Truck Dash Cam Installation – Safeguard Your Truck Today

Truck Dash Cam Installation – Safeguard Your Truck Today

When you consider both the indirect and direct costs of a truck accident, on average the damage comes close to $148,000! We are talking about cargo & vehicle damage, injury and medical costs, loss of revenue, time administration, towing, driver salary, client/customer loss and much more – rearup

If you’re a truck driver, you know the importance of keeping yourself and your vehicle safe while on the road. And as a business owner, you are well wary of the costs involved when it comes to dealing these unforeseeable events. Just because you can’t predict it, does not mean you can’t prepare for it, one of the most effective ways to do so is through a truck dash cam installation.

A truck dash cam installation is especially useful for truck drivers and companies because they can provide evidence in case of accidents and other road-related issues. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the captured footage can help prove fault and provide support during lengthy insurance claims, saving you time and money in the long run.

We all know the amount of juggernaut media attention drawn towards truck accidents, simply due to the sheer impact it has on nearby drivers, traffic and surroundings. This can ultimately draw a negative public image for your company and brand if not addressed sufficiently, this is where your truck dash cam installation will come in handy.

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Recommended Dash Cams?

As experts in the field, we recommend truck dash cam installations that are specifically designed for trucks:

1) Dual or 2-CH Truck Dash Cams – Front and Rear

2) 2-CH Dash Cams with Side Cameras

These options will provide you with excellent field of view for surveillance coverage. You should at the very least have a front and rear facing dash camera considering how much space a truck occupies. However it is also worth adding side cameras for extra coverage.

Truck Dash Cam
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Rear External Dash Camera

Commercial Grade Dash Cams

Unlike your typical 2CH Dash Cams, a truck dash cam installation will consist of an external rear dash cam that is waterproof. A great and secure placement that will not only view traffic behind, but also safeguarding your cargo supplies and equipment that may be stored up in there.

Improve Road Safety and Company Image

A truck dash cam installation is not just useful for car accidents – they help monitor driver behaviour and improve safety on the road – after all, reckless drivers, especially truck drivers are prone to negative media attention. Safeguard your reputation with disciplined drivers, protected with a secure truck dash cam installation.

Improve the Efficiency of your Fleet Operations

Dash cams improve route planning, reduce fuel consumption, decrease vehicle wear and tear, and enable better analysis of driver behavior. Dash cams can quickly identify unsafe driving practices that need correction and therefore reduce accidents and insurance expenses. Dash cams monitor for driver fatigue which maximises safety and reduces the number of accidents caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. By monitoring driver behaviour and identifying areas for improvement, you can help your drivers become more efficient and productive

For example, if you notice that a certain driver is taking longer routes or wasting time on the job, you can provide them with feedback and support to help them improve their performance. Travelling time is still considered working hours, lean up your fleet operations with a better oversight

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the sheer size and length of the average truck. As experts in the field of truck dash cam installations, we highly recommend against doing this by yourself unless you are a professional. You need to be able to position each camera correctly for optimal field of view and in such a manner that encourages durability.

According to our experience, majority of our truck customers have at least 3 dash cam channels connected. Particularly the Front, Rear and Interior Cabin. However, we find that adding additional cameras for the side of the truck are also highly recommended due to the length of the truck.

Consider a Professional Truck Dash Cam Installation, Now!

Overall, installing a dash cam in your truck is a smart investment in your safety and protection while on the road. With our professional truck dash cam installation services, you can be confident that your dash cam will be set up correctly and function properly for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our dash cam installations for trucks and other car care services, you just never know when you may be caught up in a daunting insurance claim.

Best of all we conveniently come to you, whether it is your workspace, office or home. Simply purchase your truck dash cam and hardwiring kit, while we handle the rest for you. If you would like our recommendation, our experts speak highly of the BlackVue dash cam range, otherwise there are still other fantastic alternatives in the market.

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