delivers optimal performance and is always safe for your family, have it serviced regularly. Knowing how often to service a car can prevent your vehicle from needing major repair. Knowing when to service your car if you think something is wrong can help keep you and your vehicle safe even if you don’t know much about the problem. The following are some of the main signs that indicate you should book your car for servicing.

Warning Lights

Cars have many different warning lights. Knowing what to do when a warning light comes on requires knowing what each one means. The warning light’s colour lets you know if the problem is serious. Green, blue or white warning lights usually means a system is on or operating automatically. When an orange light comes on, it means the system should be monitored. A red light means immediate attention must be given to a specific part or system.

Strange Noises

A car’s strange noises usually mean a problem exists. Below are some of the common odd noises you can hear from a car and what they signal: 

– Low-pitched hum when turning means wheel bearing problems. 

– Droning noises getting louder when accelerating can be tire problems. 

– High-pitched squealing noises when starting the engine can mean serpentine belt or air conditioning belt issues.

– High-pitched whines signal hydraulic power steering system issues. 

– Low-pitched clunking or rattling when driving over bumps may mean suspension issues. 

– Hearing a squeaking or a grinding noise can be brake pad problems. 

– Rumbling noises when cars are idling signal exhaust system issues. Wobbling noises could mean wheel or tire problems.


The colour of a fluid leak lets you know where it is from. Green or bright orange fluid is an antifreeze leak. Leaks smelling like gas are from gas tanks, fuel pumps or fuel lines. Yellowish-brown, dark brown or black fluids are oil leaks. Yellowish, thick, oily leaks might be brake fluid. Light red or brownish, thick, oily fluids are automatic transmission fluid leaks. Power steering fluid leaks look reddish or yellowish and make steering your car harder. Windshield washer fluid leaks are blue, green or orange, thin and watery. Water under your car on hot days is condensation from your air conditioning system and is not something you usually need to worry about. 

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Any Smoke

Smoke under the hood could mean fluids, including motor oil, is leaking on the hot engine or exhaust system. The colour smoke coming from the tailpipe means different things. White smoke is usually water vapour from a coolant leak, cracked engine block or blown head gasket. Blue smoke means oil is in the combustion chamber or clogged turbo blower. Grey smoke means a transmission fluid, turbocharger or oil leak. Black smoke means your car is burning too much gas because of air filter or fuel injector problems. 

Weaker Brakes or Acceleration

Weak acceleration can mean faulty sensors, fuel or air distribution issues, integrated circuit issues in the car’s computer. Weak braking can signal hydraulic braking system problems or brake fade caused by worn brake pads or rotors.

Power Loss

Common reasons cars lose acceleration power are clogged air, fuel or particle filters or catalytic converter. Malfunctioning Mass Air Flow or oxygen sensors can also cause it. Faulty fuel injectors, fuel pump or turbocharger or low cylinder compression, can cause power loss. 


Knowing when to service your car and how often to service a car can prevent the common problems above and keep the car service price down. If your car has any issue listed above, immediately consult a car repair professional. Prompt action can lower your car service price.



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