Dash Cams Insurance: Transforming Car Claims in Australia

Dash Cams Insurance: Transforming Car Claims in Australia

Protect Your Business With The Dash Cam Insurance

The dash cam insurance, businesses are rapidly buckling up for. We are not talking about a specific insurance product per se, but the financial protection a dash cam delivers when incorporated into your business. Businesses are speedily realising the transformative power of dash cams when it comes to handling insurance claims. If you have ever been caught up in an insurance claim, whether at fault or not, we all can understand the stress that comes with it.

As though running a business was not challenging enough? Imagine having to navigate through car claims without a dash cam to add to the list of things to deal with. It is just one of those elements of business, where you do not think too much about it, until you actually need it and by then, it is most often too late. We have listened to this narrative over and over again like a broken record.

Take Tom for instance, the diligent and hardworking business owner with a fleet of construction work utes under his company and management. He definitely felt a pang of regret as he sat in his office, haunted by false charges against one of his 16 work utes. If only he had installed a dash cam, he could have easily proven his innocence. The lack of concrete evidence left him vulnerable to baseless accusations, tarnishing his reputation and causing financial strain due to lost time and seeking legal advice. Determined not to repeat the same mistake, he vowed to equip his fleet with dash cams, ensuring protection and peace of mind for both himself and his business in the future.

No surprise there!

The truth of the matter…

A dash cam is the safeguard, every business needs to consider to tackle unforeseen events.

The Role of Dash Cams in Business Vehicles

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Let’s face it.

Dash cams are transforming the way we handle insurance claims, bringing a level of transparency that was once unheard of.

In fact, did you know that 44% of business fleets now use some sort of video recording equipment for their vehicles?

Understanding Dash Cams

If you’re new to this game, let me break it down for you.

A dash cam is essentially your eyewitness on the road – recording everything from driving habits to accident results.

This makes them an indispensable tool for any business vehicle.

Night Vision Capabilities

This feature allows clear recording even during nighttime or low light conditions.

GPS Tracking Feature

Gives real-time location updates which can be crucial during roadside inspections or locating a parked car.

No wonder they’re becoming increasingly popular among businesses.

Now then,.

In our next section, we’ll delve into how these handy devices could potentially impact your car insurance rates. Stay tuned.

Impact of Dash Cams on Car Insurance Rates

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Dash cams, those silent observers in our vehicles, are changing the game for car insurance companies.

But how?

The answer lies not just in their ability to capture dash camera footage but also their potential influence on car insurance rates/premiums. Some insurance companies may consider reducing premiums if sufficient evidence can be provided to help settle claims more efficiently.

How Dash Cams Fight Insurance Fraud and Unexpected Claims

Insurance fraud is a pressing issue, with insurance costs amounting to billions annually and affecting everyone’s premiums.

A staged accident can easily fool car insurance companies without concrete evidence; this is where dashboard cameras step up.

Their unbiased video footage serves as a reliable witness that doesn’t forget crucial details or get influenced by subjective interpretations.

This makes it harder for scammers to stage accidents or exaggerate claims, thereby helping reduce insurance fraud significantly. In fact, 58% of fleets reported receiving discounts on their premiums due to having a dash cam installed in the US, this could well be a consideration in Australia if we decide to follow suit. This is quickly gaining more traction as it becomes raised more frequently across discussions and could be had with your existing insurance company.


Besides, it is not only insurance fraud that can haunt your business. Think about it, the more vehicles you have and the more frequently they drive, the greater the likelihood that they could be involved in legitimate accidents. We have discovered that this is a growing trend with growing companies as they lean towards expanding their workforce and overall service coverage, and it makes logical sense. Furthermore, if your company vehicles carry expensive goods or equipment, they become attractive targets for theft and burglary cases, so even your parked car is not deemed safe. At least a dash cam would help deter potential thieves from your company cars and protect your assets. So, of course we believe that a dash cams worth, is obvious, we like to call this the dash cams insurance.

Advantages of Dash Cams for Businesses

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The use of dash cams in business vehicles is a game-changer that is being adopted at a tremendous pace.

They offer benefits that extend beyond just recording incidents on the road, but assist with the claims process of an insurance company when an accident occurs.

Enhancing Driver Training with Dash Cam Footage

Dash cameras capture more than accident results; they record driving habits too.

With GPS tracking capabilities, these devices provide real-time updates about vehicle location and speed, enabling swift action before small problems become major headaches.

By integrating dashboard cameras into their operations, companies are not only safeguarding their assets but also demonstrating commitment towards responsible conduct on the roads.

It is essential to be aware of the effect that privacy legislation has on the utilisation of dashboard cameras when delving further into this subject.

Legal Implications and Privacy Concerns with Dash Cam Footage

pre purchase inspection

If you’re considering installing dash cams in your business vehicles/fleets, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications.

Different states may have varying laws regarding dashboard cameras usage, particularly concerning privacy issues.

The Legality of Recording Others Without Consent

In some jurisdictions, recording others without their consent can be a violation of privacy rights.

This raises questions about whether footage captured by dash cams is admissible as evidence in court cases or insurance claims processes.

Data Protection Laws and Dash Cams

Besides video recordings, many modern-day dash cams also come equipped with GPS tracking capabilities. This feature may raise additional concerns under data protection regulations if misused for purposes other than monitoring driving habits or verifying accident results during roadside inspection. Simply put, if you plan to rely on these dash cam units, strictly use it for business purposes and review footage that is relevant during work/shift hours.

Dash Cam Footage: A Double-Edged Sword?

No doubt that having access to unbiased video evidence from incidents can speed up claim processing times significantly and even prevent fraudulent staged accidents; however one must tread carefully when dealing with sensitive information such as this.

Always ensure compliance with local laws before implementing any new technology into your fleet operations – especially those involving surveillance equipment like dashboard cameras in this case.

Choosing the Right Dash Cam for Your Business Vehicle

vantrue dash cam

Selecting a suitable dash cam is crucial.

Your choice should hinge on specific needs and preferences of your business vehicle.

At Schmicko, we also install dash cams and have provided a guide on what features you must look out for when purchasing. For starters, all business owners must consider having their dash cam hardwired to enable the parking mode feature (allows you to record when the car is off when it senses nearby movement). Furthermore, you should always check that your dash cam at the very least offers this parking mode feature and is no less than a 2 Dual Camera. You want to be able to record both the front and rear at the least; the greater the field of view, the more you can capture during these unexpecting events.

The quality of video footage is paramount, especially in low-light conditions. Therefore, consider night vision capabilities when purchasing a dash camera.

Ease of installation matters too. Don’t want to spend ages trying to get your new gizmo up and running? Contact a professional to hardwire your dash cam installation with Schmicko.

Storage capacity can impact how much recorded data can be stored at any given time. It’s essential if you need continuous recording over extended periods or during long trips. If 

Now we’ve covered choosing the right equipment; let’s look towards future advancements in dashboard cameras technology and their potential influence on insurance claims process.

The Future Scope of Dash Cams in Insurance Claims

Viofo dash cam

As technology advances, so does the potential for dash cams.

Future advancements are set to further revolutionise how insurance claims processes operate. As you may have heard, AI is quickly taking the world by storm, and we too believe that dash cameras with AI integration could significantly enhance fraud detection capabilities in the future.

Potential Premium Decrease?

A new era is on the horizon where real-time incident reporting becomes a reality thanks to dashboard cameras.

This advancement might lead to a premium decrease as it provides insurers with immediate and accurate accident results, this will help shorten common lead times for insurance claims and ultimately incentivising businesses to consider having more dash cams installed on their fleet vehicles. A common theme in the US which could make its way over to the land down under, Australia.

Beyond Car Insurance Rates: Safety & Security Benefits

In addition, these advanced features can offer enhanced safety measures like instant alerts during traffic violations or roadside inspection issues.

All this contributes towards making roads safer and potentially reducing car insurance premiums even more.

FAQs in Relation to Dash Cams Insurance

Do dashcams reduce insurance?

While your typical insurance company in Australia doesn’t typically offer direct discounts or reduced insurance costs for using dash cams, they can indirectly lower premiums by providing evidence to prevent fraudulent claims and speed up claim processing. However, this should not be the be all end all criteria for making that decision. It is best to see that dash cam evidence will reduce the need to go through hoops and loops to prove your innocence and strike justice accordingly.

Do you have to tell your insurance about installing dash cams across your fleet?

No, there’s no legal requirement to inform your insurer if you install a dash cam. However, it could be beneficial during the claims process as it provides valuable video evidence.

Does hardwiring dash cam void your car insurance?

Hardwiring a dashcam doesn’t generally void car insurance unless the installation causes damage or alters the vehicle’s original wiring system significantly. Generally speaking, hardwiring is not that invasive as it appears to be; the use of fuse taps and the hardwiring kit makes the installation a safer install with better compatibility.

What is the downside of installing a dashcam?

Although a dash cam is excelllent for tracking traffic violation, theft attempts and poor driver conduct, it does come with its downside. The main downside of a dash camera can be potential privacy issues. There may also be legal implications depending on local laws regarding recording others without consent. Always make sure that you have conditions around your use and only relevant for business purposes.


dash camera installation

Indeed, the world of dash cams insurance is transformative and there is no excuse for your business to fall behind this revolution.

The tool that once merely recorded journeys now plays a pivotal role in business fleets and car insurance claims.

An unassuming gadget with immense potential for transparency, fairness and insurance costs-saving benefits.

From combating fraudulent claims to enhancing driver training – its applications are manifold.

A game-changer not just today but one promising an even brighter future scope in the realm of insurance claims.

If you’re ready to embrace this revolution, manage insurance costs and safeguard your business right now for the future, then Schmicko is here to help!

We offer top-notch mobile car care services across major cities in Australia including dash cam installation right at your doorstep. Join us, as we navigate through this exciting journey, together!

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