Commercial Fleet Dash Cam Installation

Commercial Fleet Dash Cam Installation

As the owner of a commercial fleet of vehicles, you are responsible for the safety of not only your drivers but also the passengers and other drivers on the road as you conduct your daily operations.

One clever way many Australian businesses are ensuring that safety and security is exercised across their fleet of vehicles, is by considering a fleet dash cam installation across all vehicles.

Providing company cars to employees has several benefits. It helps them do their job better, especially if they need to travel frequently. It also makes the company look more professional, improves the brand image, keeps employees happy, and attracts talented people with all the benefits, but on the flipside, poor driving habits could ultimately be detrimental to your business brand image.

First and foremost, having dash cams in your vehicles can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and help prevent fraud. In the event of a collision, you will have a clear and objective record of what happened, which can be crucial for insurance claims and legal disputes. This can help protect your business from false claims and potentially save you money in the long run.


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Recommended Dash Cams?

As experts in the field, we recommend fleet dash cam installations that are:

1) Dual-Channel i.e. Front and Rear Facing Cameras
2) 3-Channel i.e. Front, Rear and Interior 

These options will provide you with excellent field of view for surveillance coverage. The 3-CH makes the most sense, as it allows for you to monitor for car burglary/theft, where your vehicle may contain important/confidential documents and/or specialised tools that are very expensive.

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BlackVue 3-CH Dash Cam
fleet vehicle dash cam installation

Who Is It Best Suited For?

1) Couriers i.e. trucks and vans logistics
2) Sales Reps + Mobile Technicians
3) Tradespersons + Apprentices + Contractors
4) Franchisees
5) Police and Security Vehicles
6) Taxi and Ridesharing Drivers


Improve Road Safety and Company Image

But dash cams are not just useful for accidents – they can also help monitor driver behaviour and improve safety on the road. By reviewing footage from the dash cam, you can identify areas where your drivers may need additional feedback to ensure road safety is carried out. This can help prevent future accidents and ensure that your drivers are always following best practices on the road. Furthermore, you do not want the reputation of your company to be at the hands of a reckless driver.

Improve the Efficiency of your Fleet Operations

By monitoring driver behaviour and identifying areas for improvement, you can help your drivers become more efficient and productive. For example, if you notice that a certain driver is taking longer routes or wasting time on the job, you can provide them with feedback and support to help them improve their performance. Travelling time is still considered working hours, lean up your fleet operations with a better oversight of their driving habits.

Protect you from Liability

Finally, a fleet dash cam installation can help protect your business from liability in the event of theft or vandalism. If a vehicle is stolen or damaged, you will have a record of what happened, which can help you identify the culprit and pursue legal action if necessary. Some of your vehicles may be holding expensive tools or confidential documents stored in laptops and so on. The headache of solving these incidences can be very costly and time consuming to rectify, costing your business significantly by the minute.

Consider a Fleet Dash Cam Installation, Now!

Installing dash cams in your commercial fleet vehicles is an investment in safety, security, and efficiency. By recording the road ahead and monitoring driver behaviour, you can reduce the risk of accidents, prevent fraud, and improve the overall performance of your fleet. So why wait? Contact a professional dash cam installation expert today and start enjoying the benefits of this powerful technology – better yet, we service both Sydney and Melbourne as a mobile service, call us today.

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