Dash Cam Installation Warranty

Warranty: Dash Cam Installation

Warranty Terms

Please read below for further details regarding details of what your warranty does and does not cover.

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Warranty Terms & Conditions


Type of Cover & Conditions

This warrants automotive dash cam installations covered by this original agreement against issues correlated to a faulty installation for the original purchaser who owns the car with a claim within 3 years of the installation date. The cover extends to the original owner only and is not transferable. Issues arising with the functionality of the dash camera is to be addressed with the Manufacturer as Schmicko does not supply/provide the dash camera. Schmicko will take no responsibility if the product is deemed in working order and will seek compensation for time and costs if required. 


Your warranty is limited to the reinstallation of the dash camera only and will not cover any costs associated with the replacement of a dash camera and components. 

This warranty does not cover any consequential loss however caused. All warranties implied by statute which can be excluded are excluded. Keep this warranty information in a safe place. It combined with proof of purchase and current ownership will be required when making a claim.

General Conditions –

1. Warranty claims must be within 3 years of the installment date as disclosed on your receipt and confirmation.

2. The vehicle must remain at all times registered for road use within Australia.

3. Warranty is only available to the name of the vehicle owner at the time of the installment and cannot be transferred over.

4. Original Online Application Receipt must be kept for proof of application – in your confirmation email.

5. Warranty will not cover damage caused by the following but not limited to, abuse, water damage, theft, tampering/attempted reinstallation by someone not from Schmicko. 


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